How to Get Kohl’s Free Shipping (September, 2021)

While ordering from Kohl’s and filling your cart the one thing you would wish to have will be free shipping facility as a bonus. Don’t lie. But what if you are going to get it? Amazed, yeah down there we are going to provide you ways and tricks on how to get Kohl’s free shipping for your next order.

1. Placing an Order of a Total of $75 or More

The first and the simplest way to get Kohl’s free shipping is to fill your cart with stuff that generates a total of $75. Once you have got your things just confirm it and save yourself from an extra $8.95 for which you were hesitating to place your order. Once done get your order within 3-8 days via standard shipping.

2. Buying a Gift Card

A gift card can be a decent present for any occasion but here it serves as a hack to get free shipping on Kohls. Simply just buy yourself something that costs $25 and buy a gift card for $50, and checkout with a total cost of $75. Now you will be wondering why to do so when it cost you a total of 75 bucks as the method mentioned above? The answer is that Kohl’s offers free shipping for its Gift Cards. Not always you are going to fill up your cart with $75 things, so when your item costs less simply buy a gift card to avail free standard shipping and save yourself $8.95. Plus you can use the gift card later to gift it to someone.

3. Kohl’s Ship To Store for Free

You can now easily avoid shipping charges using a ship to store and pick your item. You will not get the order ready on the same day.

Note: Kohl’s ship to store is not applicable for all items. To make sure, scroll down the pickup and shipping sidebar and check the free ship to store.

Pickup & Kohls free shipping

4. Download Kohl’s Application

Downloading Kohl’s application has many benefits but for now we will just talk about how it provides free shipping. When you are at your local Kohl’s store but the item you want is out of stock or isn’t in your size, you can simply shop it from the app and get it delivered for free. But for this to work you should be at Kohl’s store.

Kohls App Free Shipping

5. Pick up Your Order by Yourself

If the item you ordered is available as your local store you can simply go get it by yourself. This pickup facility is available from 11 am to 7 pm local time every day. This method is time-saving as your order will be ready within 2 hours. Once your order is ready you will receive an email saying that your order is ready, and then you just have to go and collect it.

Kohls Pick up order store

6. Get a Kohl’s Charge Card and Attain Mvc Status

Though there are many reasons to get Kohl’s charge card but to get free shipping via it you have to attain the status of Most Valuable Customer. Not much you just have to spend $600 by Kohl’s charge by the end of the year to get that. Once you are an MVC you will enjoy free shipping events and additional offers and discounts throughout the year such as your birthday gift. You will receive the promo code and coupons during selective events to get free shipping.

7. Sign up for Email Alerts

You can sign up for Kohl’s email sale alerts to get 15% off on your next purchase along with email updates about sales, events, and free shipping promo codes.

8. By visiting our website

We constantly upload Kohls promo codes for major brands regarding sales, exclusive offers, free shipping, events, and much more.

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