Best Movie Streaming Websites in 2021

These are the best free movie streaming apps for 2020

The todays modern era has allowed people to listen to music, watch movies and other type of videos on their smartphones. This smartphone with the help of information technology has revolutionized our lives. Now people prefer watching latest movie titles on their smartphones instead of watching them in a cinema. For this purpose there are various applications available for smart devices such as android phones. In this article we we’ll go through some of the best free movie streaming websites.

1: Yido

The Yido is one popular movie streaming website where you can watch every type of movie without any issues. There is a dedicated free movies section on their official website. Under the free category of movies you can watch your favorite movies absolutely free. There is a genre filter built in on the website and by applying this filter you can select the genre you are interested in. if you want to find free movies on other websites then you can also search for them in the search bar for the website. This will directly take you to that website making it easier for your find your desired movie for free. This feature can be a con for some users as you are directed to another website for that particular movie. But, Overall Yido is rated as one of the best free movie streaming website by a lot of users.

2: YouTube

Now who isn’t familiar with this name? Almost all of us know what the YouTube platform is and what it has to offer. You can watch your favorite movies absolutely free on YouTube. Those days have gone when YouTube was used to watch funny videos only. Overs the past few years the YouTube community has grown a lot and now there is a dedicated movie section on the official website. In the movie section, you can find a number of recently released movies and their trailers. There are also some official YouTube channels which directly upload their movies on their channels. Form there you can easily watch their list of movies. The search bar always has been there on YouTube and you can directly search for your favorite movie there. The overall user interface of YouTube is also something we really liked. Even novice can roam around the website and can explore different type of videos. There is a comment section below every movie and you can share your comments there.

3: Popcornflix

The Popcornflix is another very famous online movie streaming website where you can watch your favorite movies for free. The overall user interface of the website is very user friendly and it takes no time to get familiar with this website. You can subscribe monthly for regular updates which will be sent to you through email. This service is free and keeps you updated about the website activities and which new movies have been released. Not all movies on the Popcornflix are for free but most of the famous tittles can be watched for free. Popcornflix has collection of nearly 2000 movies and all of them are available to watch. You can roam around the website and can find your favorite movie in no time. Just like many other websites the Popcornflix doesn’t require a dedicated account for watching online movies. You can directly watch your favorite movies online without the need of an account. Though through account you can keep the record of movies you’ve watched. The stock video player is also fully compatible and lets you watch movies in high resolution. There are various setting for the quality of the video which mainly depends on the speed of your internet connection. Overall, the Popcornflix website is an excellent free movie website for everyone.

4: Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

What makes the Sony crackle so good movie streaming website is its picture and sound quality. It’s owned by Sony pictures due to which their picture quality is the best in class. You can watch your favorite movies online for free in full high resolution. The stock player works well for most of the part and you even have the choice of choosing the video player for your favorite movie.  There are a number of full length movies available for you to watch for free. There is also a dedicated Sony Crackle app available on the play store which provides the same great functionality on your smartphone. One con of this website is that, you will often see ads roaming around when you watch any particular movie. As it’s a free website so we can’t ask too much.

5: Vudu

Vudu has slowly marked its name in the list of best free online movie streaming websites. There are many reasons for its success, the user interface is user friendly and straight forward plus with so many updates the website provides access to your favorite movies with the press of a click. Not many movie streaming websites allow you to watch their content in full high definition resolution. The Vudu application has some movie titles available all the way up to 1080p resolution. This is something users have really appreciated and have made Vudu one of the best free online movie streaming website. One con about the Vudu website is that it does displays add quote frequently on all free movies it streams. As it’s a free platform so you have to live with these advertisements.

6: F Movies

The F Movies is all in one free online movie streaming website that has a lot of free movies available. The great part about this website is that it also has free television shows available for you to watch. You can even download these shows or movies if you want. The overall quality is average being a free website. There are occasional ads that might appear on your movie but it’s kind of common for these free websites. There are different pre-defined categories that let you search for your favorite movie on a breeze. The user interface and the variety of movies are something to like about this website.

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