Coffee Stain Removal (Natural Hacks)

Are you a coffee lover? If yes then you must have gone through problems of your coffee getting a big stain on your shirt especially when you are in a hurry, drinking your coffee and it gets on your shirt. Sometimes it’s stressful yet the other times it could turn you into anger. The only thing that you would love about this coffee stain is the smell of coffee because nobody would ever like a stain full shirt to wear.

There are different natural hacks used by people in order to remove coffee stains, and surprisingly coffee stains are the easiest to remove if you know the right way to do so. You could even use an egg to remove your coffee stain. However, we recommend you choose something nonchemical so that it would not be harmful or leave any side effect on your shirt.

If you are looking for some amazing coffee stain removal hacks, you are on the right page to find those. Here you will find every hack or remedy that you would need in order to remove a coffee stain. Bookmark our page to get more and different hacks like these because sometimes these hacks are lifesavers.

What to Do With the Stain?

  • You have to be very gentle when there is a coffee stain on your shirt. Do not rub it eagerly or roughly else your shirt can get damaged.
  • Always blot your stain first. Be careful while starting it from outside. And then make your way towards to center of the stain.
  • If you want to soak that stained area in cold water, go for it. It helps in the removal of stains very quickly.
  • Pre-treat your stain if it’s an older one and not a fresh one.

Is White Vinegar Helpful to Remove a Coffee Stain?

One of the most recommended hack to remove a coffee stain is to use white vinegar. A dash of white vinegar can be used as a cleaning product. This hack to use a dash of vinegar is very safe and helps to prevent any damage. If you are looking for a gentle cleanser to remove your coffee stain, white vinegar is the best option to go for.

Before Using Any Hack, Always Test the Cleaning Solution First

There are many cleaners that are already tested by the companies that make them. Those chemical cleaners could sometimes affect your shirt or could damage it if you try to use them in order to remove a coffee stain. So before trying any chemical cleaner or any natural cleaner do test them first.

There are many different kinds of natural cleaners too that these days people use instead of using a chemical one that could destroy your clothing. Some of them are as followed.

Beer: Sometimes, beer could be a lifesaver in order to remove a stain from your carpet. However, getting one bear would not be a waste of money if you do not drink it. Pour a little bear on the carpet and blot it gently on it. You have to repeat this process a few times and the stain would get vanished itself.

Salt: Salt as a cleaning solution could be used on mugs, carpets, and clothes. You have to just sprinkle some salt over it. Let the salt soak into it. Rinse and repeat the process. You will see a positive result soon.

Lemon juice: Using lemon juice is a very simple step to do. You have to pour the lemon juice on the stain and rest it for 10 mins. Gently rub it than with a cloth. Then rinse it, clean, and repeat the process.

Baby powder: Baby powder is similar to baking soda. Apply an article of light clothing on the area when you add the baby powder. Leave it for 10 mins, and brush it off once it starts to soak the powder. The stain will be gone then.

Toothpaste: It is very shocking that toothpaste could also be used to remove a coffee stain. Take an old toothbrush and apply toothpaste with it. And repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Natural Soap: Soap is the most effective way to remove a stain. Take a bar of soap, wet it, and then apply it to the stained area. Repeat the process twice or thrice and you will immediately see change. But do it in a better way in the first go so that it could get lighter.

Ways to How to Remove a Coffee Stain From a Sofa

This is human nature to keep their coffee or tea cup on the arm of the sofa and sometimes we do forget about it. Just with a little touch of our hand, the mug instantly falls on the sofa leaving a big stain on it. It could get remove from the sofa if it’s fresh however an old stain would take a longer time to get removed.

Ingredients Used to Remove a Coffee Stain

  1. Water
  2. Clean Clothes
  3. Liquid dish soap
  4. Lemon juice or White vinegar

How to Remove a Fresh Coffee Stain From Your Sofa?

If the stain on your sofa is fresh, it could easily be washed from a wet cloth. Gently rub it on the stain using a bar of liquid dish soap. Do not rub it in a high motion. Use clean parts of the cloth while blotting the stain. Gently then use another dry cloth to clean the wet area on the sofa. But if it’s still not working for you, use the next method to get help.

How to Remove a Dried Coffee Stain From Your Sofa?

First Step: Mix 1/3 of a cup of white vinegar or lemon juice with 1 tea spoon of liquid dish wash in warm water. It depends according to how dry the stain is.

Second Step: Use a clean cloth to work the mixture to get the stain out. Move your way inwards with the clothing. Gently rub in a circular motion.

Third Step: Clean the area with one cup of cool water. Then clean all the moisture with another clean cloth. Repeat this process many times and you will finally get rid of your stain.

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Your Walls?

Have ever had that weird experience of getting your coffee spilled all over the wall? Well, I did. Although it is a very strange place to have coffee stains but weird things happen every day. You might trip over something or have some small party at your house that can end up having a huge stain on your beautifully painted walls. Stained walls also taint your image in front of others so you must make sure to remove it as soon as possible; before it leaves a mark on your wall forever!
The procedure to remove the coffee stain is quite simple. But before moving to that you need to collect a few things to aid you in the process. All you need is:

A soft bristle brush

Some regular household detergent or you can also make a mixture of vinegar and water to act as a cleaner

A regular paper towel

When you have gathered the necessary supplies, you can start with the procedure straight away.

Step 1: Start by spraying your regular cleaner on the stain and leave it for some time for it to be absorbed before cleaning. Some detergents get absorbed right away while others take a bit longer. The time depends on the type of cleaner used. However, if you are using a mixture of vinegar and water instead of a cleaner, you should also make sure use brush it thoroughly using a soft bristle brush on the stain using some warm water.

Step 2: After you let the cleaner absorb, you need to take a soft bristle brush and scrub it carefully in an overlapping direction to make sure that the stain gets separated carefully without wearing off the paint.

Step 3: Wet your paper towel and use it to wipe out the detergent and the stain gently. If the stain is still left behind you can repeat the entire procedure twice or thrice for more effectiveness.

Step 4: After repeating the procedure several times, it might be possible that there are still small patches of stain remaining. You can paint over these small patches of stain using paint and a roller to blend it with the color of the wall.

Aside from your usual home cleaner, you can use many other ingredients for more effectiveness. It might sound strange but experiences show that apart from cleaners you can even use bleaches, shaving creams, and spirit for amazing results. I guess it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Carpets?

Having your morning mug of espresso over a flawless, white rug in your family room simply seems like a catastrophe waiting to happen. In case you’re awakening, odds are, you may get somewhat ungainly with your cup one morning and end up with an espresso splattered wreck everywhere on your floor covering. So how would you get these coffee stains out of your rug? Would you be able to cure it all alone?

To Remove Fresh Coffee Stains

It is advisable to act upon cleaning the stains as soon as possible because it is easier to clean new stains compared to the old ones. All you need is a dishwasher, white vinegar, usual laundry detergent, cold water, cloth piece, and a dryer.

Step 1: Grab a clean piece of cloth to smear the stain. Blot the stain with your white cloth carefully moving from external to internal direction preventing the stain from spreading. Smear as much as possible until you have scrubbed each and every area.

Step 2: Repeat the smearing process by pouring a little amount of water on the stain without soaking the carpet. Continue blotting the carpet until the stain vanishes.

Step 3: Let it dry on its own or use a dryer to aid this process.

To Remove an Old Coffee Stain

Step 1: you can either apply a carpet cleaner or make your mixture of dishwasher soap, vinegar, and water.

Step 2: blot this mixture on the stain in the same way from outside to inside. Make sure to switch alternately with dry and wet portions of the cloth.

Step 3: After cleaning it with a carpet cleaner, rinse it with cold water and smear the liquid on the stain to completely get rid of it. Avoid rubbing and let it dry on its own or you can also use a dryer.

What if the Coffee Contained Cream or Sugar?

If the coffee contained either cream or sugar, the entire procedure is going to be the same but instead of dish soap, you need to add the laundry detergent for more effective results. Repeat the whole procedure several times and the stain will slowly vanish away.

Procedure to Follow if the Stain Reappear

There’s a high possibility that the stain will reappear again some days after the removal process. You can use warm water to loosen the ends of the stain and rinse it out. If you fail again you should consider using carpet cleaners for a better outcome. If it still reappears, you should consider buying a new carpet because the stain has reached all the way to the bottom.

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Mugs?

We are often too lazy to clean the mugs right away which leaves your cups with small stains from your last coffee. We understand how hectic it is to clean it using dish soap and scrub it out. To make your life easier we have an easier remedy for this issue.

Instead of scrubbing it using a bar of soap, you can use some baking soda and warm water to make a paste and leave it there for some time. You can scrub it off later and it’ll completely come off without leaving a stain. Rinse it well after washing and you are good to go!

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Your New Furniture?

Do you also spill coffee on your table early in the morning? Say goodbye to chemicals to clean your stain because I have a much better solution for you. All you need some liquid dish wash soap, a clean paper towel, white vinegar, and wood polish.

Start by pouring one-fourth soap and use the paper towel to carefully rinse it off. Take another clean piece of cloth and gently smear the stain. After blotting the area pour some vinegar and wait for a minute or two. Wipe off the vinegar after some time and let it dry. Use a small portion of wood polish and apply it to the affected area for 30 minutes. Your furniture is new again!


Follow these amazing tricks to make your life much easier and get rid of all these coffee stains using our natural recipes. We will keep on providing more amazing life hacks and make life better for you. Kee on visiting our page for more tips.

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