Six Recommended Home Remedies for Headaches (2021)

In our life, we often tend to get busy and have to work till late nights, have disturbed sleeping schedule or get stuck in heavy traffic. These schedules or hectic activities often surrender us to headache. For the purpose, people often emphasize on having pain killers or tea to soothe them. Fortunately, today we bought you a sorted and compiled list of 10 best known natural home remedies for headache. Natural remedies tend to be the drug-free method helpful for curing us without any side effects. Note down the following as these treatment types can help you with prevention or at least will reduce the severity and duration.

1. The highly beneficial, Ginger

The highly beneficial, Ginger

Known as elixir for headaches, ginger appears among instantly relieving home remedies for headaches. It assists over body in curing the inflamed blood vessels inside the head, hence soothing the pain. Also, as it helps processing digestion, it also supports reducing the nausea, known to appear during the migraine problem.

Thinking of how to use this miracle eatable? Steep the root of ginger for tea, or combine equal portions ginger extract and lemon extract and sip it up. You can have it twice or once a day. You can also utilize the paste of ginger powder by mixing it with 2 tbsp of water and apply it on your forehead just for few minutes to have an easier and quicker relief.

2. Have some cinnamon

Have some cinnamon

Cinnamon is the second known miracle spice which is famous for appearing as one of the effective home remedies for headache. Here’s how to use it; Take cinnamon sticks and grind it into powder form, add little required amount of water to make it a thick paste only. Apply it on your temples and forehead and lay down for 30 minutes. Remove it from room temperature based water.

3. Go for cloves

Go for cloves

Cloves possess easing component for the throbbing headache. It serves pain reliving and cooling agents to cure. Gently crush few cloves and insert the crushed cloves in a clean cloth or in a sachet. Inhale its smell whenever you develop a headache till your pain gets soothed. You can also mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 2 drops of clove oil and the sea salt. Gently rub your forehead and temples with the mixture.

4. An apple to keep the doctor away

An apple to keep the doctor away

Apples and apple cider vinegar are known effective as it fight off the headache. They assist in restoring the balance of acid and alkaline in the body. Take half cup of water, mix it with apple cider vinegar and boil the solution in a saucepan and cover it. Then remove it from the store, place a towel over the head and gradually inhale the appearing steam. This would serve relief instantly, as per the instructions recommended by Dr. Supriya Bali of Max Hospitals.

Whenever you wake up with a headache, you could eat a slice of apple by sprinkling salt over it. Or take a glass of water; add 2 tsps of apple cider vinegar, mix honey in it and a splash of lemon juice. You can drink it 2 – 3 times a day.

5. Get cool down or take warm up?

Get cool down or take warm up

Try applying ice pack on the backside of your neck. This method helps with migraine as, the coldness coming from the ice pack supports in reduction of inflammation contributing as the cause of headaches. Moreover, it gives numbing effect on the pain. You might not believe but by soaking your feet in hot warm water, you can get rid headache. Add a little powder of hot mustard in the water if you have a severe headache. According to Dr. Ahuja, you can also have a washcloth soaked in cold water placed on your head for 5 minutes and repeat the procedure a lot of times.

6. The beneficial scented oils

The beneficial scented oils

The first type of oil which we found out is the peppermint oil. It is also helpful in opening up clogged blood vessels causing the headache. It preserves menthol which is considered positive in the regulation of blood flow in our body. Silently inhale the aroma in a dark, cool room. You can also create a mixture of one tbsp almond oil of a little amount of water with 3 drops of peppermint oil and massage the backside or your neck or your temples with it. On the other hand, crushed peppermint leaves can also be applied on the forehead as an alternate solution. Cook a herbal tea by taking a cup of boiling water and adding 1 tsp of dried peppermints in it. Cover the mixture and steep it for only ten minutes. Strain it and add honey according to your taste for sweetening purpose. Gradually, sip the tea.

scented oils

Secondly, Lavender oil is considered highly beneficial among the other home remedies for headache. Lavender also contains a lovely fragrance. Just by smelling the calming scent of lavender essential oil may help. Therefore, you can just have few drops on a tissue paper and inhale its scent. Another method for you is to add 2 drops of lavender oil into two boiling water based cups and inhale the appearing steam. Alongside these options, you can also use 2 or 3 tbsps of olive oil or almond oil. Massage it on your forehead with it. Dr. Manoj K Ahuja, who belongs from Healing Touch Hospital, suggested that people can also have a foot bath of lavender oil and peppermint oil as the hot water is known helpful to draw blood down to your feet and its aroma would soothe you.

Point to Note:

Do not use Lavender oil through any oral process.

Lastly, a short tip:

Keep this tip in your routine. Perform conscious efforts and focus on having deep and full breaths. It starts in your diaphragm and fills up the lungs. It will provide the body with a plenty or fresh oxygen to circulate within the blood and it will also assist in relaxing your mind and body.

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