60 Best Shows on Netflix To Watch Right Now in 2021

Netflix is very popular because of their treasure box full of amazing movies and shows of a variety of genres. But if you have made your mind to stream it longer than two hours, you can also have their variety of great TV shows that would keep you hooked up for hours, days or even weeks of your free time. Today for this article, we sorted out 60 best streaming shows on Netflix:

1. Alias Grace

Alias Grace

It is written by Sarah Polley and is directed by Mary Harron. They adapted Margaret Atwood’s brilliant novel from 1996 which got attention when Netlfix added it in their list on November, 2017. Sarah Gadon is amazing same as Grace Marks, who is a murderer with chances of being forgiven for the relevant crimes due to insanity. It is a skillful commentary based on the issues of women.

2. American Crime

American Crime

It is a Tropical drama from ABC which never gained ratings being a deserving one. The names this drama involved are the winner of various Emmys of Regina King and appeared in many nominations as well Lili Taylor, Felicity Huffman, Richard Cabral and Timothy Hutton. American Crime shares a totally separate story in their every season yet involving same group in distinctive roles every year.

3. American Horror Story

American Horror Story

The variety of seasons belonging to FX’s hit drama became a rollercoaster ride concerning the quality however, just play it and enjoy your time. The newest known “Apocalypse” isn’t that famous here still however, it would be before the latest renewal premieres. All of the rest seven are present here. The 2017 Cult season possess interesting beats in it making the show to rank in the top Netflix shows.

4. American Vandal

American Vandal

It is the best series on Netflix among the rest mentioned in the list. American Vandal is a brilliant parody of the real documentaries based on crime. Along with it, they have also served a smart commentary surrounding the life of teen in this present, digital era. This show also contains humor. There are rumors heard that someone else is interested to pick up the show.

5. Arrested Development

Arrested Development

The quality which “Arrested Development” presents, didn’t allowed its viewers to forget the pure spoofed, initial three seasons released by them. Do catch up with this show and go through the brilliance of the Bluth family tale involved in this most watched series of Netflix. You might also like to get involved with the revival a little early before it resumes back by 15th March.

6. Black Mirror

Black Mirror

The world is of Charlie Brooker and we are just surviving in it. The updated answer to The Twilight Zone, until the show is received by CBS All Access, would be the most talked on program linked with the 10s. You just need to observe the reason of all the hype. Hang on this popular Netflix series now before the advance era pushes you to do so.

7. Bloodline


This thriller show of Netflix reached the nomination for an Emmy in the year 2015 because of its first season. It appears among the best shows to watch on Netflix as in another wave of its original show, it got ushered with a wave of success in terms of best TV shows streaming on Netflix. An amazing work can be observed throughout performed by Sissy Spacek, Ben Mendelson, Kyle Chandler and Linda Cardellini.

8. Dead To Me

Dead To Me

Christina Applegate has acted her best in this show when compared with her rest dramas in the career. Linda has nearly matched her in this show of mystery and comedy revolving around pardon, murder and grief. “Jen” was played by Applegate which was a Californian character whose husband got killed by it and run. Over friendship with Cardellini (Judy), she came to know about a connection who turned out to be the murderer.

9. Dear White People

Dear White People

It is Netflix’s smartest yet, the most underrated series coming with the courtesy of Justin Simien. He delivered his Sundance comedy skill through a great commentary relying on the relations of the races over the modern campuses. With the help of the best cast and spoof of writing, this one is known among the popular shows of Netflix which totally surrounds the concept of a young person in the digital era.

10. Dexter


Considering an anti hero series, we have “Dexter” now for ages. Dexter Morgan is a serial killer having a code. It is performed by Michael C. Hall. The character is of a Floridian guy who kills people to feed his urge. Also, there are up and downs on the road of this show, entirely. However, Hall turned out to be best from the unforgettable premiere to the divisive ending.

11. Diagnosis


It was found with the help of articles of the New York Times. This non-fiction series has topped on the list of the best shows on Netflix right now. It is developed on a decent concept involving patients with mysterious illnesses. They are coming forward with a hope to know about their disease and to get cured. However, the series contain an upsetting idea surrounding our wrecked health care system.

12. Dracula


Benedict Cumberbatch, with the help of the team behind rebooting of Sherlock, became a star. And again, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss joined their hands for an updated take based on Bram Stoker Classic. For the legendary bloodsucker, it involves Claes Bang. Just like Sherlock, Dracula also consists of three feature films. They have portrayed sexuality and religion in a manner that it seems a unique and fresh concept. It’s an amazing Netflix show of 2020.

13. The Crown

The Crown

Netflix’s The Crown series revolves around the life of the Queen Elizabeth, which is being played by Clarie Foy. It starts by her marriage with Prince Philip in the year 1947. You can also observe the web deepness of the agendas and alliances in which, the Queen must navigate carefully. The Crown tends to be heavy on political conspiracy and will surely satisfy its viewers who are fond of Machiavellian Television and for those who were attracted by the decoration of “Downton Abbey”.

14. Glow


This program reveals the glamorous ladies of wrestling sport. It involves more than the parody leotards the hair styles of the 80s. Up till its two seasons, it formed a slight balanced image of the female friendship and competition. Betty Gilpin, Alison Brie and Marc Maron have anchored it by their best performances.

15. Godless


Scott Frank crafted this series amazingly. It thus turned out a best genre within the last few years. “Frank Griffin”, the great villain, is played by Jeff Daniels. He appears a bad guy who is after Roy Goode, his former protégé. Jack O’Connell plays Roy Goode. They have a great set of supporting casts; Scoot McNairy, Merritt Wever and Michelle Dockery. Daniels and Wever have already won Emmys for their work in this show.

16. The Good Place

The Good Place

This Comedy show is currently among the most watched shows on Netflix as it brings existential laugher concerning a woman who have died and went to the titular area. However, it isn’t the exact as it appears to be. This drama certainly works best in a binge format comparing with the weekly one as it is very tough to watch a single one. You would understand this show at its best by getting lesser involved in its preferred twists and turns.

17. Gotham


Going on amazingly since five years, it still possesses a lot of interesting turnarounds. For this show, Ben McKenzie was reached to play as “Jim Gordon” who meets with the childhood of Bruce Wayne. However, this show focuses on the origin of the tales of Villain coterie of Dark Knights over the main hero himself. You can observe the well-acted performance of Robin Lord Taylor who helped this show to appear as the best shows to look up for on Netflix.

18. Great News

Great News

There is long list of subcategorized shows on Netflix that didn’t reach to their target viewers and audience by airing on Network TVs. For instance, you can have this NBC comedy program from Tina Frey, the Executive Producer, who is known popular because of her humor based “30 Rock Sense”. As a producer, “Briga Heelan” is known hysterical over the shows of network news. Here, she was made to work with her mother. The role of mother in it is being played by Andrea Martin.

19. The Haunting of the Hill House

Mike Flanagan’s hit program, The Haunting of the Hill House, is arguably going among the top current shows on Netflix. It is a show which has refined the impactful source into a unique, heartbreaking and a terrifying concept. None of the scary show can stand by this one, honestly. You are right by understanding the fact that this one has topped the rest in its own genre. Hill House went ht on an extent that we came to know about the processing of the checkbook to have Flanagan to get back with “Bly Manor” version.

20. House of Cards

House of Cards

Ended with a devastating closing in the recent season, the story of Flank and Claire Underwood still requires a place in this list being an influential and likeable one in its initial years. It had years full of ups and downs before such ending too. It is the first show which was highly discussed among the audiences and it managed to change the game. None of any shows from the 10s was seen such impactful and rising this high.

21. I Think You Should Leave

I Think You Should Leave

These series is for the fans of the shows such as; 12:55 p.m. or Mr. Show. And also, if you love SNL sketches drafted by Kylie Mooney, you are required to watch this most buzzed about show among the Netflix Originals. It is totally bizarre of Zach Kamin and Tim Robinson. Also, this weirdest comedy program appears in the list of most watched shows on Netflix. So, go and play it right now.

22. The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners

Are you a fan of humors of raunchy teen and Brit Bent along with it? Then don’t miss out this brilliant amazing sitcom. It got aired from 2008 to 2010 on E4 back before converting into a movie and a sequel. It is a standard comedy surrounding teen-boy concept. And a great level of heart and cleverness were emphasized for it for forming the dialogues. As observed, this teen comedy is rare by both; critically acclaiming and getting nominated by BAFTA for the Best Situaiton Comedy every airing year in the United Kingdom.

23. The IT Crown

The IT Crown

So far reading the article, you might now are aware with the fact that there are a variety of best British comedy available on Netflix. However, this might be the best one among the rest mentioned. Concerning a put upon IT niche group, it appeared a cult hit. Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade and many various other GIFs are available which you can use every time. Its full five series are available.

24. The Keepers

The Keepers

So far as you have read, Netflix consists of a lot of reality based crime series, yet waiting for you to view them and increase your knowing regarding the serial killers and unanswered mysteries out there. This one is considered as the best documentary series produced by Netflix. Up till now, they have reached their eye-catching 7th episode surrounding the murder of a Sister Cathy Censik. You should go through this one!

25. The Last O.G.

The Last O.G.

This incredible vehicle is created by Jordan Peele for Tracy Morgan. It is a remarkable show that reveals and utilizes the best comedy personalities however, additionally grant them unique rhythms to portray from the ones used for the “30 Rock”. Ex-con is played by Morgan, a character who returned to the old neighborhood to a news that the childhood city is now gone.

26. Living With Yourself

Living With Yourself

You can have a double trouble drama with which is surrounded around a man who visits a spa in search of his better self but ends up getting cloned. Sometimes, the dissection of Timothy Greenberg concerning modern masculinity and a slight feeling of partnerships can be observed here. It can be considered same as “Charlie Kaufman Lite” however, it is an interesting and indisputably fun. In fact, it is a type of double performances at one time.

27. Mad Men

Mad Men

If you were told to list down the most acclaimed master piece of this present millennium, you would definitely list down ABC’s Mad Men with the rest. Mathew Weiner, the winner of a variety of Emmy awards, has created this amazing show with the best styles and tones. It is a document of the turn down of an antediluvian version of the working men belonging to 60s. It is a series that progressed further from the premiere to the series finale.

28. Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer

For most of the viewers this reality based crime documentary series is on the Mount Rushmore. No doubt that it have helped to increase the present love relation that the people preserve for crime series on Netflix. It is to that extent that they even came back to the second season, which some people are known to skip. The debate and controversy surrounding the murderer’s innocence and guilt still prevails to this date.

29. Master of None

Master of None

Personal oriented and creator driven based comedy shows has developed few of the amazing TV shows of the 10s and vehicle of Aziz Ansari can be its perfect example. The controversy based on his real world doesn’t impact the quality of the two created seasons. That tend to be insightful investigations of the life as “twenty-something” in this present era. Their second season, which won Emmy, is a masterpiece above the rest. Ansari and the collaborators involved the creative collection of the first year and produced a pure original and a memorable play.

30. Mindhunter


The loose adaption of David Fincher and Joe Penhall’s story concerns a man who discovered profiling of the serial killers. It is a riveting drama thus, got sorted as the best TV shows on Netflix having the best performances and the skill of visual language to appear among the rest Netflix series. It is known as a fascinating and at the same time terrifying image surrounding the darkness portraying capability of the men.

31. New Girl

New Girl

It is known that if New Girl had aired before a decade or two, it would have become a huge hit. However, it is still famous enough to create a total of 146 episodes. The audience has rated it as the best sitcom comfort one can discover on Netflix. You can find here the amazing supporting art of Lamorne Morris, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Hannah Simon.

32. Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie

The cool factor about Netflix is that here, you can find thousands of variety of ShowTime to look up for. From Dexter to Weeds, the grand total of HBO shows is zero there. Don’t forget to wacth this sarcastic comedy series which is anchored by Edie Falco, the best TV actress making her another great performance here. Jackie Peyton is played by the former Carmela Sorpano, who described an ER nurse having few pretty serious issues of her own.

33. The Office

The Office

The both versions; UK and USA of this show are available on Netflix. Therefore, think of this entry towards both iterations surrounding a great show. Ricky Gervais was made a star by the help of its British version which this series a masterful learning of totally awkward behavior. However, the USA one is mostly like a family sitcom. It was a lengthy one and we adore the people of Dunder Mifflin, although the show didn’t exactly make up same to its nine seasons.

34. Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black is known among the foundational shows airing on Netflix. Earlier, Netflix wasn’t known for their original show production. Then it achieved its chance with the help of OITNB and House of Cards. The final one is coming near to its closure with the seventh season, in this summer. Go through the previous seasons since 2013 to know about all the buzz

35. Ozark


According to our assumption based on the research executed, the in-house people of Netflix are developing the Ark of Noah for every best show from the rest networks present. With an exception of it available here, it may work somewhere else. It surrounds the concept of a family which skips from the frying pan into a fire, the moment where they get into the Ozark’s criminal underworld.

36. Penny Dreadful

This ShowTime horror genre drama is from 2014. Its loyal fan following is the reason with the help of which is came back from its cancellation of three years. Thus, a spinoff was released named as Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. This season piece involves an amount of known names which involved; Victor Frankenstein, Count Dracula, Mina Harker, Dorian Gray and even Henry Jekyll. Eva Green made it fall in the top shows on Netflix.

37. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders relies on the concept of the aftermath of WW1 involving a British based crime family; the Shelby family. After the return of Tommy Shelby from the war, he plans to expand his family control present at Birmingham. They want to steal the shipment full of guns to gain for their gang, and edge in the crime world. This series is glamorously shot. The story of Peaky Blinders states the complication of people and their muddy morality.

38. Portlandia


We are aware that you might feel amazed too by knowing Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen’s competitive and the great sense of humor, have made its place in these eight seasons of this hit from IFC. You have to look how they got their loyal fans by watching their 77 episodes now on Netflix. This show is developed on smart comedy with their own unmatchable and defiant voice.

39. The Returned

The Returned

The “Les Revenants” means the French TV. This one is claimed as one of the best genre of TV shows in its decade in every language. This show of 2012 possesses an alluring hook and is actually based on a French Film of 2004. The people who died years before unexpectedly return back in the small French based mountain town where they used to live before. It is written tightly and consists of a beautiful direction.

40. Riverdale


You read that right! It is Riverdale. Sometimes you need a break and none of the programs are offering such wonderful script preserving escapism in it. It is this era’s latest update on Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead. You can easily found a lot of dark material on Netflix. Therefore, it is also necessary to have a program which doesn’t involve brain taxing or straining of the heartstrings.

41. Russian Doll

Russian Doll

We were required to place this one on the list as it is the first huge hit of the year. Everyone around you must be recommending you to watch this one which has used the “Groundhog Day” a day’s premise revived repeatedly to state concerning the isolation, trauma and midlife crisis of the modern era. Natasha Lyonne will be seen playing a lady who dying and then reliving her 36th birthday party. You will be watching this one upto straight 4 hours as it is the most watched series on Netflix.

42. Sense8

Sense8 by Wachowkis is a precise kind of a program that an ambitious show service, such as Netflix, should develop more and definitely shouldn’t cancel its streaming after its two seasons. This creation of this show is known to have been very expensive. However, it consists of an incredible and true fan following up to this date. You can also barely have a hint of this show’s concept; eight strangers throughout the whole world suddenly get linked in mysterious ways!

43. Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds

An extensive look at grief and corruption can be observed in this show. This limited series of 2018 managed to serve Regina King an Emmy for “Best Actress” concerning the category of limited series. A best actress of this present era can be noticed playing the role of a boy’s mother. Her child gets murdered by Jersey City Police Officer in hit and run. Writing always comes with a probability of wining but the cast always do the work.

44. Sherlock


This BBC-hit program managed to make Benedict Cumberbatch into a star and also redefined the legend of Shelock Holmes on Netflix. So, make sure your weekend gets occupied with the good shows on Netflix. Their series installment is nothing like a traditional American TV season but resembles more as a series of films on their every release. It is known to be a clever mystery TV involving two amazing performances; Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbtach.

45. The Sinner

The Sinner

People noted the best acting level of Jessica Biel because of this Netflix program surrounding USA based Mystery Series. Her role is of a mother who snaps at a beach and kills a man in front of a lot of people. It isn’t based on who killed him or why she killed him? Biel is supported by many other great actors, for instance Bill Pullman, who has performed as a cop, indulged in investigation of the case and Christopher Abbott, who acted as her husband.

46. Skins


“Skins” appears to be one of the highly praised British imports of the initiative of peak TV era. This dramedy is known for its tackling issues and fearlessness which isn’t often available in the other shows. It also came under a lot of attention because of its casts getting replaced every two years. Yet, the fans went along with the show as the “writing” is what matters them the most. Thus, it is famous among the most popular Netflix shows.

47. The Staircase

The Staircase

Higher obsession with the reality based crime documentary series is present in the viewers which owes more debt to this French investigation that is centered on the death of Kathleen Peterson. It got able to become a bigger hit when came on Netflix as its edition. Kathleen Peterson died in December 2001 by falling off the stairs. Well, this is what her husband has claimed. However, the police and prosecutors doubt Michael Peterson for murdering her.

48. Star Trek

Star Trek

You can spend days by watching Star Trek on Netflix and yet won’t be bored with its content, that’s a guarantee! They contain original series; Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, Voyager and The Next Generation. Why don’t you try watching them all and then pick out a favorite one? We know you won’t able too! It is because its series landed in it as the best shows to watch on Netflix.

49. Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Stranger Things, the out of the ordinary phenomenon, has sort of decreased its critical views. It has an amazing material to watch which is higher than a guilty pleasure and greater than a simple nostalgic doze to the movies of the 80s, which inspired this program. Both of its Netflix seasons utterly fly high. In such manner, a genre should be paced to become popular as the best TV shows to watch on Netflix right now.

50. Supernatural


Nothing is amazing for the viewers more than the fact that a series surrounding ghost hunters stays longer than the rest genre. It succeeded by creating 14 seasons and 15th one is known to be on its way. Supernatural has made up to wildness concerning the quality for its 300 plus episodes. However, it is also having few true gems for its fans of the urban legends and the items that bump up at the night time.

51. That 70’s Show

That 70’s Show

We have one of your favorite teenage shows that Netflix has kept in it, if you are of the right age. Revisit the old moments, the old memories and check whether you would able to be hold up onto or not. Go back to the Wisconsin, Point Place, and hang on with Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon, Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace in the basement of Eric Forman.

52. The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

It is a best known program of its time which we heard, will be rebooted again and coming this time with the efforts of the one and only Jordan Peele. Why don’t we stick to the highly influential and spoof creation of Rod Serling; which is a series known consistent to go around brilliantly for more than a half century. Such kind never goes out of fashion or old. It was back then a stunning success and still, considered a masterpiece.

53. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

This one is mainly for those who are mature enough to assess their memory regarding the cultural domination of the mystery surrounding the killing of Laura Palmer. None of such series are comparable with the Twin Peaks and wouldn’t be comparable in future until David Lynch gets back with the world after 25 years. Unfortunately, the reboot of ShowTime isn’t here yet. However, go through the original one and enjoy the creation.

54. Unbelievable


Unbelievable is the best and famous series on Netflix. It stars Kaitlyn Dever as the lady who got raped in her house yet was called a liar by the higher investigating. As we move further in life, we would see the two best detective roles which were done justice by Merritt Wever and Toni Collette. This series is very empathetic with the all rounder performances throughout the board especially the one played by Wever.

55. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

This show helped with redefining of the appointment TV on the moment when the rating were just started to erode regarding the streaming DVRs and services. It became popular as the massive hit because it appeared for its viewers on every Sunday night. The spoiler of its major death is hidden. All of its eight seasons are available on Netflix. However, it is known to have ups and downs with its rating on AMC.

56. The West Wing

The West Wing

Do you remember the days when the TV dramas got political without any twitter tirades being a surprise result? There is a thing about the idealism of the hit drama by Aaron Sorkin which is old fashioned today by noting the twenty years before it premiered. Its audience exclaimed that they need President Barlet. Just watch this one straight away to about more good shows to watch on Netflix.

57. When They See Us

When They See Us

Directed by Ava DuVernay, When They See Us is the on the list of the most watched series on Netflix which is officially claimed by Netflix itself. It contains mini-series having young men who were known to be forced to confess regarding a crime which wasn’t attempted by them. You can never find any sugarcoating in his series. These young men could be observed caught up in a racist and corrupt system.

58. The Witcher

The Witcher

In the last year, Netflix’s high budgeted production initiative took place which completely relies on the popular fantasies of the video games and novels that have been altered with the “Game of Thrones” in their complexity and ambition. You can observe mixed critics this action show by Henry Cavill. Nevertheless, it line on fans is increasing because of its memorable characters and quirky humors. Start watching it and you will know the reason of its popularity.

59. You


In this fan favorite show, Penn Badgley did a great job. It is a show which was launched on Lifetime 2018 but at the platform it wasn’t able to gain the deserved attention until it reached at Netflix. Badgely is playing the role of a serial killer and a stalker in it. He ends up manipulating the lives of every other woman he gets obsessed with. Its second season portrays the toxic masculinity about which, the audience can’t stop talking.

60. Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire

Completely surrounding the tech boom in 80s, the halt and catch fire never received the deserving attention by award managing bodies and audiences. However, this show deserves great level of declaration as we found out through our detailed research on it and thus, we recommended it in our list of the best TV shows on Netflix. It explains way more than the concept of early computer programming i.e. the phase before it started. Buy Netflix using the latest Netflix promo code to save more on your membership.

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