10 Best TVs Reviews for the Year 2021

In the following article we have sorted out the best TVs for our readers with the help of a test lab where they were compared side by side to filter out the ones worth your time and money. Go through the list of the latest suggestions of the 10 Best TVs for the year 2020 sized 55 inch.

1. LG OLEDB9P Series

Its OLED display feature involves organic technology of light emitting diode to serve viewing angles, contrast ratio and a broad range of colors which no QLEED or LCD TV can’t match. LG’s every model comes with the updated version of HDMI standard 2.1. Therefore, there HDMI would be able to manage 4K at 120fps and 2 more game friendly aspects; automatic low latency and variable refresh rate

2. LG OLEDC9P series

Are you looking for best thing against your hard earned money? We thus, bought you this model which would suit you. C9 appears the all-rounder upon reviewing, slightly beating the B9. However, if “slightly” keeping the model behind benefits you then C9 is worthy for your extra money.

3. TCL 6-Series

It contains the highest picture quality among the rest models for just a less amount of money. TCL 6-Series’s updated version model possess better service in terms of picture quality than its older models, gratitude to their enhanced color approach, and its full-array local dimming, which is well implemented, assists in running circles around in a reasonable price on comparing the different TV models of the same cost.

4. Vizio P-Series Quantum X

Are you unable to buy the OLED TV yet willing to pay additionally for outstanding image features emphasizing on good colors? Don’t worry, as we have selected Vizio PX for you as it have excellent light results that no OLED can match. All the high contrast, top notch local dimming and high dynamic array are the features that a person gains with its purchase.

5. TCL 4-Series

Roku is listed as the top rated platform by us to utilize the live streaming applications such as Netflix whereas; it can be utilized in more effective way on the TV. The TCL 4-Series is unable in terms of competing all the models over the image quality feature. It’s HDR and 4K resolution doesn’t support the image.

6. TCL 8-Series

Talking about being above the par, TCL serves Mini LED i.e. a technology which isn’t available over other available TVs at the moment. The result appears is amazing in terms of brightness and contrast that crosses Vizio PX just by a nose. The PX is still known as better option as the alternative of OLED due to its picture quality and less price factor.

7. Samsung Q70R series

Samsung is consisted of fancy QLED LCDs (surely not OLED). Their Q70R possess best picture and a variety of Samsung design and preferable characteristics in the cost which is relatively reasonable, but not exactly from the budget. If you don’t like a Vizio or TCL and don’t want to opt for an OLED, the Q70 would be the best as an alternative.

8. Vizio M8-Series Quantum

Apart from the selected TCL 6-series for the list, it won barely in few significant aspects such as; contrast, black levels and HDR brightness. We also suggest TCL to our streaming oriented viewers due to its higher Roku smart HDTV system. The Vizio stands as the excellent option and sometimes it is also present lower than the TCL. You just have to be careful that you have purchased M8, not M7.

9. TCL 3-Series

For sizes smaller than 55 inches, and for people who value smarts over image quality, these non-4K Roku TVs make the most sense. The picture is “good enough” and the built-in smarts are superb — just enough to watch the final season of “The Office” or “Friends” content. And the price is perfect for a kids’ room or secondary room where you don’t need a massive screen.

10. Sony A9G OLED

The display and the sound of Sony Master Series A9G turned out brilliant. Sony’s remarkable Acoustic Surface Audio help with turning out the whole glass panel in a high end speaker along with the sound which is sorted out right from the screen and improved bass when compared to a lot of sound-bars available. Don’t miss to check out the amazon coupon code today for the best deals and discounts.

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