10 of the Best Robocall Blocking Apps and Tools for Avoiding Phone Spam

Who would really want to attend a call just to know that it’s a scammer or robocall ringing your phone? And besides isn’t that even a weird situation to fall into? Especially when you’re busy at your work and robocalls start calling you and selling you things you’re least interested in? And once you do pick up a single call of such type, robocallers know your number is live and active. And that’s probably the beginning of having a lot of bombarding scam or robocalls on your phone almost all the time and you’re not even sure how to stop robocalls.

But trust me, with every situation that isn’t very much welcome by anyone there is a solution too. And when it comes to the question on how to stop robocalls, there’s a huge range of robocall blocking apps out there. But in that huge variety of robocall blocking apps, there’s always some fine but not great and some best robocall blocker out there that actually work well too! So here’s a list of the best robocall blocking apps for you to try out that actually works as the best robocall blocker and allows to avoid taking spam calls again.

1. Hiya: Caller ID & Spam Blocker



The best and most accurate working app that has successfully worked for everyone by now is the Hiya: Caller ID & Spam blocker. This app simply uses a crowd sourced data that helps it to identify calls criteria when it is active. So if you’re having a spam call, robocall or any other pointless call that might not be of much use to you, then Hiya simply, identifies it for you on the screen while the call is on. This way you can save a lot of your time with just a simple app that has a number of different features for its users comfort and figuring out how to stop robocalls.

2. Nomorobo Robocall Blocking


This app works by informing and warning you about spam calls through its caller ID feature. The Nomorobo robocall blocking app work by analyzing the numbers through the white list and black list of FTC and ten analyzes the voice on the phone call if it is even a bit machine-like. And once a number is detected as spam, this robocall blocking app adds it in block mode and sends it to the voicemail.

3. RoboKiller Spam Call Blocker


This robocall blocking app obtains a “digital fingerprint” which analyzes the calls and blocks them before even appearing on your phone screen. This way you simply just have to add a number to your block list, and that’s about it. After that you’ll only receive notification of blocked spam calls and nothing more.

4. YouMail Voicemail and Spam Block


This robocall blocking app is another one of the great and effectively working apps in terms of providing you the best services of blocking spam call or robocalls. But that’s surely not al to it. Because this app doesn’t only solve the question of how to stop robocalls but also lets you to send voicemails recorded by you to the missed call numbers, you receive. Isn’t that great?

5. AT&T Call Protect

AT&T Call Protect

This robocall blocking app comes in both the free and paid version. The free version includes the feature of labeling the telemarketing and spam numbers and only blocks those that are likely to be fraud or spam calls. Other than this you can get the paid or premium version of this app which provides to you a caller ID of every call and works well in terms of providing mobile security features.

6. Verizon Call Filter

Verizon Call Filter

Verizon Call filter is another robocall blocking app that is known to be the best robocall blocker for anyone to use and void falling prey to such scam calls. The detailed features of this app that allows you to get rid of robocall include; adding spam filters, detecting spam, and also being able to report such numbers for free. Although this robocall blocking app is already built in in android phones, but you can also find it on App store for IOS devices!

7. T-Mobile Scam ID


This best robocall blocker app provides a free service to its users which has two portions in it. Firstly comes the ID portion where you can see whether an incoming call is spam or not. Other than that the other portion is the block portion. Once you’ve activated this option on your phone, you know how to stop robocalls and you can easily prevent spam calls from even reaching your phone.

8. Call Control

Call control home

Call Control app works amazing to stand out on your expectations in terms of having the features you’d want from a robocall blocking app. You can receive the accurate community-generated reports of callers and contacts, avail the caller ID feature and also block calls you don’t wish to receive. And besides all that, there’s the best part to this app and this is its wildcard blocking that can block a number by its last four digits before even showing it on your phone screen. So now you know how to stop robocalls that keep irritating.

9. Truecaller


The truecaller robocall blocking app works well in blocking the unwanted or spam numbers calls on your mobile and preventing them to appear on your phone screen. This app matches the names and numbers of the contacts in your phone’s address book and then blocks unidentified numbers.

10. Whoscall


This here is another one of the best robocall blocker that works well as a robocall blocking app, and figures out how to stop robocalls for you. Its main features include identifying if a call is from a spammer or someone unknown, so that you can figure out if you want to answer it or not. This is a great robocall blocking app that allows you to keep your privacy safe and keeps you informed whose calling you.


All the above apps are available for both Android and IOS and are known to be some of the best robocall blocker. Some of them work best as free apps too and some require a premium to provide complete features for you to utilize and help you block all spam calls.

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