The Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (2021)

For watching a movie, any time is a good time; especially if it is a horror film. While blockbusters such as Birds of Prey and Sonic the Hedgehog are currently blazing the theatres on fire, nothing can beat a good frightening film and popcorn on a late Friday night. Viewers do not necessarily have to wait for October to indulge in horror projects. In fact, there are many science-fiction and scary movies on Netflix that can be the best choices. You can sit back and enjoy getting scared from the comfort of your sofa, thanks to Netflix’s own collection of horror films. There are many best horror movies on Netflix right now that have been the number one favorites for many viewers.

Known to genre fans, multiple horror films such as Saw, the Insidious, Dead Silence, and Annabelle, as well as other releases are some of the must-watch movies regardless of the season. The recently upcoming The Invisible Man will soon solidify the theatres as a must-see film in 2020 for many horror movie fans. Until then, watching the best horror movies on Netflix can keep you occupied. The best part is that you will not run out of scary movies as this website offers a large collection of films in this genre.

With keeping that in mind, we have put a list of the best horror movies on Netflix right now that will offer you with mind-boggling horror scenes and brilliant story-telling. There’s something for everyone from the best scary movies on Netflix collection.

Here are some of the best scary movies on Netflix right now that you need to watch:



With this project, Blumhouse Productions got their micro-budget success and reconfirmed that the studio’s previous success with 2009’s franchise starter, Paranormal, wasn’t just a fluke. The studio made a brilliant comeback with 2010’s Insidious and offered horror enthusiasts with amazing directory and plotline that complemented its every scary scene. Now, almost a decade later, this franchise has been placed as one of the best horror movies on Netflix, the biggest streaming website on the Internet.

Upon its release, this film crown James Wan’s name as one of the best horror film directors, and revamped his career achievements. Insidious features packs of roaming, fluid shots, endless amounts of jump scares tension, and nightmarish scenes that are said to keep viewers awake in the night. It is one of the rare ghost stories that use color to attract the attention of viewers and enables percussive attention. They include bright red streaks of a man with long and sharp nails. It was a fresh addition to the usual child possession and haunted house tales.

The VVitch


Rated as one of the scariest (and most beautiful) horror films in the last decade, Witch is a tale referenced from “A New England Folktale”. The world of Witch takes place in 1630s New England and follows a family that has been exiled from a Puritan plantation for being too religious. Now this family decided to live nearby the woods. Soon after they move, they notice strange things happening—like their baby getting kidnapped. Due to these strange events, the parents begin to fall further into madness, aside from the young Thomasin who tries to get it together and save her family. All in all, this film offers gorgeous and terrifying scenes that build up to an unforgettable operatic finale.

As Adam Chitwood said, this is not some typical jump-scare or masked horror film. It is even more sinister.

Train to Busan

Train to Busan

Writer-director Sang-Ho Yeon, who is well-known for his numerous projects, reward horror film enthusiasts with Train to Busan. This apocalyptic movie idealizes “zombies on a train” theme and transforms it into an action-packed, propulsive, and surprisingly emotional spin. For the zombie movie genre, this was a breath of fresh air.
Train to Busan follows the story of a businessman who is selfish and neglects his daughter when she needs his attention. Soon, the daughter begins to beg him to take her back to her mother for her birthday. Reluctantly, he boards the train to Busan with his young daughter, unknowing of the fact that the world is falling into a zombie apocalyptic chaos. One wrong step could cost the individuals in their train with not only their lives but also their consciousness.

One of the most interesting parts of this movie is that the zombies aren’t just fast; they’re infectious. Another mind-boggling part is how a group of people on this train decide to work together to save others. This fantastic cast of secondary characters took the spotlight by the storm and raised the bar for this film. Don Lee‘s character, Sang Hwa, who is a buff boxer and father-to-be that does anything to protect his family and makes the businessman realize how “selfishness is bad” at multiple scenes.



John R. Leonetti’s Annabelle is a masterpiece when it comes to horror films with satanic mentions and possessed dolls. Rivaling 1988’s Child’s Play, this movie is not something for the weak heart. The story starts with a husband and a wife, who are happily married and expecting a child. Mia, the wife, has been instructed by the doctor to stay at home until the baby is delivered. Her husband feels bad for leaving his wife alone and one day brings her a doll. He tells her that the doll’s name, as told by the previous owner, is Annabelle. Mia gets thrilled and adds the doll to her collection. However, little do they know that this doll has an underlying sinister presence that is about to unleash.


The 2010s have been a blessing to the horror and science-fiction genre and this momentum does not seem to slow down either. 2020 horror releases will offer a wide variety of horror tales that will suit to all tastes, from highly anticipated film sequels to new adaptations, there is a lot more to come and a lot more to re-watch. While multiple horror movies are scheduled to release in 2020, there are still plenty of frightening movies that will keep you company all year long. Films such as Annabelle, Insidious, Train to Busan and The Witch are some of the brilliant works that need to be watched right now. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and watch till your heart drops, literally!

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