Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide- Extraction Points, Key, Boss Locations

Escape from Tarkov is a very demanding and popular shooting video game. This game, Escape from Tarkov has many different maps full of adventures. They are the Interchange, Factory, Customs, Woods, Shoreline, The Lab, Reserve, and Hideout.

Escape From Tarkov 2021 Interchange Map Guide- Extraction Points, Key, Boss Locations

In this guide article, we would only be discussing Escape from Tarkov’s Interchange map. This will help you find the exact Location of Extraction Points, Keys location, the location of the boss. At different locations, you will be able to find weapons, ammo, chests. But the most important thing is to know where the extraction points are. With the help of knowing the extraction point, you will be able to escape with time. In the Interchange Map, there are six extraction points.

Escape From Tarkov 2021 Interchange Map

If you are well aware of exactly where to run, all the six extraction points can be easily located as they are on the different corners of Interchange Map Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov 2021 Interchange Map

This map on the above can show you different details. There are two parts to the map. The first is the parking lot on the left and the other is the huge mall area. The mall area has five extraction points whereas the parking Garage has only one extraction point.

Here Are Some Interchange Map Extraction Points

  1. Safe Room: To have this extraction point, turn on the Power switch in the Power Station. Then flush the toilet in the Burger Spot and Swipe object 11SR keypad.
  2. Scav Camp: You can only use a Scav Camp if a Scav and PMC are extracted together.
  3. Railway Exfil: This extraction point is located at the end of the railway trail and requires a lot of courage to reach it.
  4. Power Station: This extraction point is very costly and costs almost four thousand roubles for escape. It can help almost 4 PMC’s to escape at a time if they can catch the SUV located at the back.
  5. Hole in Fence: Hole in Fence requires 3000 Roubles, max 4 players.
  6. Emerson Checkpoint: This extrication point is comparatively closer to reach than the railway exfil. However, you need to be between the vehicles near tents to reach it.

These are the useful extraction points where you have to be and try to reach there safely or try reaching at the nearest one from your spawn location.

Interchange Map Boss Location

The map shown above will help you find the boss and scabs in the interchange Map of Tarkov. The boss is situated right in the center. There is Scavs spawn around in various areas. So beware of your safety when you are in the region near them.

Interchange Map Boss Location

Interchange Map Keys Location

There are a total of 9 keys on the map. It is not easy to list them all in a picture so there are different YouTube videos of players playing Escape from Tarkov for you to understand. But not all keys need to be easily found on the Interchange map.

Interchange Map Keys Location

Here is the map of all keys located in the Escape from a tarkov Interchange map. This is the screenshot to which you can refer to where you can find the keys.

Eft Interchange Map Loot Points

There are a lot of hidden loot points in the eft interchange map, however, if you are unaware of the important loot locations on the map then you might end up wasting a lot of time without being able to access the actual tools and accessories hidden in the map. In that respect, we have listed down the potential and most common Escape from Tarkov interchange map loot points :

Oil: Oil is one of the most relevant loot points on the entire interchange map eft since it has a wide collection of motors, bots, tools, and other things hidden inside it. However, if you move forward without taking any precautions then you might end up getting killed.

Techlight: This is one of the most common loot points, known by most of the players for its vast collection of weapons and tools. However, you need to carry a backpack and some weapons along with you so you can instantly collect these items without losing them.

Kiba: It is a huge gun store located inside the eft interchange. Considering it is a gun store, it has stocked up a huge collection of amazing weapons and scopes. However, looting the Kiba is extremely dangerous and risky, it might get you killed in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are the eft interchange map extraction points located?

The eft interchange map extraction points solely depend on the location of your spawn in the map and are most likely to be located on the opposite side of the page.

Q. How can I locate the exact extraction points in Interchange Tarkov?

It is extremely easy to locate the extraction points on the interchange map eft while you are in between a raid. All you need to do is press the ‘O’ button and all the available extraction points will appear along with their remaining time.

Q. How long does the eft interchange map game last?

The interchange tarkov game can last up to 55 minutes approximately.

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