SHEIN REVIEW (2021): Is SHEIN Legit? A Must-Read

Right now, our sole existence is based on the digital world due to the pandemic. Everyone is suffering from this global crisis. Many of us who love shopping fear retail stores now. But these online sites have made your life easier, now you can scroll through different dresses and get what you want.

However, online shopping has its cons. It’s reported by many people around the globe that sometimes they receive poor quality or wrong sized products. And in such circumstances, they are not even compensated for the money they paid and these fraud people get away with it easily. If you want to buy your clothes online and want an authentic website, we bring you one-SHEIN.

Are you someone who loves to own lots of clothes? Or are you someone who loves to style chic and elegant outfits in different ways? Or are you someone who loves to wear new and trendy clothes every time they got a party? Well, so here we bring an option for you-SHEIN.


SHEIN is an International retail fashion brand. It has a huge line for Women’s clothing and other fashion items. It also focuses on men’s wear, children’s clothes, shoes, bag, and other accessories.

Where is SHEIN Located?

The brand established in 2008 in China with its motto of ‘’everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion’’. SHEIN provides you with all the latest fashion trends worldwide over 220 countries. SHEIN can deliver to your doorstep almost anywhere in the world.

Product Range of SHEIN

SHEIN offers a massive collection of all kinds of clothes ranging from sweatshirts to wedding dresses. It provides you with clothing for all kinds of events.

SHEIN’s Signup Discounts

Although, SHEIN provides you with low prices than other retailers. But there are various ways you can save your money. You get 10% off when signing up for the first time on SHEIN’s website. SHEIN offers a 15% discount to students who provide their school email for verification. SHEIN also has several on-going sales and coupons available as follows:

How To Order From SHEIN?

Since everyone is avoiding going to stores these days, you can order online from them.

Step#1: Make an account on SHEIN’s website
Step#2: Add items to your cart
Step#3: Go for checkout and give your credit card details
Step#4: You might get discounts on your checkout if they have any on-going sale

SHEIN’s Shipping

Well, SHEIN does have some shipping rules. If your order is above $49, you get to have free delivery. But, if your order is below $49, you will have to pay $3.90 for your order which will arrive within 6-17 business days. If you want your order the very next day, you need to pay around $13. Also, you can refund within 40 days of your purchase if you reside in the USA.

SHEIN Clothing Review-Prices and Quality

SHEIN offers you with top-notch quality and affordable prices. Their mission is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the fun of wearing beautiful dresses. SHEIN produces trendy prints that are Instagram-worthy. SHEIN provides you with high-quality clothes at reasonable prices. You can even find your wedding dress online at SHEIN at a very economical price.

Do SHEIN Clothes Fit Your Sizes?

SHEIN provides you with a size guide on their website. Different sizes will be displayed with measurements in inches and centimetres. You might have heard that SHEIN doesn’t have proper sizes, however, you need to take the measuring tape and measure the sizes yourself according to USA, UK, EU, or AU sizes.
SHEIN also offers sizes for curvy people since they believe fashion is not only for skinny people and everyone can flaunt it in their way. They have a huge range of plus sizes which is a dream come true since SHEIN offers you the latest styles within your budget. They have fabrics that come with a stretch, hence making it easier for curvy girls.

SHEIN Delivery

It’s their USP that they can deliver to you anywhere in the world. Their delivery is quick and smooth. This is one of their qualities which makes them stand out from other brands.

How Can You Return or Refund Items From SHEIN

Step#1: Login into your SHEIN account.
Step#2: Go to the ‘My Orders’ section, click the ‘Return item’ option.
Step#3: Select the product you want to return. State the reason and submit it.
Step#4: Select the posting method, either pick-up or self-sending. Pickup will be easier, a rider will come and take the parcel.
Step#5: SHEIN will update you with the return and refund of your parcel within 7 working days.
Step#6: You will get the money in your SHEIN wallet or to your bank account

Pros of Ordering Clothes From SHEIN

  • Has latest trendy prints and designs
  • Massive collection of summery dresses
  • Cheaper rates compared to other brands
  • Variety of clothes including sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, swimsuits, suits, kids wear, etc
  • Delivery is quick
  • Return and refund is easier
  • Always have on-going sales and discounted deals
  • Clothes available for all sizes
  • A huge clothing line for all age groups from teenagers to grandmas
  • Has value for money
  • Good quality fabric
  • You can avail stylish dresses within budget
  • They provide highly commendable customer service 24/7 per day
  • Free shipping for orders above $30
  • Provides International shipping
  • All clothes are Instagram-worthy

Cons of Ordering Clothes From SHEIN

  • Although, SHEIN claims to provide high-quality clothes, however, some of its clothes are of below-average quality
  • People usually face issues with sizes. It’s preferred to use a measuring tape
  • Sometimes, the fabric is thin which might be discomforting for some women
  • The returns of products requires you to pay return back shipping charges
  • Shipping might get delayed sometimes

Customer Service of SHEIN

SHEIN provides you with professional customer service 24 hours a day. Customer service professionals can communicate in many different languages with you including English, French, etc. Our customer service is always there to solve your queries.

Reasons to Buy From SHEIN

  • Affordable prices
  • Always produce clothing according to latest trends and fashion
  • You can get several reviews on their websites which is a plus point. Then you can have a clear vision of what to buy and what not to buy
  • Will fill your wardrobe within your budget
  • A huge collection to choose from
  • Great range of sizes
  • Clothing available for all age groups
  • Coupons and discounts available
  • SHEIN provides its customers with points if their order has been delayed for a long time. Those points will get them a few dollars off their purchase
  • You won’t have to invest $100 on a single dress

What Is SHEIN Good For

Trendy dresses that you won’t wear regularly
Accessories like hairbands, earrings, handbags, etc
Dope dresses that look like designer dresses

Few Tips You Should Consider When Shopping From SHEIN

Always check the sizes. Measure them with inch tape and always check by the size chart provided with each product. You can also size up if you want as its better to have a larger than a smaller one which won’t fit. Or you can size up if the dress doesn’t have stretch.

Read reviews thoroughly when buying any product from SHEIN. They allow you to read honest customer reviews which makes it easier for you to choose your products. Sometimes, customers also post pictures of their clothes which gives you an idea about how the clothes would look.

Search for discount codes and deals to save your money as SHEIN always has new discounted codes.
Buy Shipping insurance. It only costs around $3 which is so worth it because then you will be able to make free returns and refunds.

Some items can’t be returned so make sure you check their details before placing your order.

To wrap it up, we would recommend you to shop your favorite summery dresses from SHEIN with all the tips we provided. SHEIN is a reliable and authentic brand along with a huge product range including jumpsuits, blazers, jeans, pants, formal shirts, skirts, etc. It’s a must-visit website, especially for teenagers since there is a large collection of fashionable clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is SHEIN reliable?

Yes, it’s a reliable and authentic brand where you can get all sorts of apparel for all genders. It has its website where you can verify the brand.

Q. How many days does SHEIN take to deliver?

It takes around 6-17 working days. But, sometimes orders are delayed due to weather conditions or currently due to COVID. Well, they sometimes even offer points to you or discounts for late deliveries.

Q. Does SHEIN have accurate sizes?

In the case of SHEIN, don’t stick to your regular sizes. Get up and check through measuring tape since SHEIN is an Asian brand with different sizes.

Q. Why are SHEIN clothes cheaper in rates?

Some of the clothes have cheap prices due to their subpar quality. But, since 2018 SHEIN has started to increase their prices due to their top-notch quality fabric. Sometimes, it’s due to ethical reasons such as paying workers below-average salaries.

Q. How can you contact SHEIN?

You can contact SHEIN through chat section or online help which is quite similar

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