10 Best Home Remedies for Heartburn (2021)

Are you having heartburn and are unaware of the cause to avoid it appearing again in the future? The reasons are mostly present in our daily routine. Today, we have mentioned below 10 amazing and effective home remedies for heartburn sensation.

1. Loose body fats

Loose body fats

A muscle named diaphragm, present below our stomach, prevents the leaking up of stomach acid into esophagus. But, if you are holding a good amount of fat, your abdomen would maximize the pressure pushing the esophageal sphincter upward, separating it from the diaphragm. This situation is described as hiatus hernia.

This condition is the basic reason of why pregnant women and obese people possess high risk in terms of heartburn. Hence losing weight should be treated as a main priority as the most effective among the basic home remedies for heartburn.

2. Stop overeating food

Stop overeating food

To have a good and healthy digestive system, it is said to eat as per your need preserving a little room for air in your stomach. This act would give ease to your stomach to easily digest the food. It also effects on the activeness of your body.

Also, people having acid refluxes have too much pressure on their stomach muscle which makes it dysfunctional and weakens it. Predictably, most of the reflux signs are observed after having a meal.

3. Drink less coffee

Drink less coffee

Studies have revealed that high amount of coffee weakens lower esophageal, temporally, increasing the chances of heartburn. Caffeine is also considered as an equal culprit. It is better to go for green tea to fulfill the needs of hot sips along with a healthy body.

Although, utilizing decaffeinated coffee has a positive impact on heartburn when compared to a regular coffee. Through this fact, we can conclude that the main elements to focus are the compounds in a coffee. The creation and preparation of the coffee could also be impactful.

4. Use Baking Soda

Use Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a base substance used commonly used in baking. A teaspoon of it can neutralize the acid your stomach. Utilizing it for prevention can keep you safe as whenever heartburn would take place you will not feel the burning sensation. The method goes; take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with 8 ounces of water. Drink the prepared solution.

Use it regularly as per your need. However, do not go beyond seven doses of the solution in a day. Evade having this home remedy for longer than a week. The reason is that it’s high salt substance and the rest impacts such as, nausea or swelling.

5. Evade raw onion

Evade raw onion

As per a research, eating raw onion in a meal maximizes the heartburn chances. As gas producing fermentable fibers are present at a high level in a raw onion. It is better to totally avoid it when you feel it would worsen your health based symptoms. They also tend to disturb the lining of esophagus causing worse heartburn. People tend to share about their worse heartburn experiences and other relevant reflux symptoms when ate a raw onion.

6. Chew a gum

Focusing on some researches, we came to know that chewing gums helps in minimizing acidity appeared in the esophagus. Only certain gums containing bicarbonate are considered as effective among the home remedies for heartburn in terms of a treatment. On explaining the findings, the factors indicated that it supports the increase of saliva production. The high development of saliva supports with clearing the acid from the esophagus.

7. Citrus juices intake

Citrus juices intake

As shocking as you read, imbalanced usage of everything is harmful in the end. In a research on 400 GERD patients, 72% of them claimed that grapefruit and orange juices enhanced their heart burning symptoms. Their acidic factors aren’t the only aspect in contribution towards these effects. Orange juice, containing a neutral pH, also enhances the symptoms collectively.

It doesn’t bring heartburn but if present already, it gets worse temporarily. As citrus juices don’t form a bad impact on the lower sphincter, there are chances that some of its ingredients can disturb the esophagus’s lining.

8. Eating before sleep

Eating before sleep

A study was carried out at a Medical Center of Walter Reed Army in which the researchers directly evaluated acid levels of 30 patients of reflux on two different nights. On the first night, the subjects were sent to bed having dinner before two hours. Then very next night, they ate early i.e. six hours before going to bed. After assessing both nights, the late meal developed significantly high reflux as the targets were lying at night.

This threshold of three to four hours is created on the basis of the time required by the food to clear stomach. In a chronic heartburn it is observed that the stomach acid goes into esophagus. Its chances gets increased when you are lying in bed just after having meal as the gravity doesn’t go along with preserving the digestive juices inside the stomach whereas, it can also vary by an individual to another individual.

9. Leave using Mint

Leave using Mint

To have flavor in food items, spearmint and peppermint herbs are most commonly used. They are also widely used in chewing gums, mouthwashes, candies and toothpastes. Nowadays, they have become a famous ingredient in terms of herbal teas.

A research revealed that high doses of spearmint can supportively increase the heartburning symptoms by irritating esophagus from the inside. Another helpful point among home remedies for heart burn is to have very less amount of mint. But if you have acid reflux at the present moment, make sure to avoid it to stay safe from its worse effects.

10. Lastly, have a banana or mustard, daily

banana or mustard

Mustard contains a lot of minerals and a good amount of vinegar, which is considered as a weak form of acid. It also possess alkaline. Alkaline is known well in terms of neutralization of the acid appearing by GERD. Try having 1 teaspoon of pure mustard when you are feeling the symptoms or having heartburn.

This remedy is the most convenient one among all the home remedies for heartburn. Habit of eating bananas should be adapted in the routine, as it contains natural antacids quality. Eating banana everyday assists in counteract the acid reflux. An apple is known as its good supplement if you are not having banana at the moment.

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