Subnautica Aurora Codes (Updated Aurora Door Codes List)

Well, who doesn’t like a good action video game? Subnautica is one of the most loved spacecraft survival video games that has attracted players due to its unique story and difficulty level. Here is a complete guide on Subnautica aurora door codes and how you can use these Subnautica Aurora codes to win hidden accessories inside the Aurora.

Let’s start by introducing what the game is all about. Subnautica is a new survival video game that is based on the theme of outer space, where a spacecraft named Aurora has crushed and is destroyed completely. However, it has plenty of special accessories and items hidden inside it, which is also the main focus of this video game.

The player rummages through the destroyed Aurora looking for items that will aid them in their survival. But, it is extremely difficult for the scavenger to enter into this hazardous spacecraft because of several reasons. If the player enters inside without any precautions they are destroyed and dies! Interesting, right?

Through this article, we will help learn several amazing Subnautica codes that will help you in entering Aurora much more easily compared to others. Read this complete article to get to know these recently updated Aurora door codes and master yourself in the game with the help of these.

Everything You’ll Need Before Entering the Aurora

The Aurora cannot be explored anytime you want to. To scavenge through the Aurora, it is extremely important to note that the Aurora must be crashed completely, which takes a couple of days. You need to keep a check on when does the Aurora destroys, take advantage of the moment and enter.

However, even after it has been crushed it is very dangerous to enter the hazardous Aurora without any precautions. For that you need to collect some of these items before the Aurora crashes, so you can use them to enter the Aurora without getting destroyed.

These are some of the items you will need to collect while waiting for the Aurora to crash so you can enter fearlessly:

  • Radiation Suit: Since the environment inside the Aurora is extremely dangerous, you need to have a radiation suit to protect yourself from the radiations inside the Aurora and approach it.
  • Repair Tool: When you enter the Aurora in Subnautica, you will find the drive room and several broken doors that need to be repaired before moving forward. For that, you will need a repair tool.
  • Statis Rifle: To prevent yourself from being killed and fighting against creatures like Bleeders, Crave crawlers, and others you need to have this rifle.
  • Laser Cutter: When you enter the Aurora, you will many doors in your way, in that case, you need a laser cutter to stop them from blocking your way.
  • A Seaglide: To prevent yourself from getting lost in the complicated area of Aurora, you need this to navigate your way in and out of the spacecraft.
  • Propulsion Cannon: Aids in removing the crates or any barriers blocking your way or for self-defense against the Bleeders.

After you get your hands on these accessories, the scavenger is ready to explore the Aurora once it has crashed and collected the valuable goodies hidden inside the spacecraft.

Subnautica Door Codes

Once you have entered the Aurora in Subnautica, you will come across several doors that are hard to open and will come between you and those amazing goodies you wish to get your hands on. For that purpose, Aurora codes can be used to open these doors without any problem and help you get through them. Here is the list of all the amazing Aurora door codes that will give you an upper hand over other players:

  • Subnautica cabin 1 code: Use the Subnautica door code 1869 to access Cabin 1.
  • Subnautica captain’s quarter’s code: Use this Aurora door code 2679 to access the captain’s quarters.
  • Subnautica codes for Lab Access: Copy and use this Subnautica aurora code 6483 to access the lab.
  • Subnautica codes for Cargo Bay: Use this Subnautica door code 1454 to pass the cargo bay.
  • Subnautica codes for Robotics Bay: Use this Aurora door code 6666 to access Robotics bay in Aurora.

These are all the necessary Subnautica Aurora codes you needed to know before entering into the Aurora. Now you can easily scavenge through the spacecraft and win those amazing gifts by finding them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I redeem the Subnautica door codes?

Redeeming these Subnautica Aurora codes is extremely simple and easy to do. As soon as the scavenger approaches the gate they wish to unlock, they just need to point to the control panel and enter the specific Subnautica door codes to wish to use. As soon as you have entered the command keys, the codes are redeemed and doors are unlocked for you.

Q. Can I use expired Aurora door codes?

Although the expired Aurora door codes cannot be redeemed in most cases, however, they do work sometimes. You can input these expired Subnautica door codes to check if they work. Who knows you might be able to redeem them!

Q. When can I enter the Aurora in Subnautica?

You can only enter the Aurora if the Aurora explores and gets destroyed. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get in and explore. Until the Aurora explodes you can prepare to enter the Aurora by collecting the necessary accessories so you can survive longer.

Q. What are the best Subnautica codes that will help me enter the Captain’s quarters easily?

To enter the Captain’s quarter’s use the Subnautica captain’s quarter’s code 2679 as mentioned above along with other amazing Aurora door codes and easily explore the quarter’s.

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