How to Get a Netflix Student Discount?

Netflix is a vast platform and has many genres in it. That includes movies, tv shows, podcasts, and ted talks. Netflix is one of the largest streaming platforms on social media right now. Nowadays, Netflix is the main interest of the growing youth, which includes children, adults. They now get addicted to Netflix to release stress and have a good day. Many people chose to spend their quality time watching Netflix.

Netflix student discount is a must for those who get bored of their college or their university. As they might need somethings to take a break from. Netflix student discount offers many features in their app. You can download the Netflix app on your mobile phones or your laptop or computers. Netflix feels home when you have your favorite movies and web series to watch on it. The premium subscription from Netflix might get a little out of budget or expensive for you to pay. Students are always trying to save up their money to pay for Netflix’s subscription.

Does Netflix Really Offer a Student Discount for Their Users?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Many people or you can say many Netflix users are unaware that if Netflix offers a student discount for now to their users. This vast platform doesn’t have an option for the students yet. Many of the young youth, which means the school going, college-going kids, and the university kids would love to have a student discount from Netflix but unfortunately, it does not offer any.

Does Netflix Discount for Students Really Exist?

And because of Netflix being expensive, many kids are not able to watch their favorite shows. A student discount might help many kids in order to pay their subscription. However, Netflix should check up on giving a student discount to college kids. But for now, there is no plan from Netflix related to any student discount.

How to Get Netflix Free Trials?

The steps to get Netflix free trials are very easy. However, the free trials are a blessing to survive especially when the lockdown because of COVID 19 occurred. This free trial lasts up to 30 days. Many people use virtual credit cards and to protect Netflix from such violations, they are always updating their software.

There are some easiest ways through which you can get quality entertainment for free. Those ways are:

Firstly, you have to start your phone or your computer on which you are about to watch your Netflix. If you are a new user and when you sign up with Netflix, you will get your Netflix free for 30 days. And if you wish to end your subscription without paying any money from your credit card, you have to cancel it within 30 days. Else a certain fixed Netflix payment would get deducted from your credit card.


Then, click the try it now options on Netflix to start your free trial watch. You can create a new account by filling in a new user name and a new password for it. It will then next take you to the subscription page on the site.

Then, you have to select a plan according to your need and the one you could afford. Because if you are a student, you would not be able to pay the premium subscription for a long time as it may get heavy on your pocket. So while selecting any of the plans, do go for the one that you could pay for on time. Use a password that is only known to you, as security is the priority by Netflix.


Does Netflix Have Student Discounts?

If you want to get a student discount from Netflix, you have to fill certain areas. Details about your working payment. The payment methods that Netflix accept are PayPal and credit cards for now only.


The confirmation of getting a new Netflix account might come to the email address that you will be adding with the requirements. And it’s done. Then you can enjoy your shows and you will then have a new Netflix account.

Can I Have Multiple Free Trials?

To have multiple free trials you must know some tricks that you have to apply while getting multiple free trials from Netflix. This will then help you in making more than one account on Netflix and enjoy your free trials.

Firstly, you should have multiple credit cards. So that once you apply for a certain credit card, you would not be able to apply for another credit card or you would not be able to make a new account for Netflix. To get multiple free trials, you have to place a new card detail on the payment method in order to get multiple free trials on Netflix.

Second option is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for making a new account every time. Using a virtual private network would help you not trace your location every time you will make a new account.

Through these 2 ways, you would be able to get multiple free trials by Netflix. But sometimes using multiple cards or Virtual Private Network can get out of hand too.

Tips to Reduce Your Netflix Cost

We understand that life as a student is extreme. You need to go to various classes and manage a limited spending plan.

Moreover, unlimited streaming access to Netflix can cost you approximately $7.99/month. It gets significantly harder to purchase a membership plan like this with a, particularly restricted spending plan. But if you learn to access Netflix much more technically, you can save up to $72 per year on your subscriptions. Here are some of the tips you can follow to reduce your subscription cost:

1. Go for a Basic Netflix Subscription Plan

Whether you are alone or you have other people with you, always try to go for the Basic subscription plan. The basic plan costs you less than the other available options and trusts me you’ll be able to access almost all of the options that are available otherwise. The video quality is lower yet amazing and you can also get subtitles for yourself. Except for the option of screen sharing you can avail of all the available options.

2. Make Good use of the Netflix Trial Version

Netflix gives a free 30 day trial period to everyone signing up for their account. Make good use of this free 30 day trial period because they won’t charge you a single penny throughout this period. Use different emails to create several Netflix accounts, use the 30 day trial, and cancel your subscription at the end of the month. Make sure to have several email ids and payment accounts for every account you make.

3. Take Account from Online Netflix Dealers

There are many social media platforms where you can find Netflix accounts of your choice at a much lower rate compared to the usual prices. You can share accounts as per your preferences by keeping in touch with these online Netflix dealers. Keep yourself updated on social media so you can grab the offers as soon as they are offered.

4. Use Gift Cards To Pay For Your Netflix Subscriptions

Instead of paying a huge amount of cash you can use Google play gift cards or AMEX gift vouchers to pay for your monthly subscriptions or you can even buy Netflix gift cards at a much cheaper rate. After you have got the gift vouchers, you simply need to change your payment method. To do so:

  • Log in to your Netflix account.
  • Go to Manage Profiles > Change payment method
  • Here change your payment method from cash or credit card to gift vouchers.
  • Use the coupon number on your gift voucher to pay for your Netflix subscription.

Make sure to use the gift cards as soon as you receive them because they expire quite early and will not be eligible after their expiry date.

5. Split your Bills

It is advisable for the premium account users or those subscribers who share their accounts among their friends to split up your bill among yourselves. Since there are no actual discounts available for Netflix, it is efficient to split your subscription fees among the total number of users.

6. Switch to Other Alternatives

Being a student is difficult and we understand that you might not have enough money to pay for your Netflix subscriptions every month. Instead of spending all of your money and going bankrupt you can either switch to free movie streaming sites like Crackle where you can find almost all of the available content without spending a single penny or you can also switch to other Netflix alternatives that provide student discounts like Amazon Prime student discount, YouTube premium, CBS all access, HBO Now, and many more.

Are There Any Alternatives for Netflix?

Yes, there are many alternatives except for Netflix. The alternatives are also very popular such as Hulu, Amazon, and many others but no one of them seems attracted by the people. Netflix is the most favorite of many users these days and they prefer Netflix more than any other alternative. But, as a student, Netflix seems more expensive and these alternatives are the only lifesavers these days. Until the student discount of Netflix works.

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