Is it Safe to Sleep With an Air Purifier on

Choosing to have an air purifier in your home is a smart move. They keep unwanted particles at bay using an advanced filtration system to capture allergens and irritants in a quick and efficient manner. For those with asthma and allergies, they can be a lifeline when living in a home that gives them regular exposure to triggering particles like dust mites and pet hair.

But there are still questions left to be asked. One of the most common is, is it safe to sleep with an air purifier on? It’s a sensible thing to ask because there are some electronics that you should ensure are off while you are asleep or when unattended. Let’s delve into a little more about the air purifier and how safe it is.

Is it Safe to Sleep with Your Air Purifier on?

Yes, it is completely safe to sleep while your air purifier is on and many recommend leaving them on at all times. Your air purifier is working to clean the air in the room, making it more breathable for you as well as ensuring that common allergens are taken care of quickly. Everything from dust particles and pet dander all the way to cigarette smoke is removed.

Even if you are concerned about the electrical side of things, most models will come with an automatic shutdown feature that will come into place if it overheats or there is a power outage. This keeps both you and your air purifier safe.

It doesn’t matter if it is in your room or a child’s, it is safe both in terms of their health and also electronically. The only thing you need to worry about is cleaning the filter regularly for models that have a reusable one and changing them regularly on models with disposable filters. This ensures the best air quality.

Where Should Air Purifiers be Placed?

The room that you spend the most time in is where your air purifier should be placed, as this is where it will get the best results and clean the air most efficiently. Generally speaking, the living room and the bedroom are the most common choices.

You’ll likely find that the clean air helps you to sleep better, and the room becomes more comfortable to be in. They are usually very quiet, offering light white noise in the background while you are asleep.

Choosing a portable model of air purifier is a good choice as you can decide where it goes and play around until you get the best results. Sometimes it will be more effective in the corner of the room as opposed to the middle, and you should take time to work out which is right for you. Get air purifiers at cheap prices using amazon promo code 20 off entire order.

Why Sleep with the Air Purifier On?

You might be wondering why you would sleep with your air purifier on in the first place. After all, it is common to switch your electronics off before you head to sleep. However, switching off an air purifier goes against its purpose as a home appliance.

It’s there to purify the air and make it more breathable to help alleviate allergies and asthma. When you switch it off, it is no longer performing this task and the air is left to regain the pollutants that were filtered out during the day.

If anything, switching your air purifier off means that it will have to work twice as hard when you put it back on in the morning. Leaving it on overnight is better for your health as it means the air is being cleaned constantly – allowing you to breathe easier.

Can an Air Purifier Improve Sleeping Quality?

Yes, an air purifier can improve the quality of your sleep. Studies have shown that getting a restful night is incredibly beneficial for your health as well as your productivity and mental state. If you live in a home where the air is full of pollutants and irritants, this won’t help you.

It’s hard to get a good night of rest if you are having trouble breathing due to impure air. If you are able to breathe normally, your sleep will be less disturbed and you will end up feeling far more refreshed in the morning.

An air purifier isn’t the only thing that will help improve your sleeping habits, but it’s a massive help when you are trying to catch up on missed hours and rectify the results of restless nights. Good sleep has even been shown to improve skin conditions and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and bags – giving you more confidence and helping you maintain a healthy glow.

Can Air Purifiers Make You Sick?

Generally speaking, no, air purifiers can’t make you sick. It is only a specific type that can irritate the lungs, an ozone air purifier, and these are very rarely sold or manufactured anymore as there are much more efficient alternatives. If you have asthma or respiratory conditions, always check that you are not buying an ozone air purifier first.

What Makes an Ionizer Air Conditioner Dangerous?

The main issue with an ioniser air conditioner is the fact that it contains ozone. Not only is this harmful to the planet, but it can actually be damaging to your lung tissue. While ozone is a gas that occurs naturally, it is not one that should exist at ground level.

Naturally, ozone only exists in the stratosphere – which is basically between the Earth and space. Its existence at ground level is what causes damage to the atmosphere as well as our health. There are even some parts of the world that have warnings for high ozone levels.

Some of the side-effects of being exposed to high levels of ozone are as follows:

  • Chest pains
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath

Over time, these symptoms evolve into permanent lung damage that can cause serious restrictions to your daily life. While there are now plenty of restrictions on ionizers air purifiers, this doesn’t change the fact that long-term exposure can be damaging to your health.

While there is some debate over the effects, it is often better to be safe rather than sorry and investing in a standard ionic air purifier is your best bet.

What About Odours?

The more good news about keeping your air purifier on all night – it keeps odours at bay. This is especially the case if you have a model with a carbon filter. These are able to trap odours and neutralise them, leaving the room smelling much better and more bearable.

Cigarette smoke and pet smells are just two of the odours that air purifiers are able to get rid of, alongside body odour and cooking aromas that waft in from the kitchen. They keep your home smelling fresh, and working through the night means that this remains a constant function.

To Conclude

It is completely safe for you to sleep with your air purifier on and actually recommended that you do so. It runs consistently to protect you from allergen particles and irritants in the air, so keeping it on is the best way to ensure that it is able to do its job to the best of its ability.

They are perfectly safe devices and have the potential to help you sleep better as well as allowing you to live in a home with clean air and much-improved air quality overall. Say goodbye to sneezing thanks to dust, take a look at some snazzy new air purifiers.

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