Walmart Plus Free 30-Day Trial Membership Benefits

If you like your groceries to come at your doorstep without any hustle for looking at in different stores, Walmart is the best option for you to choose. Walmart is bringing up new subscriptions in the market, giving competition to other businesses like Amazon, etc. Find more details about Walmart’s offering to the new subscription and grab a free trial right now! At first, many people were confused about the items added in the Walmart Subscription as it was not clear at first. But now we are here to clear your second thoughts and make you comfortable in order to get the Walmart subscription as it includes all the household items with groceries too.

Walmart Plus Membership Program

Walmart has recently launched its new subscription and has left shocked with its amazing services and deals in the subscription. Wallet Plus members can not order unlimited groceries without paying for any delivery charger from their local store. This offer is also available for fresh items, not only just for the packaged item, with no minimum purchase limitations on your order. On the other hand, you can also get a 5$ discount on fuel at the Walmart gas station.

Get your subscription from Walmart right now, and you can get more offers and deals as soon as they add more. Right now, you can sign up with Walmart Plus and get a 15-day free trial and check whether it’s worth it for your subscription or not. You can check your nearby Walmart store in order to get your subscription so that you can get your orders delivered as fast as you can. However, Walmart Plus offers more than only groceries and includes beauty, tech, and sports products.

In this coronavirus pandemic, most people try to avoid getting out of their place and shop online. And for your online shopping, Walmart is the best option for you to choose and stay safe and healthy at home while you get healthy items from Walmart.

Walmart Plus Membership Cost

A Walmart plus membership is all worth your money as you can order any grocery item or any perishable item sitting at your home without any worry. A Walmart plus membership costs $12.95/month or $98/Annually. If you decide to go to the annual membership route, it will save your money over $57. As compared to Amazon prime and other stores, Walmart is a bit cheaper and affordable for all.

Benefits of the Walmart Plus Membership

Walmart offers many plus points for its customers who have subscribed to Walmart plus subscription. Here are we listing you some of the benefits and perks that we can get through Walmart’s subscription:

  • Walmart’s Fuel Discount – You can save up to 5c on your fuel gallons at Walmart gas station as well as member pricing at Sam’s Club gas station.
  • Free Shipping From Walmart – You can now order as much as you want from Walmart with the help of your subscription. There is no minimum or maximum limitations on your order, and yet you’ll still get free delivery on it within the next day or in two days.
  • Free Unlimited delivery – You can now get up to 160,000 items delivered as fast as you want according to your area (that depends on your address). This offer includes Groceries and house hold items too.
  • Scan and Go App – You can now shop in the store using the Scan and Go app to scan your items and pay using Walmart pay. There is no need for a cashier.

Is Walmart Becoming Like Amazon

Walmart and Amazon are in great comparison; however, both are different in their ways. But there are some similarities between them like users get a free two day or one day shopping on some of the items. Walmart Plus features are limited compared to Amazon Prime, but both the Amazon prime subscription and Walmart plus membership have different ideas and benefits for their customers. At the same time, Walmart is a bit cheaper than Amazon, and it is known in a verified survey that one should get Walmart plus Membership.

Walmart Prime Services

The offers and deals that Walmart would be providing us in the future are unclear from this point of view. However, there is no match between Walmart and Amazon to match each other’s price both have different prices range, especially on retail holidays like Prime Day, where all the other stores offer prime Day deals and discounts. If you are an eligible student, you can also sign up for sales and discount, and there you’ll get the first six months of prime for free.

Walmart Plus Shipping’s Deals for Members

You have a piece of good news about Walmart that now if you want to shop from Walmart, you do not necessarily have to shop for $35 minimum. Walmart is now trying to open up in different locations so that it would get easier for their customers to use the scan and go app option, plus no customer would have to wait for longer days in order to receive their order. Walmart Plus customers now can get a discount of fuel discounts at more than 500 on Sam’s Club Locations.

The Best Selling Items From Walmart

  1. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike
  2. Better Homes and Gardens Nola Narrow Bookcase
  3. Blackstone Adventure-Ready
  4. Home Essence Comforter Set
  5. Samsung 58-inch Class 4k Ultra HD Smart TV
  6. Modway Articulate Office Chair
  7. Apple AirPods with charging case

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Walmart Plus include?

Walmart Plus membership provides you with benefits such as getting free deliveries on orders over $35, get discounts on fuels on Walmart gas station and also get a mobile scan and go app feature so you can pay easily at the shop.

Q. Is the Walmart Plus membership worth it?

Suppose you often shop at the store; it’s completely worth getting a Walmart Plus membership subscription. If you shop at Walmart for grocery and other house hold items, their subscription is the best way to get it done.

Q. How much is the cost of Walmart Plus membership?

A Walmart Plus membership costs around $98 in a year or $12.95 a month.

Q. Can I cancel my Walmart Plus membership?

You can surely cancel your Walmart Plus membership. But if you cancel before the end of a paid period by taking advantage of your membership benefits before paying, then no cancellations would be made. Once you have used your membership, no refunds are to be made.

Q. Is there any limitation on Walmart grocery delivery?

If your order is over $35, your delivery will be made free. Some items that are not directly shipped from Walmart do take some working days in order to get delivered.

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