Sam’s Club vs. Costco – Which One of Them Is Better?

There have always been some conflicts about which one of the two most well-known wholesale retailers is better. Costco Wholesale Corporation and Walmart owned Sam’s Club as major competitors in providing wholesale products in bulk. They both have a similar business design with amazing customer benefits like extremely low priced products, free shipping, exclusive discounts, and many other services.

Since both of these warehouse memberships give great benefits to its customers, therefore it is more difficult to choose between the two. Let’s end this Costco Vs. Sam’s Club debate and look at both of their merits and demerits to conclude.

Costco vs. Sam’s Club

Comparing two of the most popular retails chains is difficult. Both Sam’s Club and Costco have several similarities, including similar business outlay, a wide array of products offering everything from groceries and jewellery to electronics and great vacation packages, preferable return policies, similar working and opening hours, exclusive offers and benefits and much more.

Here is everything you need to know about Sam’s club membership and Costco’s membership plans; make sure to read our article to the end to see our take on which is better, Costco or Sam’s club.

Costco Membership vs. Sam’s Club Membership

Despite having so many similarities, there is a fine line of difference between the benefits each of them provides to its customers, which makes one of them favourable over another.

Sam’s Club Membership Benefits

Walmart-owned Sam’s Club membership gives exclusive member-only benefits to all their customers only for $45 a year. Some of these Sam’s Club Membership benefits are:

  • Get Sam’s Club MasterCard and earn almost 1% cash back on all your purchases for regular customers and 3% cash back on purchases for Plus members.
  • Members can take advantage of instant savings and save some extra dollars on the already cheap bulk items.
  • Buy your favorite items in bulk at comparatively lower prices.
  • Sam’s Club members can save extra on fuel prices at specific pump locations.
  • Enjoy complimentary benefits of free tire repair, battery testing, and much more.
  • Free Sam’s Membership benefits for a complimentary family member and friends.

Inclusive of the above mentioned benefits, Sam’s Club Membership that only costs $100 per year, comes with more amazing member-only benefits along with the ones mentioned above:

  • Along with other benefits, Plus members get 2% cash back on eligible purchases. These savings add up to almost $500 per year.
  • Early shopping benefits for plus members.
  • Free shipping on select products.
  • 20% discount on a pair of glasses and free shipping on order of contact lenses.
  • Free prescriptions for plus members and special discounts on pharmacy products.

Costco Membership Benefits

Costco is another one of the most popular bulk items retail stores. Costco membership costs only $60 per year and comes with a number of additional benefits and advantages for its members that are not available otherwise. Here are some of the perks of signing up for the Costco Membership:

  • Amazing discounts on the Costco Travel program so you can travel with ease at exceptionally lower prices.
  • Costco members get a 15% discount on all car parts and special discounts on rentals.
  • Get your ears checked for free at Costco Hearing Aid Center.
  • Amazing deals on gift cards for all Costco members.
  • Costco Travel offers amazing t=vacation packages with exclusive discounts and additional benefits.
  • For the Costco Gold star membership that costs around $120, customers save almost 2% cash on all their purchases.
  • Get medications and other pharmacy products for as low as $5.
  • Free household card for an additional family member for free!

Difference Between Costco and Sam’s Club

Costco vs. Sam’s Club Prices

When we are making a comparison of Costco vs. Sam’s, prices play a major role in differentiating them from one another. Costco’s membership costs $60 per year, while the upgraded Executive membership costs $120. Executive Costco members get 2% cashback on their purchases which means that they save up to $100 a year.

On the other hand, Sam’s Club membership costs $45 per year while the plus membership costs $100 per year. Plus, members get benefits of 2% cash back on their purchases, i.e., they save almost $500 per year.

Sam’s Club or Costco Return Policies

Although both Sam’s Club and Costco offer amazingly flexible return policies, however, some guidelines give one of them an edge over another. Compared to Sam’s Club return policies, Costco has a far more flexible return policy in terms of minimum days for returning and restricting items that cannot be returned. Furthermore, Costco also offers a longer warranty on major electronics and other things that gives them a competitive edge over Sam’s Club.

Costco vs. Sam’s Club Locations & Working Hours

Costco is mainly located in urban areas. As per the latest release, Costco has 557 stores, mainly in the United States and Puerto Rica. Comparatively, Sam’s Club has a slight competitive edge in the number of stores they own across the states. They hold a total of almost 600 stores across the US and Puerto Rica. Costco and Sam’s Club have practically the same working hours except that Sam’s Club works longer hours on Saturdays (early shopping for plus members) and Sundays (for health care workers).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is better, Costco or Sam’s club?

Both of these stores have their own merits and demerits, so this is completely your call. Although Sam’s Club offers lower membership fees for both its membership options, however, Costco offers better storage options and healthier quality of foods compared to Sam’s club. Customers can choose which one of them is better according to their preferences.

Q. Is Costco better than Sam’s club?

In my opinion, Yes, Costco is better than Sam’s Club in many aspects. Although it has higher membership prices, it’s worth it! Here are some of the reasons why Costco is better than Sam’s Club:

  • Their huge selection of Kirkland brand products is what gives them a huge competitive advantage over others.
  • Furthermore, Costco gives its major attention to maintaining the quality and hygiene of its products.
  • Their products are organic and healthy compared to Sam’s Club.
  • The annual savings of Costco are much more than Sam’s Club.
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Better product quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Better refund and return policies

Q. Is it possible to use my Costco membership card at Sam’s Club?

No, Costco membership cards are only eligible for shopping at and Costco online stores. The same goes for Sam’s club.

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