Best Tablets for Kids in 2021


Tablets are great for day to day use age and provide a comfortable large display to perform various tasks. With time, tablets have become a necessary need of everyone and even kids these days need a tablet for themselves. There are specific kids edition of tablets available and these tablets allow children to explore themselves. For high school students, tablets are compulsory now. In this article, we will go through some of the best options available for kid’s tablets.

1: LeapFrog LeaPad Ultimate

Leapfrog is one famous company that manufacturers accessories for kids and toddlers. There products have been hot favorites of several parents from all around the world.  The LeaPad ultimate is one excellent kid’s tablets and is designed specifically for toddlers. The toddler is age where the kids get to learn about a number of new things. This age is ideal for their growth and cannot be ignored. The LeaPad ultimate tablet has a decently sized 7 inches of screen. There are a number of built in games that are ideal for your kids. These games have been designed to let the toddlers explore to their max. These games are educational based and allow kids to learn something from them. For instance, a math’s related games allow the kids to learn about different numbers. These all games help your kid develop new skills and he gets a chance to showcase what he is capable of. The battery life of LeaPad ultimate tablet is pretty adequate as it can last for around 5 to 6 hours on continuous use age. This amount is perfect for your kids as you don’t want them to be in front of the tablet all day long.

2: Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite

 There is a specific kid’s variant of galaxy tab E lite available that is designed purely for kids. This tablet has built in games and activities that allow your child to learn something. The games provide entertainment and also let your child learn a good deed every time he plays that game. The screen quality of the Galaxy Tab E Lite kid’s edition is great. We all know how goo d smartphones and tablets Samsung manufactures. The processing power is also sufficient and your child won’t get annoyed by occasional slowdowns. Moreover, the battery life is also great and can easily last a day. Overall for its power and style, the Galaxy tab E lite is one good choice for your kids.

3: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.0 is one powerful tablet and can be an ideal tablet for kids. It has decent enough processing power to run all the kids related games and applications. The screen size is huge and Samsung’s screens are always one of the best in its class. The Samsung Galaxy Tab a 8.0 is one great choice for teens age boys and girls. As at this age they also need a tablet for their school related work and tasks. If they want to give presentation in their school, they can use this tablet. There is a dedicated apps store where productivity apps such as Microsoft office can be downloaded.  These apps will help student complete their school tasks and homework in an efficient way. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is the tablet for grown up kids as it offers some great features for its price. It has dual camera one on the back and one on the front. If your children want to learn a bit of photography skills, these cameras would help them a lot. Despite these all features, there is a parental mode in the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 that lets you set what your children should watch and perform using this tablet.

4: Apple 9.7 inches iPad

Apple 9.7 inches iPad is the Apple’s offering for the tablet option for your kids. The Apple 9.7 inches iPad runs an apple customized user interface that is relatively easy to navigate around. As from the name you can guess that this tablet has one huge 9.7 inches of screen. This screen size is one of the best in class and offers an excellent viewing experience. It also has a dedicated apps store from various types of application can be downloaded.  For high school kids, the Apple 9.7 inches iPad is an excellent choice as it also has some advanced features. The one big letdown of this tablet is its price. But for apple users the Apple 9.7 inches iPad would serve the best. There is no option of expanding the built in memory and you have to live with the on board 32 GB of storage.  32 GB is enough for school going kids and for their daily school task the Apple 9.7 inches iPad would serve them great. If the price is not an issue for you, the Apple 9.7 inches iPad is one good choice.

5:  Amazon fire 7

Amazon fire 7 is an excellent choice for those parents who are on tight budget. This tablet is for that every child who needs a tablet for his high school. The feature list of the amazon fire 7 tablet is bit limited. But on the other hand for some parents and kids it’s great as its cost less. The basic day to day features are there and various apps are already installed on the Amazon fire 7. These apps are designed to help your kid explore and learn about new things. These apps and game help your child grow his skill set and he learns something for sure each time he uses the tablet.

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