Walmart Grocery Pickup Review (2021)

Are you someone who is not so fond of grocery shopping or gets anxious around too many people? Or are you tired of having to roam one stroller with your crying toddler in it and a shopping cart in another hand?

Well, here we bring a solution to all your problems through the “Walmart Pickup’’ service.

What is Walmart Grocery Pickup Service

Walmart is a large superstore chain where you can get various daily routine things and grocery items.

It has a huge product line including several brands ranging from high-end to cheaper and affordable brands.

They have introduced a pickup service for groceries so that you don’t have to get out of your car in this scorching heat to get your groceries.

It’s so simple and easy for people who haven’t showered or are still in their sweatpants and have to go grocery shopping.

But Walmart’s pickup service has made this easier since you don’t need to get out of the car.

How Does Walmart Grocery Pickup Work

Step# 1: You need to make your account on Walmart’s website or application.

Step# 2: It is a simple method that starts with you placing an order online on Walmart’s website.

Step# 3: Add your items in the cart and give them the pickup date and delivery time.

Step# 4: You will receive a confirmation email from Walmart about your order. And if there are any replacements or products that are out of stock.

Step# 5: You will receive a confirmation email from Walmart about your order and if there are any replacements or products that are out of stock.

Step# 6: Then you need to pay for your order after all the confirmations. You will get a refund for any substitutions made that are not according to your liking.

Step# 7: Afterwards, you should download the application of Walmart to track your order. When you reach the pickup destination, you tell Walmart your parking spot number.

Step# 8: An employee will come, greet you, and let you know about your order details. He will communicate with you about any substitutions or out of stock items. Then he will load your order in the car.

Step# 9: Then you sign their device, thus claiming that you received your order.

The prices, weight, and brands of all products are available online which gives you an idea about how much you would have to pay.

How Can You Avail Walmart Pickup Service

You can use this service if you order for a minimum of $30 or more from Walmart to make use of free pickup service.

The Walmart website will display the minimum amount on the screen when you are adding items in your cart, making it easier for you to know the limit.

Pros of Using Walmart Grocery Pickup Service

  • It’s free of cost
  • You can change your order within several limited hours of placing an order. It’s a great option if you forgot something or added anything extra.
  • They would substitute any item that isn’t available with a similar or even better quality product. Even if you placed the order for a smaller jar of Nutella and if they do not have it, they will replace it with a larger jar instead and charge you the price of a smaller one, isn’t it a bonus point?
  • The Walmart employees who bring your grocery to your car always have a smile on their faces. It shows that they have good customer service.
  • Ordering online is easier, especially with Covid-19 all around
  • You will be able to avoid impulsive spending through online orders as you will remain on your budget
  • Walmart keeps a check with your previously ordered items and prefers you those items while you are making your next order, hence you can easily re-order those products
  • You can choose if you want substitutes or not, thus you can deny the option of substitution.
  • It is less time consuming and an energy saver
  • It doesn’t make you feel cranky or annoyed which we usually get while shopping for groceries with kids around and rush

Cons of Using Walmart Grocery Pickup Service

  • You need to place a minimum order of $30
  • Sometimes, substitutions are not as practical as they are not according to the product you ordered. however, they still refund you if you are not satisfied with your substitution
  • You can’t use print coupons on your orders

Walmart Grocery Pickup Discounts

Go through the latest updated 2020 Walmart promo codes and grocery pickup discounts.

What is Walmart Grocery Delivery Service

Walmart Delivery Service is a service you can get all your goods delivered at your home by placing an online order from the comfort of your own home.

It is currently operating in over 1600 cities with providing delivery service to them.

Is Walmart Grocery Delivery Service Free

No, Walmart’s delivery service is not free. You need to either pay an annual fee of $98 for unlimited Walmart grocery deliveries or you could pay a monthly fee of $12.95 for unlimited membership.

If you are not a regular Walmart shopper, you can pay individually for your order which ranges from $7.95 to $9.95 per order.

If you need an urgent delivery on the same day of placing your order, you need to pay the express delivery fee of $10 regardless of your membership.

How Does Walmart Grocery Delivery Service Work

  • Create an account on Walmart’s website and put in all your credentials in it which will let you know if they deliver in your area or not.
  • Choose your delivery day, time, and slot along with your delivery address.
  • Then add items in your cart as you would shop on any other online grocery site.
  • After completing shopping, you may proceed to checkout
  • Enter your credit card details for payment or you can use EBT card as well which could benefit you through some discounts or deals.

Pros of Using Walmart Grocery Delivery Service

  • It is hassle-free to order online via your phone or laptop
  • They offer you unlimited orders on your monthly or annual membership which means paying $98 would get you unlimited orders for a whole year
  • Their pricing policy is the most exciting part since they offer you the lowest prices. Even if the prices were more on the day you place your order, you will get your products at lower prices on the delivery day if they have any offers
  • Lower prices are being offered on substitutes as well
  • You would avoid last-minute impulse buying and this would help you stick to your budget
  • Walmart provides you with their Express Delivery Service if you need your order on the same day according to your feasibility
  • Walmart does not need you to tip the delivery person
  • You can compare prices at your comfort in a cool environment rather than standing in a cookies aisle for long and feeling awkward and tired.
  • It will not divert your mind or distract your kids with other attractive items, hence saving you money

Cons of Using Walmart Grocery Delivery Service

  • It charges a delivery fee, whether you buy an unlimited membership for a month or year or you individually pay for your order, you can’t avoid that delivery fee
  • Delivery needs time as you do not always get slots of your own choice
  • It’s not beneficial for people you who depend on paper coupons since they can’t use those for delivery
  • You often miss out on sales which are only available for store shoppers

What You Can Buy in Walmart Grocery Pickup and Delivery

  1. Fruits and Vegetables
  2. Dairy products
  3. Bakery items
  4. Meat and poultry
  5. Toiletries
  6. Snacks
  7. Pet food
  8. Household essentials (e.g. detergent)

To sum up, one should try Walmart’s Grocery Pickup and Delivery service at least once and you will find it so easy that you would think life can’t be simpler.

The Walmart Grocery Pickup service is free of cost which makes it so easier for you to shop while sitting at your own home.

Now easily scroll through a variety of products rather than standing in the aisle and feeling anxious around the crowd.

It is useful, especially at this time of the pandemic, where everyone is avoiding social contact since you don’t need to be in the crowd.

Walmart grocery pickup reviews outweigh Walmart grocery delivery reviews since pickup is free and you don’t need to pay a membership fee for it.

You can get all the necessary pantry staples on Walmart while sitting on your couch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What payment methods does Walmart Grocery Pickup accept?

Walmart grocery pickup accepts credit cards, master cards, visa cards, and EBT cards for SNAP.

Q. What if I don’t want any substitutions in my order?

Walmart substitutes your item for a similar item when the product you ordered is out of stock.

However, if you don’t prefer substitution, you can choose the items that you don’t want them to substitute for you at checkout and they would remove them from your order, if out of stock.

Q. When will be my order ready for pickup?

Walmart will send you a ‘’Ready for Pickup’’ notification on your account or application when your order is ready and their store is open from 8 am-8 pm.

You should check in to the store through your app when heading towards Walmart.

This way they will get a heads-up and after entering your parking number, an employee will come and load your order in the car within 2 minutes, that way it will be faster for you, hence saving your time.

Q. Do Unlimited Delivery plans are available?

Walmart offers an annual and a monthly unlimited delivery plan where you can place unlimited orders.


  • Annual plan: $98 per year
  • Monthly plan: $12.95 per month

Q. Can I use paper coupons or other discounted deals?

You cannot use paper coupons while ordering online. However, Walmart will provide you with the best-discounted deals available online. You can also use digital promo codes by Walmart.

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