Is SHEIN Legit? A Must-Read SHEIN Review (2021)

Well, you might have been wondering if SHEIN’s legit or is it a scam? If you might have read our previous review, you would know that SHEIN is legit and an authentic brand. It is a reliable and legit online clothing store.


SHEIN is an online fashion clothing retail store. It’s based in China so they deliver clothes online. SHEIN has a huge collection of women’s clothing including jackets, dresses, tops, blazers, jumpsuits, cardigans, swimsuits, pants, skirts, and even wedding dresses, all in an affordable price range.


Since the wedding dress is for one-time wear, getting it from SHEIN at a cheap price would save you hundreds of dollars rather than from a designer like Vera Wang. But finding that perfect dress for your big day online can be a challenge. Thus, you need to expand your research and look for all kinds of designs you want. And then search it on SHEIN throughout to get your perfect fit.

SHEIN also provides men’s apparel, kids wear, and even infants’ clothing. It has a variety of economical and good quality stuff.

What Is SHEIN’s Return Policy

SHEIN has a policy of return or refunds within 40 days of purchase for the USA. You will get a free return on your first return. However, they charge you for returning the product afterward and some people believe it’s not worth that much to pay for return shipping since the charges are pretty good around $8.00. Imagine paying $8.00 for a $15 or $20 dress, isn’t it too much and not worth it? You can give those dresses in charity or to your siblings if it fits.

Either you can register for return insurance for $3.00 which will get you free returns or you can pay for it. If you want to return it, you should check the shipping label that came with your order. You should ship back to that address only which is on the shipping label.

What Products You Can and Cannot Return

You can return anything that is by SHEIN within 40 days of your purchase date, this policy of return is only applicable to the USA. The items should be in good condition if you want to return them.

The products should have all the tags and bills. They shouldn’t be damaged or worn by anyone. All the items should be in SHEIN’s original packaging. Make sure you check that some products by SHEIN are non-returnable so you can’t return those.

When and How Will You Receive Your Refunded Amount

SHEIN will update you on your return and refund within 7 days of receiving your shipment. It’s your choice if you want your refund amount in your SHEIN wallet or original payment account. They will deduct your return back fee from your refund amount.

Factors you should consider when shopping from SHEIN:

  • Always double-check their size chart and use inch tape to check all the measurements. If you order an XS standard size from everywhere, you need to reconsider. When ordering from SHEIN, you need to check all the sizes properly and even size up if necessary.
  • Try to purchase products for $100 which will get you free express shipping which means you can get your order delivered the next day or within 2 days. Otherwise, Express Shipping costs around $13.00
  • Whenever you are ordering from SHEIN, make sure to look up for discount codes, promo codes, student discounts, sign up discounts, first-order discounts, etc. Although, SHEIN is super cheap, but it wouldn’t hurt our wallet if we could avail extra discounts.
  • Always check the customer reviews and ratings when purchasing a product. It influences one’s mind in a great way and helps in making decisions. SHEIN’s dresses always look wonderful on their models since they have to keep up with their business. Check original reviews by customers and the pictures they post while wearing those which will help you understand better.
  • Make sure you research about the kind of dresses and shirts you want. Sometimes you can even find a designer look-alike dress on SHEIN. The designer would be charging hundreds of dollars for a simple maxi while you can get a similar version of that dress on SHEIN under $100 or even under $50.
  • SHEIN is a good and affordable option if you want trendy and latest fashionable designs to go with the flow. You can fill your wardrobe with 5-6 summery dresses and skirts within$150-$200 from SHEIN. You can get all styles there such as flared shirts, tunics, ruffled sleeves, off-shoulder tops, etc to make your wardrobe chic and trendy.

Best Products to Buy From SHEIN

  • Skirts with stretch
  • Summery dress
  • T-shirts
  • Sweats
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Chic jumpsuits
  • Hair accessories

SHEIN doesn’t have any contact number or email. You can contact them through online chat for any query. They mostly publicize their clothes and other accessories through famous bloggers, influencers, and actresses. They give around $200 worth of clothes to these influencers for free to review them on their social platform to gain recognition.

How to Pay for Your Order

SHEIN accepts credit card payments, master cards, or PayPal. Many people prefer PayPal since it has a strong security system for its customers. You can also pay through Visa gift cards through charging a smaller amount of money in it, this way your bank information and contact number would be safe.


SHEIN has been the latest debate these months since it is a fast-online fashion store. It is the fastest and quickest e-commerce business these days. It delivers almost all over the world in around 220 countries. SHEIN has the most affordable price range with the latest trendy prints and designs.
SHEIN produces and designs every single product with the philosophy of “Everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion’’. This is their mission and motto as well. This is a bonus for our fellow fat girls who are as beautiful as any lean girl but can’t enjoy the chic and trendy dresses. SHEIN has made this possible for them as well through offering many size ranges.


Well, you should keep in mind that you get what you have paid for. Getting a dress in 20 bucks is a steal deal, however, few fabrics might not last as long you expect them. If you are looking for a few affordable dresses for one season, then go for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is SHEIN legit?
Yes, it is a legit e-commerce fashion retail store with a huge collection of clothing from infants to adults.

Q. Shopping on SHEIN is safe?
Yes, it’s safe to shop from SHEIN. If you feel like that giving your credit card and bank information is not safe, you can pay through PayPal.

Q. How much time does SHEIN take to refund?
It takes around 7 working days after receiving your return shipment. They update you on your SHEIN account so that you keep track of it.

Q. How to get SHEIN points?
You can get free SHEIN points every time you make a purchase and then save them until they are enough to redeem on your next purchase.

Q. Does SHEIN take long to deliver?
It depends upon the situation. SHEIN usually delivers within 6-17 business days. Even in this global pandemic, it’s delivering within one week.

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