10 Different Types of Bracelets You Can Opt for Daily Wear

There are numerous bracelets available in the market these days. You can spot them in the hands of celebrities and movie stars that you look up to. The truth is, they look lovely in a pair of distinctive bracelets. If you want to be as fashionable as your idols, there’s no reason not to sport a similar piece of jewelry. We have listed 10 different kinds of bracelets that are perfect daily wear choices and even you can get it at discount with amazon coupons.

1. Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are also known as bangle bracelets. These kinds of bracelets wrap around your wrist to form a circle. You can use them on the same hand you wear your watch or simply switch hands from time to time. Another excellent use for them is making little gifts for friends and loved ones who happen to have birthdays coming up soon. You can also go for personalized bracelets to make it more precious for your near ones. The good thing about cuff bangles is that you can find some in gold, silver, and even platinum! So if you want something elegant and dainty, then this may be the right choice for you.

2. Beaded Bangle Bracelet

Beaded Bangle Bracelet

A beaded bangle bracelet is made with a single strand of metal that forms a circular shape. The metallic part is then broken with gaps filled up with colorful beads and clear crystals to add more glamour. This kind of bracelet makes a subtle style statement, which will work well for daytime wear. An additional advantage of beaded bangles is that they can be easily stacked together to create multiple layers on your wrist without being too flashy. Check out some of the shungite bracelets here!

3. Bar Bracelet

Bar Bracelet

This type of bracelet comes in different styles, from wire to link chains, ribbon, or leather material as the band itself. It gets its name from the bar-shaped links (which sometimes may just be the front face). Although most popular during the 1920s, it has resurfaced several times and is especially popular today. It can be paired with other bracelets like classic cuffs, bangles, or even an anklet.

4. Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

This charming bracelet has a strand made up of different charms. The twist-lock clasp of this bracelet will stay fastened without falling off constantly. One charm that you could use on your bracelet is a heart, symbolizing love (especially romantic love). On the other hand, if you wear a single charm, it would make an excellent conversation starter for anyone who notices your simple accessory! You will most likely buy more charms to attach to your charm bracelet if you want to have a complete set. This bracelet is also known for its versatility as it can be used as an accent piece or even worn only as a bracelet itself.

5. Embellished Bracelet

Embellished Bracelet

This kind of bracelet has charms dangling from the multiple strands, which create an intricate design on the wrist. Some bracelets come without clasps and are opened by simply sliding them off or pushing them to open—these kinds of bracelets with charms attached usually come in multi-strands that hold various beads and charms together.

6. Flexible Bracelet

Flexible Bracelet

Flexible bracelets are made up of elastic material, which makes these kinds of bracelets incredibly versatile. These types of bracelets, which can be worn for formal or casual occasions, have been made of leather and plastic. Today, they are found with different materials like metal-coated rubber and even metals like silver! These kinds of bracelets come in either a single strand or several strands that wrap around the wrist.

7. Leather Bracelet

Leather Bracelet

A leather bracelet is one such accessory that you can wear daily to add to your style statement. There are many types available in the market today that have studs or beads attached to them. For an everyday look, it would be best to choose one with simple designs woven into it to not overwhelm your outfit.

Link Bracelet

A link bracelet is one of the most popular kinds of bracelets that you will find in the market. It has links or small metallic rings connected. The sizes and number of these rings can vary greatly, unlike a chain-link bracelet which has uniformity. This kind of bracelet can be adjusted to any wrist size by opening and closing with ease.

9. Plastic/Resin Bangles

Plastic:Resin Bangles

These bangles can be made of plastic, resin, or even porcelain material (though they are pretty expensive). They have an added advantage like rubber bangles in that they come in vibrant colors that compliment any outfit.

10. Stretch Bracelet

Stretch Bracelet

This bracelet has a strand that fits around the wrist and can stretch out without breaking. Its versatility, affordability, and ease of use are just characteristics that make the stretch bracelet so popular among men and women alike.

Final Verdict

The 10 different bracelets we have provided could be beneficial to you, especially if you want to spice up your accessory collection. Since these are all popular types of bracelets in the current market, the chances are that you may already own one or two; so it would be best to just upgrade and get a new strand for more exciting looks every day!

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