YouTube VS Sling TV: Which Live TV Streaming is the Best?

So you have decided to cut the cable TV cord to binge-watch live TV channels such as ESPN, TNT, and CNN. But don’t know which streaming option you should go for, which can also give you access to your local channels, live news, and sports. In this case, Sling TV and both YouTube TV are best to go with.

Sling TV is a bit older than YouTube as it was launched in 2015, whereas YouTube TV started in 2017. The affordability and flexibility of the Sling TV have boasted around 2.47 million subscribers but with the popularity of YouTube TV, it’s a tough decision to decide which one is the best.

In this blog, we have drawn a neat comparison which will help you to choose between the two. Let’s find out!

1. Price

Both the sources provide the best entertainment but Sling TV is less expensive as compared to YouTube TV. It offers three packages; Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and third is the combination of both. Sling Orange has 33 channels which cost $25 per month whereas Sling Blue offers 48 channels in the same amount. The third package, Sling Orange and Blue have 55 channels in only $40 per month. If you go for the third package, you can avail a lot of channels at an affordable price.

YouTube TV has only one package which costs $49.99 per month and includes more than 75 channels. Additionally, it also allows you to add up to nine premium channels if you want. The varieties of channels for kids and adults make it the best TV option for families who are looking to have all in one.

The Verdict: If affordability is your concern then go for Sling TV but if you want to be entertained with a lot of channels then YouTube TV should be your go-to choice.

2. User Experience

If you’re making a switch from your Cable TV then I’d recommend you to use the trial period to know about the user experience. Both platforms provide great video quality but with YouTube, you can create up to six accounts which means you can tailor the experience and suggestions according to the family member. YouTube also allows you to stream on three devices at one time. The parental control feature of YouTube also gives you control over your kid’s watch sessions.

On the other hand, you’ll only see the ads when you’re streaming live on YouTube. You can skip the ads when you watch recorded shows on YouTube. The sharp, interactive interface makes YouTube best in terms of user experience.

Unlike YouTube, Sling TV allows you to have only one account but it allows subscribers to stream on three devices if you’re using the package Sling Blue. With the Sling Orange+Blue package, four devices can stream together. By heading towards the settings, you can enable the parental control option and restrict content for your kids in Sling TV.

The navigation of Sling TV is a bit difficult as compared to YouTube TV which can sometimes disturb the user experience. Plus you can only skip the ads if you have the cloud DVR service of Sling TV. The rewind, fast and forward commands may not operate without the DVR.

The Verdict: If you want to enjoy an uninterruptible user experience then YouTube TV is the winner in this case.

3. Channels

If you want to stream a variety of channels then I’d recommend you search for YouTube and Sling TV for the channels they offer. Sling TV has three subscription plans. With Sling Orange you get 33 channels including ESPN and Disney channel. Sling Blue offers 48 channels with networks such as FOX and NBC. While the third package Sling Orange+Blue lets you browse more than 55 channels with big networks like ESPN, FOX, and NBC. So, if you’re a sports fan then Sling TV might not be your best fit. Also, it doesn’t give you access to FOX regional sports coverage and can make you miss your professional sports on ABC or CBS. Plus, the missing of many popular channels also makes sling an unpopular choice. But if you want to view historical content then sling has some great history channels.

YouTube, on the other hand, features 90+ channels which include big networks like ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, Golf Channel, MLB Network, and the Tennis Channel. If sports channels are your concern, then YouTube TV fits into the frame. The availability of famous channels like CNN, Cartoon Network, and Discovery channel also makes it a versatile source of entertainment for users. The missing channels from YouTube TV are BET, Comedy Central, and Lifetime.

The Verdict: YouTube TV features a great number of channels as compared to Sling. But you should for the one which offers the must-have channels you want in a TV.

4. Cloud DVR

With Sling TV, you need to purchase a cloud DVR with an extra $5 per month for 50 hours of storage. But the good thing is that you can hold that content for as long as you want – there’s no time limit.

But with YouTube TV’s cloud DVR you can hold the content for up to nine months only. Although it provides unlimited storage capacity which lets you record as much as you want but there’s no need when you can’t finish watching the shows in a limited time.

The verdict: Sling TV takes the lead here because of having no time constraint for watching the recorded shows.

5. Free Content

If you have purchased a Sling TV subscription and then later decide to cancel it, you’ll still have some access to the free content. The service provides more than 100 hours of movies and shows to its previous subscribers even when you have taken the trial version. You can stream the content on Roku devices for now but the company has plans to extend its support on more devices in the future.

On YouTube TV there are also some specific movies which you can watch for free. But know that these movies are limited in number which is free for all.

The verdict: The free content is an additional feature that you can avail for the trial purpose. When it comes to free content, Sling TV has given a good relief to its subscribers.

The Bottom Line

YouTube is a bit expensive but the number of options, features, and channels it provides makes it worth the cost. In addition, the user experience and navigation is also good with YouTube TV.

Sling TV on the other hand is affordable and good for some specific channels. But the video quality is the same for both platforms.

If you can afford to put up more cost for the best TV option then I’d recommend you to go with YouTube. It not only gives you a number of channels to view but it also offers flexible account options.

The last advice to leave you with is to sit with your list of requirements and then decide which of the two TVs match your list. This activity will help you come with a suitable result.

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