Fidget spinner is something that a lot of people like to buy and they just love it. With time, the fidget spinners have become one common item and a lot of people take interest in it. People sue these fidget spinners to spend their free time and it makes them happy if they are having a bad day. There are several fidget spinners available and it depends on your budget which one you want to buy. You will be surprised to know that there are some very expensive options available as well when it comes to fidget spinners. In this article we will go through some of the most expensive fidget spinners currently available. Here are a few World’s most expensive fidget spinners you will find.

What is a fidget spinner?

A fidget spinner is basically a gadget which has several ball bearings in it and it can be spun with the help of your fingers. There is almost no friction in between these ball bearings due to which once you spin a fidget spinner, it keeps on spinning for at least a minute. It takes its time to stop because of the less friction level present. The spinning movement is something that people really like; according to them it’s a source entertainment for them. Initially, the fidget spinners were marketed as a toy item but with time, its popularity has forced manufacturers to market it as stress releasing spinner. We will cover more about its pros and cons in the article.

So what’s so great about these fidget spinners?

As mentioned, these spinners were there for kids to spend their free time with them. These fidget spinners were manufactured on the popularity of yoyo’s. A yoyo was kid’s favorite toy few years ago; later on the fidget spinner took this place. A part from kids, adults finds these fidget spinners a great source of entertainment. Let’s see what make them have so much respect for this toy.

1: Releases stress

Some people claim that the constant movement of the fidget spinner helps them release their stress and tensions. In reality, it’s the human psyche that makes us believe in this concept. This formula doesn’t works for everyone. The recent scientific research has shown that it’s up to the person that how he takes the working of these fidget spinners.

2: Makes you happy

The fidget spinner also makes several people feel happy as they enjoy constantly spinning fidget spinners. It’s again something not all people believe in but the majorities take is that it does make them happy. The fidget spinner is basically a good time consuming device for most of the people. Instead of finding some other activity in their free time, people like spinning these fidget spinners.

Top 5 most expensive fidget spinners in the world

1: Bathgate Artifact spinner

Bathgate Artifact spinner

One of the World’s most expensive fidget spinners is The Bathgate Artifact spinner. The Bathgate Artifact spinner is on the top of our list as it is the most expensive fidget spinner currently. It is so expensive because of its high quality materials of which it is made up of. Due to its high quality construction it has attracted a number of people from all around the world. It has been designed by the famous Chris Bathgate and Mike Hogarty. Both of these men have a ton of experience in this field due to which they were able to design this unique fidget spinner. The Bathgate artifact spinner is purely made of stainless brass steel. The presence of stainless brass provides this fidget spinner the unique touch and males it looks and feel premium.

Price: $699

2: 9 Gear Fidget spinners

9 Gear Fidget spinners

The 9 Gear fidget spinner is one premium quality product designed for quality conscious people in mind. Its unique 9 gear design is the most unique part of this fidget spinner. It has 9 round gear shape parts that look like a machine. The material is pure brass and it provides this the premium look it deserves.

Price: $600

3: Superconductor Stubby Fidget Spinner

Superconductor Stubby Fidget Spinner

Another, World’s most expensive fidget spinners is the Superconductor Stubby Fidget Spinner. The unique selling point of the Superconductor Stubby fidget spinner is its multifunctional abilities as it can also be used as a cigar stand. For people who smoke cigar and need a fidget spinner, the Superconductor Fidget spinner is an ideal product for them. The finishing quality of this spinner is excellent and adds to the premium feel of this product. It is available in a number of material options including, brass, stainless steel, titanium and copper. All of these materials have own premium touch to them.

Price: $525

4: Black Lotus tri spinner

Black Lotus tri spinner

The black lotus tri spinner has three sides and is made up of high quality silver material. It uses sterling silver as its main manufacturing material and feels great when you hold it in your hand. The unique tri design language of the black lotus spinner attracts a lot of potential buyers. The finishing quality is top notch and the ball bearings also have a premium touch to them. Overall, for its price the Black lotus tri spinner is a good choice for fidget spinner lovers.

Price: $335

5: Metal Worn Turbine spinner V2

Metal Worn Turbine spinner V2

World’s most expensive fidget spinners carries the metal worn turbine spinner v2 as well. The metal worn turbine spinner v2 is made up of high quality titanium material. The titanium finish feels excellent in hand and adds to the looks of this spinner. The bearings are made up of ceramic and provide a smooth experience. The shape of this spinner is just like a moving turbine and it feels unique and distinctive.

Price: $299


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