8 Highly Recommended Home Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff is known to affect up to 50 percent of the people. Flakiness and an itchy scalp are the main signs of dandruff. However, it can also cause tingling skin and greasy patches on your scalp. The basic reasons include sensitivity towards hair items, dry skin, seborrheic dermatitis and growth of a specific kind of fungus which lives on the scalp.

There is no doubt that you can easily find a variety of products lying beside the counter developed to eliminate dandruff but, natural remedies are known to be highly effective with no side effects. Today, we present you 8 easy and recommended home remedies for dandruff treatment.

1. Use Tea Tree oil

Use Tea Tree oil

In the past, tea tree oil was known to be used to get rid of ailments from acne to psoriasis. It is also evident that it preserves anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which assist with alleviation of dandruff. A study based on 4 week duration, evaluated the impact of tea tree oil over dandruff by mixing a daily shampoo with 5 % of tea tree oil or placebo and then treating 126 people.

However, it should be noted that it may develop irritation on those having sensitive skin. For the purpose, dilute it by mixing few drops of other oil such as, coconut oil with it before applying on the scalp.

2. Try applying Aloe Vera

Try applying Aloe Vera

It is a kind of succulent which is regularly mixed with cosmetics, lotions and skin ointments. Aloe Vera is trusted with treating skin conditions and thus, is applied on the skin for psoriasis, burns and cold sores. It can also be essential for getting rid of dandruff.

Its antibacterial and anti-fungal elements can assist protecting from dandruff as per a research. Correspondingly, a test-tube based review also revealed that Aloe Vera is significant against various species of fungi and is also supportive with controlling the fungal infections which results in hair loss.

3. Emphasize on Coconut Oil

Emphasize on Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is famous for a variety of health benefits. This well-known oil is often utilized as another among the home remedies for dandruff removal. It also helps in improving the hydration of skin and prevention of dryness which often worsen dandruff.

A small research surrounding 34 participants revealed that coconut oil tends to be equally effective and can be compared with the mineral oil for improving skin hydration. Other studies have found that coconut oil can aid as a treatment of Eczema, a condition of skin contributing towards dandruff. Using coconut oil on the skin for eight weeks consistently can decrease the symptoms of atopic dermatitis (a kind of Eczema) from 68% to 38% in the group of mineral oil, following a research.

The compounds of coconut oil are also proved to possess antimicrobial features in few test-tube based researches. However, the impact of fungus on the specific strain which results in dandruff is not still determined.

4. Increase intake of Omerga-3s

Increase intake of Omerga-3s

A significant role is played in our body by the Omega-3s Fatty acids. They create the cell membranes which surrounds the cell. They are also essential concerning the heart functions, lungs and immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids are also recommended crucial for the skin health. They assist in controlling oil development and hydration, enhances the healing of wound and makes us secure from premature aging.

Variety of symptoms can be observed resulting from the deficiency of Omega-3c fatty acids such as; dry skin, dry hair and dandruff. It helps in reducing inflammation, in the end relieving from irritation and other dandruff signs. For its intake, you can opt for trout, salmon, mackerel, chia seeds, walnuts and flaxseeds.

5. Decrease your stress levels

Decrease your stress levels

Stress is believed to influence many areas of health and the well being. It can impact every aspect ranging from chronic conditions till mental health. Though stress doesn’t itself initiate dandruff, it can enhance dryness, itching and its other symptoms.

Preserving greater stress levels for longer term can hold back the work of the immune system. A weak immune system often decreases the ability of the body to fight off few skin conditions and fungal infections contributing towards dandruff. In order to maintain the stress level, focus on some stress reducing methods, for instance, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and deep breathing. Stress also leads to the episodes of seborrheic dermatitis.

6. Have Apple Cider Vinegar

Have Apple Cider Vinegar

Its usage has been linked with various health benefits. Some of them are; enhancing weight loss and improving sensitivity of insulin. Apple Cider vinegar is also often utilized and is common among the other home remedies for dandruff. The acidity element of vinegar is meant to assist stimulation of shedding the dead skin cells present on the scalp.

This vinegar is also believed positive in balancing the pH level of the skin causing the reduction of fungus growth and thus removes dandruff. Apple cider vinegar and its elements can protect you from the growth of few types of fungus as revealed by the test-tube studies. Thinking how to use? Mix few tablespoons of it in your shampoo or take it with any essential oils and spread in your hair with spray.

7. Start eating more Probiotics

Start eating more Probiotics

It is a kind of favorable bacteria that is known good concerning our health. There are a lot of significant benefits of probiotics, such as; reducing cholesterol level, lowering excess weight and protecting against allergies. They can also be helpful in benefiting our immune functions, which appears helpful for our body to fight off the fungal infections resulting in dandruff.

Actually, a research claimed that having probiotics consistently for 56 days potentially decreased severe dandruff in 60 people. Probiotics can be found in the form of supplements. They are also available in various kinds of fermented foods including; Kimchi, Natoo, Tempeh, Sauerkraut and Kombucha.

8. Try using Baking Soda

Try using Baking Soda

Baking soda is a convenient, quick and readily present solution to assist the treatment of dandruff, found easily in the kitchen cabinets. It gently exfoliates and removes the dead skin cells. It also reduces itchiness and scaling. Baking Soda also has the anti fungal features which appear to be significant on treating the dandruff.

The guidelines for treating other conditions, such as, atopic dermatitis also emphasizes that baking soda can support in getting relief from the itchiness. For more effective results, apply baking soda directly into your wet hair by massaging it in your scalp. Rest it for 1 or two minutes then rinse it off with a shampoo like the regular shower you take.

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