What Is An Air Fryer? How Does An Air Fryer Work?

What would you say if I told you these words? “You need an air fryer!”

We bet you could answer, “What is an air fryer?” You would not be alone in that fryer’s confirm answer!

Slowly but surely, the electronic fryer is crossing the waters (they are much more commonly found in Europe and Australia!) And we are not only going to tell you WHAT they are, but why you could (or not!) Need to run and get one yourself!

Best Air Fryers To Buy in 2020

1. COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8


2. Ninja Air Fryer

3. Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer

4. Yedi Total Package Air Fryer

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

The main premise behind fryers in electronic air heaters 21 is very similar in concept to a convection oven or even a turbo grill, although the fryers differ slightly from both appliances.

Convection ovens and turbo broilers depend on different heating methods and are often larger and bulky appliances on the kitchen counter.

Do Fryers Really Work?

An air fryer uses what Philips has patented as “Fast Air Technology,” and what this means is that hot air circulates very, very fast around any food you are cooking, and in doing so, cooks the food evenly. In addition, it gives a “fried” feeling and taste, without actually having to “fry” anything.

How does an air fryer differ from a convection oven or a turbocharger?
Any smart consumer (and you know we mean people like you doing your research!) You will find many reviews that ask the main question; “How is an air fryer different from a convection oven or a turbo grill?”

Our answer is: “Not too much.”

But, enough that it is worth investigating and buying on its own unique merits.

It is true that a convection oven circulates superheating air around what you are cooking, but there are very few portable / smaller-sized convection ovens, and usually, only the most expensive ones have a fan that circulates the air more evenly, fry with little oil as is what happens in a fryer

A turbo grill usually works using infrared/halogen light heat. Because it is radiant heat, it travels through the pot and vice only rises as it does in a convection oven.

The fryer uses an ingenious combination of both methods, not only convection because heat circulates everywhere (vice rising to the top) through the fan, and not through the turbo because there is (typically) no heating element in the top of a fryer from which the heat comes out. The deep fryers use electric power to create their deep fryers. A lot of power!

Characteristics of Air Fryers

Fryers in the market today vary in many of the features they offer. In general terms, halogen oven opinions fryers have the same right to fame: to offer consumers the same flavor and texture of traditionally “fried” foods but using a fraction (if any) of the oil used by traditional fryers.

This not only makes them healthy for the heart but also prevents many of the burns that normally occur when it comes to getting the perfect fried potato or fried chicken.

Most fryers offer a variety of cooking methods, and some have pre-programmed settings for cooking different types of food: meat, shrimp, chicken, cakes, Pastry?

Yes, cakes! An advantage of being similar in concept to a convection oven is to be able to ‘bake’ in an air fryer, but without needing the time you would normally need to use a normal oven (or even a faster convection oven!).

Baking in an air fryer often requires a separate baking sheet, and currently, there are only two on the market that offer this accessory (Philips and GoWiseUSA).

In addition, some of the fryers promote their multiple cooking functionality by offering a fairly cavernous kitchen space compared to their competing air fryers, and this allows similar fryers for the consumer to use these fryers for a greater number of people than the fryer. standard air in the market. Quite nice.

Why Do You Want an Air Fryer?

There are some quite surprising reasons to have a fryer today. Although they try to isolate themselves as “oil-free” fryers, most fryers have a lot of versatility in what they can use and offer quick and easy options for today’s busy family looking to cook in a healthier way.

Fryers offer a reheating option that most broilers do not have and are not as bulky as most convection ovens.

The growing concerns about electromagnetic radiation in microwave ovens are sending more and more consumers looking for better ways to cook meals quickly (and deliciously) for their families, and an air fryer definitely meets that demand.

BUT … there are some things to consider before going to Gung-ho! The convenience and delicacy that these babies can provide can cost a penny.

The industry leader, Philips, manufactures some different lines of air fryers, and they are definitely the best at the price level. Most consumers who buy on the Philips line initially shudder at the price, but say they would not buy anything else, so they should feel value.

However, there is a couple in the market that offers similar options to Philips lines, and at significantly reduced prices, so the price does not have to be a problem.

Initially, the use of an air fryer will require some frying Jim spares some experimentation since regular cooking times for food do not apply and you will want to make sure you don’t cook too much (or less!).

Another consideration is capacity. If you are looking to feed a family of four or more people, unless you get a fryer that has the functionality of multiple cooking (and a couple in the market does), you will probably find that you will cook the food in batches, or end up disappointed in How much you can cook at the same time.

Most fryers are ideal for one or two people, maybe three people (who eat lightly!) Or for snacks, etc., but they are not necessarily the ideal appliance for complete family dishes.

But in the end…
We have to admit. We like air fryers, we really do. We like the concept of cooking, and we are not worried that it is “too similar” to a portable convection oven because the oil-free home fry shop actually is that most convection ovens do not offer the full fast air technology that the fryers and they are certainly not as convenient or as portable.

In addition, convection ovens fail miserably where air fryers stand out, and that is to provide delicious meals that are traditionally only delicious because they have been fried in tons of oil. Fryers offer fast and healthy meals and are extremely competitive when comparing ‘fried’ foods in an air fryer versus those that are conventionally fried.

It is true that there is a price tag for this delicious convenience, but we believe there are enough good brands on the market that allow you to experience the value of a deep fryer without losing your shirt.

You may not have known that you needed an air fryer, but we are willing to be once you have it, you will wonder what you did without it!

So How Does an Air Fryer Work? Step by Step

Air fryers are basically a small and turbocharged convection cooker for your kitchen counter. Quickly circulates hot air between food to cook quickly.

While the oil-free fryer has a removable basket like a fryer, instead of putting the food in hot oil, the food in the basket is cooked by the heat of the air circulating around it.

As a professional in recipe preparation and food production, I am not afraid of frying. But I appreciate any method that lets me eat healthier versions of nutritious foods.

When I was lucky to try a Krups air fryer, I used all my skills.

I tried to prepare a variety of foods and components of the week’s food and foods that are normally fried to see where the fryer works best, and where it sinks.

What Works Best in an Air Fryer

Muffins are, by far, the best things to cook in an air fryer. I analyzed both homemade chicken nuggets battered with traditional flour, egg, and panko, as well as chilled chicken nuggets directly from the bag.

The two versions were cooked until a final crisp in less than fifteen minutes. The homemade chicken pieces remained moist and tender in their crispy cape. It impresses me…

I was so amazed at the homemade snacks that I tried the same technique with homemade breaded zucchini sticks.

And the result was so tasty. They became brown and crispy, without any soaking or dripping.

Air fryers also stand out in the heating of food already baked or fried in the air. It is an easy and quick way to give life to the chicken chops whose batter has softened after a night in the fridge, that handful of chips that you have brought home from dinner or even a few hot dogs in an instant.

It will not take as long as the microwave, but it will taste much better to creak the layer again.

In the air fryer I followed the instructions to prepare homemade fries, which are the same as those that I prepare my fries to roast in the oven or fry them in the oven – slicing, soaking in cold water so that there are no excesses of starch, and pat them dry before mixing with a dash of oil.

In the end, the outcome was almost equal to that of the roasted fries in the oven. The potatoes were kept almost raw and translucent for almost all the cooking time of 25 minutes, and it was necessary to stir them regularly to cook evenly.

Unless a programmer was put in the oven and the potato chips were checked in 30 minutes, this was not a “put and forget” process.

Frozen fries got better grades in the air fryer, crunching more evenly because they have already been partially cooked and coated with a tempting seasoning.

They needed fewer movements of the basket to ensure uniform cooking.

In the same way, Brussels sprouts fried in the air did not improve in leaps and bounds with respect to traditional baking. The shoots are cut in half and slightly stirred in olive oil, just like cooking them in the oven, they crack and burn on the edges, although they dry a little in the intense heat of the outdoor fryer for me taste.

As the air fryer is built, it is not suitable for effectively cooking the battered food in the dough. The liquid drips through the basket and into the bottom of the fryer, making a mess.

Therefore, if you like squid shrimp, tempura shrimp or butter-fried chicken, you will have to follow the traditional method.

If you dream of serving wings or chips for a large number of people, the size of the air fryer can ruin your plans. Although the manual says that it is capable of making up to a kilo of food at a time, the fryer works best when there is only one tray of food in its basket.

On the other hand, with an average of 15-20 minutes of cooking time for a basket of fried food, a certain waiting time will occur.

Fried food is a delight for many. We are not talking about the one we find in many places with a considerable excess of oil, no. We refer to perfectly made croquettes, creamy inside and crispy on the outside. To those chips, golden and at the point that is the perfect companion of any meal. Or some squid that will be the protagonists of a delicious sandwich. And to many other dishes that, after going through the fryer, are a delight.

And nowadays there are hot or oil-free air fryers. These use a single tablespoon of oil or take advantage of the fat of the food itself, whether fresh or frozen, and the result closely resembles what we would achieve by dipping the food in abundant oil.

Oil Fryers

The most common fryers or those that are most seen in homes use the oil for frying. The bucket is filled with it and when it reaches an optimum temperature (between 150ºC and 190ºC) the food is introduced into the basket to immerse them in the oil. Once done, they are golden and crispy.

Does It Compensate a Fryer?

Fewer burns: The risk of burning with oil is less than with a pan.

Cleaning: It is not necessary to clean it every time you use it. You can leave the oil inside and reuse it several times as long as you don’t mix types of food. In addition, some fryers include systems that help keep the oil clean longer.

They are very easy to use: You will find a power button, the temperature regulator and little else.

Better frying: The result of the frying is much more uniform and homogeneous, since the whole product is submerged under the oil without problem and is done at the same time.

Speed: Depending on the capacity, you can fry an important amount of food at once and in a very short time if the temperature is adequate.

Tips for Buying a Fryer

These are the points you should consider before making the purchase of an immersion fryer or oil to get it right and take the best option to use:

Power: A higher power, less cooking time. Although consumption will also vary.

Capacity: How many do you usually cook at home? Rate it before making the purchase. In the case of oil fryers, the capacity is measured in liters. 1 liter is perfect for one or two people and there are up to 4 liters, which for large families go very well.

Size: Actually, the size is directly linked to the capacity of the fryer. But you must take it into account when thinking about where you can place it or store it in your kitchen. A larger capacity, larger size.

Material: You will find them in stainless steel, with a more professional or industrial look, and with a plastic exterior.

Temperature control: Important that it is adjustable, since there is an ideal temperature for each type of food. Vegetables and seafood are prepared at 150 ° C; fish or meat at 170ºC and potatoes or croquettes at 190ºC, which is usually the maximum temperature in domestic fryers.

Cleaning: Look at the material, where it can be easily cleaned, etc. Even some designs are “anti-fingerprints”, which is an important detail when the footprints bother us.
Some recommended fryers

The market is full of options that try to meet the needs that anyone may have. Whether for the kitchen of a large family or for a couple, there is a fryer for them.

1. Princess 183123 Double Fryer

It is a Princess 183123 double fryer , 2×3 liters capacity, which makes it ideal for large families. Being separate cuvettes, very different foods with different temperatures can be prepared simultaneously. It has a safety filter so that bubbles do not form or oil leaks.

In addition, thanks to its cold zone crumbs or debris that may fall to the bottom do not burn, while its filter keeps the oil clean. It is also removable, which makes cleaning much easier. It can even be washed in the dishwasher.

It works with 1800 W, so the oil heats up quickly and the temperature is adjustable.

2. Cecotec CleanFry Fryer


The Cecotec CleanFry fryer has 3 liters of capacity and includes under the resistance the OilCleaner filter, thanks to which the oil is kept clean after each use. It can be extracted and thus remove the remains that accumulate in the oil.

The tray is removable and dishwasher safe. This model comes with a steel lid with anti-odor filter and with a small built-in window to monitor the inside of the fryer while it is running.

The temperature is adjustable up to 190ºC and works with 2000 W of power.

3. Taurus Professional

Taurus Professional

Its stainless steel body makes this fryer modern and striking without losing its great utility. The Taurus Professional 2 has 2 liters of capacity, which makes it perfect for small families (in a fryer of this size you can fry 800 g of potatoes or 10 croquettes, so you can get an idea).

It is completely removable so that it can be introduced into the dishwasher and easily cleaned.

Its power is 1700 W and has a temperature regulator. As a detail to take into account, it is an appliance of energy efficiency class A ++.

4. Tristar FR-6941

Tristar FR-6941

The Tristar FR-6941 model has a capacity for 1.5 liters of oil, which makes it a great option for couples or people living alone. Even for those who are not going to give it too much use but want to have a deep fryer at home, since being compact, it is very easy to find a place to store it, something that also facilitates its retractable handle.

Its removable cover contains a filter that prevents odors and has a window to see inside. Your thermostat is adjustable.

In addition, its base is non-slip, has handles to handle it better and the interior is non-stick.

Hot Air Fryers

They are not yet seen in many homes but, thanks to the growing concern about what we eat and how we prepare it, every time you hear more about them. If you still do not know them and you are considering buying a hot air or oil-free fryer, these are all the keys you should know.

Advantages of a Hot Air Fryer

Healthier food: By not using oil for frying, the calories in the dish we prepare will be lower than if we prepare it with an immersion fryer.

Lower energy expenditure: Cooking with an oil-free fryer is similar to cooking in the oven since it uses rapid hot air circulation.

If we compare the energy expenditure of an oven versus that of a hot air fryer, the latter consumes much less.

Cleaning: If using a traditional fryer already helps us in the matter of cleaning with respect to a pan, the hot air fryers are even more comfortable and simple to clean. Even if they do not generate odors, so it is a point to consider.

Comfort: It is not necessary to monitor the fryer while cooking and many have a timer, so you can put them to work and spend that time in another activity.

Safety: There is no possibility that we will burn from an oil splash.

What You Should Check Before Buying an Oil-Free Fryer

Power: The cooking time of a hot air fryer is longer than with a traditional fryer. That is why power is important. The higher, the more we reduce the time. There are from 800 W to 2000 W.

Capacity: In the case of oil-free fryers, the capacities that are usually seen range from 1 liter to 5 liters. As a reference, 1 liter gives to prepare two portions, something that is good for couples or those who cook only for one; and 5 liters are five or six portions, ideal for large families.

Size: The larger the capacity of the fryer, the larger it will be. We must take into account where we can store this appliance because the size will be a factor to consider although they are usually smaller than oil fryers.

Available cooking functions: This small appliance can also bake, toast, roast or cook. It depends on the brand and the model, so you should study before if you are worth having these extra functions.

Temperature regulator: It is important that you have it to change the temperature according to what we want to prepare.

Timer: If you want to not worry about cooking, get a model that has a timer. This will notify you once the optimal cooking time has elapsed.

Best Hot Air Fryer Models 2020

And once we have reached this point, we will show you some of the hot air fryers best valued by consumers and with higher sales:

1. Tefal Actifry YV960120

The Tefal Actifry YV960120 model has two separate cooking zones, so two different dishes can be prepared at the same time. 1.5 liter capacity and fry only using a tablespoon of oil. It contains a spatula that automatically removes food inside.

It has an intelligent timer that stops cooking at the perfect time and its non-stick ceramic coating will allow you to wash your pieces in the dishwasher. It also includes two measuring spoons for oil and salt.

And as a very interesting detail, you should know that it has its own application that includes recipes with all the details so you can prepare them with this fryer.

2. Princess 182020 Digital Aerofryer


With the Princess 182020 Digital Aerofryer model, you can fry, bake, broil and toast. If you are not sure of the temperature or the time you need to cook any food, you can use its preprogrammed settings with the most common recipes. So with a couple of clicks on your screen, cooking will begin.

Thanks to the hot air circulating at high speed you need only a few drops of oil and in some recipes nothing. It has protection against overheating, non-slip feet to prevent falls and its interior is non-stick to facilitate cleaning.

Its capacity is 3.2 liters, so for families of four or even five members it is perfect. And as for its power, it works with 1500 W.

3. Aicok Model

Aicok model

The Aicok model has a capacity of 3.5 liters, so that to make large quantities is very good. Its interior is made of stainless steel, which makes it reach the optimum temperature faster. And the removable inner basket can be washed in the dishwasher.

With its timer you can not worry, since it will notify you once the cooking is finished. It is also possible to choose the temperature up to 200ºC. And it is possible to fry, roast and bake.

4. Turbo CecoFry 4D


Cecotec incorporates a novelty in its Turbo CecoFry 4D model, and it is the possibility of choosing heat up, down or 360º, which makes this small appliance a mixture of fryer and oven that makes it very attractive.

With it, you can do almost everything thanks to its eight pre-configured programs: Saute, toast, fries, oven, manual, pan, rice and yogurt. The temperature is adjustable, has a timer, its bucket has a capacity of 3 liters and uses 1350 W of power.

It also includes a shovel that automatically removes what we cook and it is possible to cook two dishes at the same time. From the same brand, we can find many accessories for this fryer that will help us prepare even more dishes, such as the special flat tray for pizzas.

We hope you now have a clearer idea of ​​the differences between an oil fryer and a hot air fryer, and that you have a clearer choice. In any case, you will surely enjoy every dish you prepare with them.

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