Amazon Prime Now Whole Foods Promo Code

Amazon Prime now is simply amazing with its 2 hours of delivery. With covering over 50 cities globally, it serves as the last moment help for the ones who are in a rush on need something on an urgent basis. You can get thousands of items through prime now such as groceries, electronics, gifts, seasonal items, and etc. but here our topic of concern is Whole foods.

Whole Foods Amazon Prime

whole foods market

Since Amazon bought Whole Foods people speculated that there is going to be something awesome. And after some time that speculation turned out to be right in the form of Prime Now Whole Foods.

Basically Prime Now Whole Foods is a place to buy whole foods, fresh meat and poultry items, grocery, etc. for Amazon Prime Members. Customers can place orders from early morning to late evening 7 days a week and get their order to deliver within 2 hours with no delivery charges and within 1 hour with some charges. It delivers stock at your home and also features a pickup service at the local shop.

To check that you are in the city in which prime now delivers you have to enter your zip code in the app or website.

What Services You Can Avail at Whole Foods Being a Prime Member

Being a Prime Member has many benefits such as free movies, music, etc. but it also provides superiority to customers while shopping at Whole Foods.

One can save an extra amount of money while shopping at Whole Foods if he or she is a Prime Member. Plus Prime Member can enjoy weekly deals and discounts every week. Further you can get an extra 10 percent off on sale items excluding alcohol.

You can get your stuff delivered for free and via fast delivery.

With Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card you can get 5% back at whole foods and

Prime Members get fresh food, produce, meat, and much more everyday stuff, delivered to their addresses.
Prime Members can get everyday products in everyday pack sizes from Prime Pantry with free delivery on all Prime Pantry orders above 35 dollars.

If you are a Prime Member then you can shop with your voice with the help of Alexa.

Amazon Prime Now Whole Foods Promo Code and Coupons

With all that offers and discounts and free delivery services, the last thing one would crave is promo code. Amazon provides many discounts to prime members but also releases exclusive promo codes timely to allow its users to save more.

To check those Promo Codes you can simply browse your way to our website as we keep updated promo codes and coupons for many brands. You can also check it on amazon or sign up with your email.

Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery

You can get anything delivered from the website or your local stores within 2 hours without any charges. If you want your stuff faster, then you can choose a 1-hour delivery option. It will cost you charges according to your order’s subtotal

Amazon Prime Whole Foods Pickup In Store

Amazon whole foods pickup

If you want to go and get your stuff from the store you can avail the faculty of whole foods pick up in-store. Just select pickup option while ordering via prime now app and then go to your local store, park your car in designated space and get your stuff in your trunk within minutes.

There are two types of whole foods pickups that amazon offer. If your order is above 35 dollars then you can enjoy free pickup within 1 hour after checkout. If you want things urgently then you can pick your order within 30 minutes after checkout which will cost you pick up fee.

Amazon Prime Whole Foods Pick Up at Lockers

Amazon hub locker

You can select your locker location as your delivery location while checkout to deliver your order at your self-service kiosk. Once delivered you can pick it up with ease. Lockers are good to pick up options if you are not in a hurry to get your order, plus they don’t cost additional fees and comes handy in return procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1.What is Prime Now?

Prime Now is an amazon delivery firm that delivers orders within 2 hours for free and within 1 hour with shipping fees.

Q2.What does Prime Now sell?

You can buy anything from Prime Now such as grocery, electronics, gifts, seasonal stuff, and much more.

Q3.Who can avail services of Prime Now?

Only Prime Members can avail services of Prime Now.

Q4.How to Order whole foods from Amazon Prime Now?

You can enter your zip code, then shop as you do on amazon from prime now or a local store, then checkout using amazon prime account and your local courier services will deliver at your door. You also have the facility to go and pick up your order from a local store after ordering it.

Q5. Where will Prime Now Deliver?

Prime Now delivers in more than 50 cities across the globe. To check your city you have to enter your zip code. For your convenience we have listed the cities in which prime now delivers.

Q6.How to avail Amazon whole foods pick up?

You can avail pick up service at your local store by selecting pick up option while checkout.

Q7.When you can avail services of Prime Now?

From Monday to Sunday from early morning to late evening you can place your order and get it delivered. You should place your order 2 hours before closing time to get it delivered the same day.

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