Cartoons aren’t only for kids; even adults like to watch their favorite cartoon characters online. For children the cartoons is a great source of knowledge, they always learn something whenever they watch cartoons. In short we can say that cartoons are not only a source of entertainment for children but also a great way to learn new things. In this article, we will go through some of the best free websites where you and your children can watch cartoons.

1: Toonjet

The Toonjet is one famous website for watching cartoons online. it is absolutely free and you don’t have to pay for subscription or something like that. You can explore the website and will find all famous cartoons available online. From Looney Tunes to Popeye, the Toonjet has an excellent collection of all famous cartoons. There is no sign up required for watching online cartoons on Toonjet but signing up provides you some extra use ability. You can create your own profile by signing up and can save your favorite cartoons there and you can also interact with other peoples profile on Toonjet.

2: Watch Cartoon online

At Watch cartoon online, you just have to search for your favorite cartoons and you can start watching them right away. It’s a free website and has no paid subscription. There are separate categories of cartoons that make it easier for you to explore your favorite cartoons. The overall interface is very user friendly and you can navigate around the website freely with ease. As it’s a free website so you have to live with the paid ads.

3: Cartoonito

The Cartoonito is an all in one excellent platform for kids. It allows them to explore things of their interest freely, such as games and cartoons. There are also dedicated lists of songs for children. If you want your child to learn different stuff online, then this website is an excellent platform for this purpose. It has educational cartoons available online that allows children to learn something along with light entertainment. Just leave your child in front of this website and let him explore activities of his interest.

4: Anime Planet

For children who like to watch animal cartoons, the Anime planet is the website for them This website has list of different cartoons available for free in various categories. The user interface has been designed in an attractive way and is easy to navigate around. Even a novice can roam around this website, this shows how easy to explore this website is. You can create your online account where you can save your cartoon series for future. You can also create your own list of favorite cartoons.

5: Nick

Nick is one old and famous platform for kids, where they can watch their favorite cartoons for free. The user interface is very easy and is designed for kids so that they can use the website freely. The quality of cartoon is great and you can watch them in high quality. One limitation with is that its collection is limited and it only has Nickelodeon cartoons available. Children can also listen to online radio and play various games at

6: Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the largest online video sharing platforms. There are thousands of people who use Vimeo daily for watching their favorite videos. Vimeo is a free website and for online cartoons, it’s not a bad choice. You can watch your favorite cartoons for free on Vimeo. Sign in on Vimeo and become part of the one of the largest creators platform. By joining Vimeo, you can save your favorite cartoons videos and can rate them. You can interact with the creators by commenting on their videos. The overall feel of Vimeo is somewhat more professional yet it provides even kids the opportunity to watch their favorite content online for free.

7: YouTube

We all are familiar with the YouTube platform. For children, YouTube is the Google video version where you can search for any video. There are thousands of cartoons available on YouTube and you can watch them in high-resolution settings. Just like Google, YouTube is a free video platform. The new offline video mode of YouTube allows you to save your favorite cartoons for the future. You can view these cartoons anytime you want but this feature is limited to the smartphone application versions for now.

8: Side reel

Side reel is just another online platform where you can watch your favorite cartoons for free.

There is a search bar on the top where you can search for the cartoon series you want to watch. The cartoons are categorized based on their genre, this list helps you search for your favorite cartoons. If you watch one type of cartoons for longer periods of time, the website displays the same type of cartoons for you. This way the website allows you to explore a new cartoon series of the same genre. The side reel app is also available and you can also watch cartoons in the dedicated application.

9: Netflix

Netflix is one immensely popular online video streaming websites. This website has a ton of content related to TV shows, music, and moves. But don’t worry, there are cartoon series too and there are plenty. The great part about Netflix is its streaming quality. But it’s a paid subscription base service. You can take the free trial but after that, you have to pay monthly for continuing their services.

10: Cartoon Park

The cartoon allows you to watch your favorite cartoons for free. The video resolution of these cartoons is great and you can even download cartoon series for free. You can save them for the future. The user interface of this website is also very user-friendly and you can easily explore different cartoon series online. This website has no mobile app but you can watch cartoons even on mobile on the same web address.


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