10 Natural Home Remedies for Ringworm That Actually Work

Irrespective of the name, ringworm doesn’t appear by any worm or any kind of living parasite. Instead of which, it’s a skin problem which appears due to a kind of fungus known as Tinea. It resides in the skin’s dead tissues, including your hair and nails.

The ringworm develops a scaly, itchy, red patch over your skin. And later, is creates a circle shape or of a ring (a lot of rings). Due to which, it is named as “ringworm”. Luckily, it responds well to the home based treatments and thus we identified 10 effective home remedies for ringworm:

1. Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil

The oil of oregano is created from Origanum Vulgare (Wild Oregano) which is consisted of two strong antifungal elements called as carvacrol and thymol. Few researches have revealed that oregano oil can discontinue fungus growth i.e. Candida Albicans. Constantly dilute oregano oil along with carrier oil before utilizing it. Use the oil on the affected area by maximum three times every day.

2. The Tea-tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

As a remedy for almost a century, it the tea tree oil has been used by the Native Americans to treat many bacterial and fungal skin problems. Nowadays, it is known effective and very popular as the treatment product among all the home remedies for ringworm. Dilute tea tress oil first, by adding 1 ounce of any cold-pressed carrier oil into 12 drops of its essential oil and apply it to your skin daily at least three times.

3. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder

It is a popular known spice consisted of anti-inflammatory characteristics. An element, curcumin, present in it make it the healthiest spice. As an applicator, utilize turmeric by adding it into your meals or make a tea. Mix turmeric with a less quantity of coconut oil or water until it develops into a paste. Then, apply on your skin and when it dries, wipe it off.

4. Soap water

Soap water

Keep your skin clean in order to prevent infection and its spread towards your other parts of the body. Use soap and warm water once or twice daily and rinse the injection. Fungus usually grows in moist places so try to keep your skin dry.

5. The Garlic

The Garlic

Garlic is known effective against many types of fungi. To use it for treatment purpose, create its paste by taking chopped garlic and blending it with coconut or olive oil. Use it by applying a thin layer on the required area then cover it with gauze. After 2 hours, rinse it and make sure to repeat it twice each day until the signs gets resolved. If it doesn’t suit you, remove it and don’t apply again.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

According to a review, Aloe Vera is consisted of 6 antiseptic elements which exhibit antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Apply aloe vera gel on the effected place daily for 3 or 4 times, as it contains cooling agents so it can provide ease in soothing the itchy skin.

7. Lemongrass Tea or Oil

Lemongrass Tea or Oil

Both; Lemongrass tea and its oil are known to have antifungal elements which are known supportive as reliable treatment and thus, fall in our list of top home remedies for ringworm. Combine some drops of lemongrass tea with any carrier oil to use it and apply to your skin twice a day. You can also have its brewed tea bag applied directly on the ringworm.

8. Licorice’s Powder

Licorice’s Powder

Antimicrobial properties can be found in Licorice and studies have found that licorice extracts can be utilized as another treatment method for various fungal infections. Mix a cup of boiling water with 8 tsp of its powder and boil it. Then, slowdown the heat and for ten minutes, simmer the mixture until it forms into a paste. When the mixture cools down and becomes touchable and spread the paste on the required portion twice a day. Allow it to sit for minimum 10 minutes.

9. The Coconut oil

The Coconut oil

It appears as a highly effective topical treatment among all the home remedies for ringworm and for other infections such as, candida. As it is known convenient to apply on the head replacing the conditioner. In order to use it, heat the coconut oil with the help of microwave or by letting it sit in your hand until it becomes liquid. Rub by spreading it on the affected area and repeat it by 3 times per day.

10. Extract of Grapefruit seed

Extract of Grapefruit seed

On the basis of Anecdotal evidence it is recommended that Grapefruit seed extract is beneficial against the fungal infections. Take its 1 drop, and mix it with 1 tbsp of water to applicate it on the needed area. Reapply it twice a day.

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