Best Kids Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2021

Netflix is currently one of the best online video streaming websites. The quality and the variety of content are what make it one of the best in the competition. Netflix offers something for everyone and it has dozens of genres. From horror movies to romantic series, it has to offer a great variety of content for everyone. For kids, every year several movies are released and in this article, we will cover the bets 20 kids’ movies for the year 2019.

1: The little prince

The little prince

The little prince is one of the most-watched movies for kids. The story of this movie and its characters will make you fall in love with them. It is one of Netflix’s video creations and is recommended for every child.

2: Coco


Coco was released in 2017 on Netflix and quickly became one of the most liked movies. You will love the story and the characters of this movie. Even adults can watch this movie but due to its cartoonish characters, it is recommended for kids.

3: Peter rabbit

Peter rabbit

Peter Rabbit is an interesting tale of character name peter and his Rabbit. The movie shows the solid connection between man and an animal and how both of them spend time together. The unique connection of both of these characters adds the fun part to the movie.

4: Marry and the witch’s flower



Marry and the witch’s flower is an ideal kid’s movie for girls as the main character of the movie is also a girl. The whole story shows her journey and how he falls in love with a flower that belongs to someone else.

5: A wrinkle in time


This movie is based on a serious story and gives kids a lesson about the important things in their life. The story is about a girl who lost her father. She tries to find her father nearly everywhere. Her dedication, passion, and struggle will give kids the right lesson about life.

6: Incredibles 2


Season one of incredible one was liked by a lot of kids. In season 2 you will see the same superhero but with a different mission this time. The story of the main character of this movie gives kids the idea of team building.

7: Leap


Leap is interesting based on a male character that has a passion for dance. He wants to learn the dance at any cost and he even leaves his hometown just to be the perfect dancer. The story shows his struggle and the dedication to his passion. This gives kids the idea that they can achieve their passion.

8: Coralline


The story of coralline is about a teenage girl who somehow finds a secret door in her house. She goes there just to meet her no so known family. She gets whatever she wants from her second family. This unique dual family touch to the story makes this movie interesting content.

9: The water horse, the legend of the deep

The water horse, the legend of the deep

In this movie, a boy discovers a unique sea horse. He keeps it as a pet and with time the horse grows up. The story shows how the boy hides his secret pet.

10: Lilo and stitch

Lilo and stitch

Lilo and stitch is an old yet unique kid’s movie and it is based on two characters Lilo and stitch. For Disney cartoon lovers kids, this movie is ideal.

11: Spy kids

Spy kids

This kid’s movie is about a group of kids who spy different people and activities happening around them. With time, how this habit affects them, this is all the movie shows on the big screen.

12: Tarzan


Now who isn’t familiar with this name, Tarzan is one immensely popular kid’s movie. Even today it is very much among the kids and they watch it again and again.

13: An American tale


This kid’s movie is also one favorite movie of the ’90s and even today kids like to watch it. The movie is about a mouse and shows his lifestyle and the world where he lives.

14: Stuart Little

Stuart Little

Stuart little is one famous character of a mouse. The story is about the lifestyle of Stuart mouse and his tale with a cat. Stuart lives with a boy who keeps him as a pet.

15: Mulan


Mulan is the story of an active female who wants to do something. She is young and active and takes the place of her father in the army. Later on, she becomes a warrior girl and fights for her country with passion.

16: Hercules


A famous character of many kids, Hercules is still one of the most favorite watched kid’s movies. Hercules is a character who lives inside a jungle. He fights with evils and bad people around him. The whole movie revolves around him and his activities in the jungle.

17: Bolt


Bolt is another exciting TV show for kids age 5 plus. It has several different unique characters that will make your kids laugh and will provide them the entertainment they need.

18: Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom

The room here is a witch in this animated series that is the main character of this TV show. She has a faithful cat that is her main strength. It is for kids of age 3 plus.

19: The Pirate fairy

The Pirate fairy

The pirate fairy TV show is all about pirates and it guides about the pirates. The pirate’s lifestyle has been shown in a great way in this TV series for kids to learn about them

20: Growing up wild

Growing up wild

Growing up wild is an excellent TV series especially for kids age 5 plus. The TV series shows the lifestyle of all jungle animals. It shows how they have to survive in the harsh natural conditions. How animals grow their offspring’s in tough conditions. The way lion attacks monkeys and what happens after the attack. All of this has been shown attractively so that kids learn something every time they watch this series.

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