Orby TV Review: What You Need to Know Before You Sign Up

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All of you would love to watch some good shows on your TV and remain updated on global updates. If you would like to save some bucks off your TV bill, we bring a solution for you all-Orby TV.

1. What Is Orby TV?

Orby Tv is an American Satellite Service owned by Michael Thornton. It was launched in 2019 in the USA. It is based in LA, California, and is a small company. Orby TV aims to help out people who can’t afford a high-end TV or high-Internet service with an alternative option of these TVs with an Orby dish.

Orby TV - Satellite Receiver
9 Reviews
Orby TV - Satellite Receiver
  • What's included: Orby TV Satellite Receiver, Remote Control
  • Model Number KSTB2095
  • Product Width 7.1 inches
  • Product Height 1.6 inches , Product Length 4.3 inches
  • Product Weight 0.71 pounds

2. How Does Orby TV Work?

An Orby TV requires setting up the Orby dish and antenna to work. You need to buy an Orby TV receiver from Amazon for around $120, including a Satellite receiver and remote control. The dish should be set up to the south along with the antenna. The antenna takes signals from your local channels, and you can watch those anytime on a low budget.

3. How Much Does Orby TV Cost?

Orby TV’s monthly charges are lower than its other competitors while they have pretty good start-up costs. Firstly, you need to get the installation receiver from Amazon for around $100 to $120. Then, you need to hire a professional to install the receiver and Orby dish for your TV, which would cost you around $150. To sum up, the start-up costs would be $250 to $300, a one-time cost.

The $150 installation cost is only for one single room. An extra $50 is charged for each separate room. Moreover, they also offer a DIY self-installation kit for $70, which is cheaper than hiring a professional for $150. However, Orby suggests hiring a professional for installation rather than doing it yourself since it includes wiring, attaching an antenna to the dish, etc.

4. How Much Is Orby TV a Month?

The monthly charges for Orby TV are usually $40 for essentials. But if you want extra features, it’s $50. These charges are for four rooms, so they are pretty cheap.

Orby TV Extra Fees

If you want to avail of the DVR service, there is an additional $4 per month. Orby TV has an additional fee for Premium channels HBO, ESPN, etc.

Do You Need the Internet for Orby TV?

No, you do not need the Internet for Orby TV. It only requires a dish connection and receiver since it is a satellite connection.

5. Orby TV Channels

Orby TV offers more than 40 channels at $40. The outdoor antenna catches the signals of the local channels like FOX, ABC, etc. It provides almost all the primary channels, i.e. Food Network, BBC, CNN, Animal Planet, A&E, AMC, Cartoon Network, History Channel, Nickelodeon, MTV, OWN, Science, etc.

Orby TV Channel Packages

Orby TV has different packages for Premium Channels like HBO, Starz, etc. It charges $18 for HBO, $15 for Cinemax, $6 for Epix each month. Orby TV does not offer channels like ESPN, but you can watch sports on other channels by Orby TV such as TBS.

6. Can I Get Orby TV Everywhere in the USA?

Orby TV is available in 48 states of the USA except for Hawaii and Alaska. It depends on which area you live in, and if there are any obstacles like trees or significant buildings, etc., since it’s a satellite service, it will require signals. Any obstruction in between can cause interruption leading to blockade of signals. If there is a thunderstorm or heavy snow, it can lead to poor signals.

7. Pros and Cons of Using Orby TV

No permanent contract. Hence, you can discontinue anytimeThe start-up cost is expensive
Suitable for people who don’t have a high-speed, reliable Internet service$50 cost for each additional room
It has all the primary channelsExtra DVR fee if you upgrade to the programming package
The monthly fee is very lowDoesn’t have a sports channel like ESPN
Payment is inclusive of taxesIt doesn’t have other premium channels like HBO as well
No internet service required so that you can save some bucksExtra charges per month for premium channels
Less TV for your kids since there won’t be Netflix and Youtube connection due to no InternetSignals are disrupted due to weather changes
Kids minds could be diverted towards other educational things like Discovery and History channelsNo expensive packages and bundles
The picture quality is outstanding.

8. Factors to Consider Before Buying Orby TV

Why do you need an Orby TV? Well, this the first question which should come to your mind. If you have low-speed Internet or do not have WiFi service, or are low on your budget, you should buy an Orby TV.

It would be best if you considered the area where you live. The locality is an important aspect when you are buying an Orby TV. It is a satellite service that gets signals through an antenna connected to the Orby dish, so you must check if your neighbors had an Orby dish or any other dish tv previously. If there are trees or significant hotel buildings around, buying an Orby TV could be problematic.

Be prepared for substantial start-up costs if you plan on buying Orby TV. These are one-time costs. If you plan on setting up Orby TV for the future, you should invest in the start-up costs. Also, there is an additional $50 for each room, but the monthly charge is applicable for up to 4 rooms. You should install it in other rooms simultaneously even if you need it after a few months because the professional installers might charge extra for each time.

Consider the typical weather in the area you live. If it’s usually rainy or stormy, so you should avoid buying an Orby TV because there will be a lack of signals.

If you are someone interested in global news updates, you should get this since it has all those channels such as the BBC, CNN, etc.

You should check other competitor’s prices. Usually, the cable TV charges are $60 per month, but their start-up costs are low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you install Orby TV yourself?

Yes, you can install it yourself by buying a kit that costs $70. However, it is recommended that you hire a professional installer to install it properly without faults since it is an electrical wiring thing, so it could be risky to do it yourself.

Q. Is there an Orby TV free trial?

Yes, Orby TV offers a 30-day risk-free trial. The free trial doesn’t include the DVR programmable function.

Q. Do you need the Internet for Orby TV?

There is no need for the Internet for Orby TV, so it’s a plus point. Thus you can save your bucks from Internet bills.

Q. Is Orby TV worth it?

Yes, it is worth money if you are not willing to invest in some expensive cable TV network. It also diverts your children’s minds off the TV and gets them to the good stuff like Animal planet, etc.

Q. Where could you get the Orby TV receiver, remote control, dish, and antenna?

You can get these on Amazon at $120, which is relatively cheap. You can also get these components from Walmart, Best Buy, etc.


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