10 Home Remedies for Poison Ivy

When you get in contact with urushiol, an oil based element discovered in every part of the poison ivy plant, you can gain dermatitis. Though few people are known insensitive to this type of oil, yet approximately 85 % of people get rashes on contacting with poison ivy. It is known to get solved up on its own however, the itchiness linked with it can be tough to live with which can impact our sleep too. Therefore, today we bought you 10 home remedies for poison ivy which are known best in soothing the itchiness.

1. The Rubbing Alcohol

First and foremost, you can always use the rubbing alcohol as it is known the most effective among all the home remedies for poison ivy. It helps with removing the oil and minimizes the discomfort. Perform as soon as you get in contact with poison ivy mainly, during the first ten minutes.

On planning hiking or camping, it is necessary to pack the alcohol wipes with you too. According to the US FDA, urushiol can stay on the surface of a lot of items for years when coming in contact with poison ivy, unless treated with water or rubbing alcohol.

2. Bathe or have shower

Bathe or have shower

Wash your skin thoroughly and don’t forget area under your nails area with a simple soap and normal tap water to get rid of its oil. It is meant that having a bath within the 60 minutes of exposure may assist on limiting the spread and seriousness of the rash. Wash each and everything which came into its contact by wearing rubber gloves.

3. Don’t scratch your skin

Don’t scratch your skin

Infection may occur if the victim scratches the skin. It can result in bursting of the blisters that may appear infected. If blisters still appear open, they must left alone as the skin which covers the wound can serve by securing and decreasing the chances of infection. The finger nails which are unscrubbed can also preserve the urushiol’s traces that can be indulged into the skin by getting scratched. This can result in severe itching and a high poison ivy rash.

4. Cold and Wet Compressing

Cold and Wet Compressing

Wet and cool compresses can assist people with reduction of inflammation and itching. Take a clean washcloth and run cold water above it to make a compress. Squeeze off the excess amount of water and apply it to your skin within the range of 15 to 30 minutes. You can repeat the process several times as needed. Few people get cured by having soaked astringent liquid which is also well known among other home remedies for poison ivy by reducing swelling and itching.

5. Menthol Lotion or Cream

Menthol Lotion or Cream

It is an organic element collected from the mint plants. Menthol preserves cooling sensation on the skin thus, beneficial in terms of rash too. Menthol is readily available as a counter product. It can also be purchased in the form of essential oil but, the dilution of the peppermint oil at the first place is necessary before applying it on the needed skin.

6. The Bentonite Clay

The Bentonite Clay

It is popular natural clay utilized in various skin care and beauty items. People reveal that they gain relief from the rash of poison ivy after using bentonite clay mixed with water. A review recommended that utilizing a modified type of this clay can decrease and also prevents the allergic contact achieved from poison ivy or poison oak.

7. The Baking Soda

The Baking Soda

It is a type of salt which is highly used in baking. Moreover, it is also utilized in variety of home remedies. Taking a cup of baking soda and adding it to the bath tub is suggested by the American Academy of Dermatology as a relief from poison ivy rash.

8. The Oatmeal Bath

In accordance to a review, oatmeal contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that are essential in a lot of skin conditions related to inflammation. Utilizing oatmeal or an item based on oatmeal in a normal water bath appears among simpler known home remedies for poison ivy. Get yourself soaked in the bath tub for maximum 30 minutes to get rid away from the symptoms.

9. Oral Antihistamines

other medications

The severity of allergic reactions can be decreased with the help of Oral Antihistamines. Benadryl is an example of it which helps the effected people to sleep better. It is not suggested to apply antihistamine cream over the rash as it may worsen the itching condition.

10. Other Medications


Effective medications can also be found along with home remedies for poison ivy. A doctor can suggest Prednisone or other Steroid Drugs to ease the inflammation. The steroid based medications are available as; gels, injections and creams other variety of forms. Often, antibiotics can be significant if an infection gets developed.

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