5 Ways AI-Powered Chatbot Help your Business Grow

Customers are the source of your business. When you value them, they’ll come repeatedly to your website. But how do they feel valued?

They feel valued when their queries are answered quickly, the business gave them responsive customer support and their engagement is appreciated.

And how to have responsive customer support?

AI-powered chatbots are the best way to draw customer’s engagement, build their interest and retain customers on the website. They are not only quick in giving replies but also collate customer’s insights and helps in the marketing of the business.

In 2020, if you haven’t leveraged AI on your website yet, here are the reasons to have AI-powered chatbots to multiply the success of your business.

Available 24/7

AI-powered chatbots give rapid answers and while you sleep they promptly reply to the customer queries. So, for example, if you have a real estate website and a lot of customers are coming to inquire about the business, the chatbot will simultaneously handle them all.

It gives a boost to your customer services by increasing the engagement ratio while retaining the customers.

Helps your Marketing

An AI-powered chatbot isn’t only good for giving the rapid answers but are also great for collating the customer’s data on one platform. For example, if you have an eCommerce website so by collecting the customer’s insights you can recommend them the product they are most interested in.

It helps your email marketing by customizing the offers. Based on the customer’s search history, the chatbot will help you to make suggestions and custom offers. In addition, you’ll also get to know which product is the most searched on your website.

Similarly, the chatbots can increase the stay time of the customers on your website which will boost organic traffic on your website.

Fewer Chances of Errors

Man is a statue of the mistake but machines aren’t. There is less opportunity for the chatbot to make mistakes or errors so if you give the bot to handle multiple queries at a time, it will definitely amaze you by staying far from the mistakes.

For example, if you own a business of managed WordPress hosting and give its services to the clients but don’t have customer support to handle the queries. Here, the chatbot offers great help by talking to your customers and let you handle the tasks that are important.

Perform the Redundant Tasks

You must be surprised to know that successful companies use AI-powered chatbots for their redundant operations such as data entry, buying tickets, transferring money, booking and more.

Some chatbots offer great help to the real estate agency by recommending them the desired property or connecting buyers and sellers. In the education system, some chatbots are used as a teaching assistant or in restaurants to serve the customers.

So, you can use chatbots for a variety of purposes. And as a result, you’ll find them effective for your business especially handling the customer support operations.

Keeping an Eye on your Customers

The AI-powered chatbot plays a strong role in keeping an eye on your customers. You can watch their activities and learn from their behaviors.

By learning the behaviors you can predict the customer’s action on your website. This will allow you to predict future trends.

If a customer shop on your website, then the bot can spy on his activities and when the customer comes to his website, you can recommend them the product before they shop on your website.


After knowing the top 5 benefits of having an AI-powered chatbot on your website, now is the time to know the best chatbot tools.

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