10 Top-Rated Best Mattresses of 2021

Are you ready to say goodbye to back pain and hello to deep sleep?

An average person spends around 7-8 hours in bed, sleeping after his/her hectic daily routine. Other than that, many people also spend hours in bed while chatting with their friends, reading a book, watching tv, or working on a laptop. This adds to a considerable amount of one’s life span spent on the bed while sleeping or doing other leisure activities.


As a result of this huge amount of time spent on the bed, it is important to have a good quality mattress that ensures your health and well-being. Good mattresses help you to have a deep rest and proper sleep to recharge your mind and body for your next workday.

Why Is Good Mattress Important

Poor quality and lack of sleep can contribute to certain problems like depression, poor concentration, and heart disease. It can also affect your mental health and results in road deaths. Using low-quality mattresses can make you feel uncomfortable the whole night because of your joints and pressure points. As a result, you would wake up sore and tired.

That is why good mattresses are important. They keep your posture aligned the whole night and help you to sleep in a comfortable manner. That is why you should be wise and sensible while investing in a mattress.

For the sake of your sleep and your money, here we have our 10 best picks for the right mattresses for you to sleep and spend your time in.

Best 10 Mattresses To Buy For 2020

1.Tuft & Needle Original Mattress- Queen

TUFT & NEEDLE Original Mattress

The best mattress on Amazon with 20 off amazon code, Tuft & Needle mattress is a choice of a million people to be their every night sleeping partner. Its T&N adaptative foam is comfortable for all sleeping positions and provides pressure relied on where most needed.

The Original T&N mattress, made of T&N adaptive foam helps pull the heat away with its gel beads and cooling graphite. It is 10 inches thick and is available in different sizes of Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

This mattress is a low-cost all-foam mattress and comes in a box to its customers. This mattress makes no noise and is perfect for people who can wake up with even the slightest sound. It also provides perfect support regardless of you sleeping on your back, stomach, or side. The foam has two layers of fine-tuned that gives universal comfort and helps you to distribute your body weight evenly.

Amazon customers buying this T&N get a night free trial and also a 10-year warranty. Amazon Prime members also get free shipping for this mattress. The high-grade foam used in this would last a very long time. It has an open-cell structure that keeps it clean and sanitary and away from any dust particles.

Give this mattress 72 hours to expand and then you are ready to have a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

2. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The fastest-growing e-commerce retailer in the United States by the Internet Retailer, DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is designed for every kind of sleeper whether you sleep on your side, back, or between your partner or cat. It adapts to your sleep shape with its individually wrapped coils.

This mattress contains high-quality gel-infused foam through which air can flow freely to keep the hotter air circulation out and cooler air circulating in.

Also, it is one of the best mattresses that provides support and contours your body gently, cradling your shoulders, hips, and other joints and problem areas.

It provides luxury and firm feeling and is neither too hard not too soft. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and is CertiPUR-US certified. This absence of any chemicals and dust particles ensures that the mattress is durable.

If you buy this from Amazon, it offers a 180 days trial and returns if you are not satisfied with it. Amazon gives an Everlong warranty for this mattress that is the longest in the business.
You should get this mattress for a comfortable, peaceful, and cool sleep environment.

3. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus memory foam gets the top marks for its comfort and quality with over 20,000 five star reviews. Its foam is infused with green tea that keeps it fresh and comfortable for long. It also has moisture-absorbing Activ Charcoal that adjusts the mattress according to the shape of the sleeper’s body.

Its foam is designed with a 3-inch top layer of memory foam that is followed by 2 inches of airflow enhancing comfort foam. The third layer is of Airflow High-density foam and is 3.5 inches thick and the final layer of base HD support foam of 3.5 inches. All these different layers give this foam perfect comfort with coolness and ensure that your body doesn’t sink in the mattress.

Its foam is CertiPUR US certified which means it’s free from any chemicals and is certifies for performance and durability. Amazon offers a 10-year limited warranty for this mattress and it comes in different sizes like a twin that supports a maximum weight of 250 lbs and other full, king-queen, and king California that supports 500 lbs.

Zinus Mattress is packed efficiently and compressed in a box so that its easily shipped. It expands to its original shape in 72 hours after which you can enjoy your cool, pressure relieved, and comfortable sleep.

4. Nectar Gel-Memory Foam Mattress + 2 Pillows

Nectar Gel-Memory Foam Mattress + 2 Pillows

For all those people who want their mattress to hug them and prefer slowly melting into their bed, this mattress is best suited. One of the most popular mattress brand, Nectar’s Gel-Memory foam mattress is designed to provide a high level of comfort and support to your body.

It comes along with two free Nectar Premium Pillows which allows the sleeper to sleep in any position he/she desires and enhances their level of comfort. It comes with a 180 night trial for amazon users if you are not 100% with it and has a forever warranty for as long as you own the mattress.

Nectar’s mattress has got a Tencel Cooling Cover that keeps away the sweat and moisture and make it breathable. The top 2 layers are of gel memory foam which provides comfort to the body and thermoregulation. It distributes the body weight evenly to take away the stress from sensitive parts and helps relieve the pressure points. The third layer is Adaptive High Core Memory Foam which provides quick responsiveness and bounce-back capability. The last layer provides a supportive foundation for the bed.

The mattress is certified by Certi-PUR US and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. This helps to keep the room clean. The absence of such harmful chemicals and the dust mites due to its gel foam ensures that the mattress would last for a long time. It is bed bug resistant and gives you a cool, gentle, and comfortable sleep all night long.

5. The Purple Mattress

Purple Queen Mattress

This mattress is the result of the brilliant minds and efforts of Pearce Brothers Tony and Terry Pearce, who joined forces to create innovative products 30 years ago. In 2016, they came up with this mattress which is regarded as the best in the world.

Purple Mattress provides you relief with your pressure points and pains and aligns your spine comfortably. Its comfort layer is constructed with purple’s unique “Purple Grid” which is the perfect combination of firm and soft. It provides both support and pressure relief to its sleepers and makes Purple unique from the other mattresses.

The middle layer is made of 1.8lb/ft3 PU foam and is 3.5 inches thick. The base layer is 4 inches thick and is made of 2lb/ft3 PU foam. The elastic polymer material of the upper layer enables a perfect airflow to cool down the body to the desired temperature, keeping away the sweat and moisture. The mattress also allows correct spine alignment for both back and side sleepers. This leads to perfect comfortable sleep throughout the night.

The Hyper-elastic polymer material in the mattress makes it highly durable. Those who buy the Purple Mattress on Amazon receives a 100 nights sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. The best mattress if you sleep like Goldilocks with lots of beds.

6. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla mattress is a double-sided, flippable mattress that offers two different firmness on two different sides. One side is medium-soft and the other side is firm, which is suitable for sleepers with firmness fluctuations.

Both sides of its foam are copper-infused memory foam that provides a cooler sleep and good pressure relief with great support. The copper also promotes blood flow and improves circulation in the body of its sleepers. It is also infused with Thermo Gel that prevents your body from getting too warm while you sleep.

The design of the third layer provides zoned support to the mattress so that it doesn’t sink. The mattress also minimizes motion transfer and is visibly silent. It comes with two free pillows and is ideal for a perfect night’s sleep.

7. The Casper

The Casper

The Casper 12 inch foam mattress is best regarded for lightweight sleepers with a relatively soft feel. It has been developed and tested by a team of professionals. Casper has been crowned as one of the best inventions of TIME magazine which is a great honor for this company.
This mattress is 12 inches thick and is an award-winning mattress. Its high-quality foam has got four layers that provide pressure relief, comfort, thermal regulation, full support, and motion isolation for its sleepers. The top layers provide comfort and pressure relief while base layers
provide the necessary support.

The pores of the top layer allow for airflow and high breathability that kicks away the sweat and moisture and keeps your body cool. It creates a comfortable sleep environment and provides pressure relief for the body.

Amazon offers a 100-night free trial and free return within 100 days of the purchase. Its four layers make the foam dense keeping away the dust mites and making it durable.

8. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

The pure green mattress is an eco friendly and supportive option. Its quilted cover is made of all the organic cotton and wool that provides a comfort layer. It also has a 100% natural latex foam that is made of no synthetic or polyfoam.

The mattress has multiple firmness options that are Soft (3.5), Medium (5.5), and Firm (7.5) setting to accommodate different body type sleepers and their comfort preferences. The latex offers a good comfort level for your pressure points.

Amazon offers a 30-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. A must try mattress that is a great investment.

9. Rivet Mattress

Rivet Mattress

The rivet mattress is one of the exclusively manufactured products that is sold by amazon. It is made in USA and enables you to sleep fairly cool and comfortable. This mattress also offers a strong support system.

Rivet Mattress has a 3 layer design with Cillian technology. The top layer is of LURAcor foam that offers contouring feel to your body and supports to align your spine throughout the night. It also helps to relieve pressure points.

The middle layer is made of memory foam that evenly distributes the weight of your body and gives extra contouring. The foam layers absorb motion making your sleep silent and comfortable. The Celliant fabric cover helps to absorb heat and sweat and is instantly responsive so you can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer.

The fabric cover also increases oxygen delivery to your cells for more energy the whole day. Amazon offers a 30-night trial warranty with a 10-year warranty. U.S orders also qualify for free shipping.

10. LinenSpa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

LinenSpa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

A mattress that offers excellent support and comfort, this 8-inch hybrid mattress combines hypoallergenic memory foam and innerspring mattresses for traditional support and medium-firm feel perfect for your room.

This mattress is made of a memory foam that relieves pressure and aligns your spine perfectly. The durable steel spring layer offers the bounce of a traditional mattress and gives it support to relieve your pressure points.

Linenspa mattress is available in different profiles such as medium firm 8 inch, medium 10 inches, and a plush 12 inch. A mattress is rolled and shipped in boxes and has a 10-year warranty. It has 6-inch steel coils that offer support and durability of a spring mattress.

Perfect for your kids’ bedroom so that they can sleep comfortably before their long day at school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a mattress last 20 years?

A mattress can last 20 years, however, it depends on the quality of its parts and its usage. Memory foams and latex can last up to 15 years that is much longer than innerspring mattresses.

Q. How often should you flip your mattress?

Flipping your mattress usually depends on the mattress you have, however, if your mattress is new, a good rule is to flip it after every six months. Old mattresses must be flipped more frequently like 3 months.

Q. How to choose a good mattress?

The most important factor before buying a new mattress is its firmness and support. If your mattress is too soft, your body will sink in which would cause back pain. You have to buy a mattress that is strong enough to relieve your pressure points but also firm to offer support.

Q. Which is better Foam or Spring mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are highly durable as spring mattresses often wear out due to their
springs. Foam mattresses also prevent body oils and dirt to build in.

Q. What type of mattresses is best for side sleepers?

The best type of mattresses for side sleepers include:

  • Helix Midnight
  • Nectar
  • Layla Hybrid
  • Nolah Original.

These were our best picks for the top-rated mattresses that you should buy in 2020 if you care about your sleep, back pain, and mental illness.

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