What is Blind Dropshipping?

Well we all know what dropshipping is, as this business has been in the go for quite a while now and a lot of people are taking parts in it. Also, when it comes to e-shopping; drop shipping is a major go for all those who are in to earn the easy and suitable way. Although that’s not just all to drop shipping; as blind dropshipping is another great asset relatively similar to it.

What is it?

Blind dropshipping is a method of dropshipping where the wholesaler, importer or vendor is kept hidden on the products of your website, and the customers think they’re buying stuff from you only. This basically means you list all the items on your e-commerce website in blind dropshipping, and don’t show any indication on whether you keep your inventory of products in-house or not.

In other simpler words, when a third party controls the transport of an order or product, and they don’t want the shipper or consignee to know about them can be called as blind dropshipping. In this dropshipping, the address or name of the third party is left blank on the package. Hence, when you see packages reaching to you through online shopping, and find only one or no senders address mentioned; then the order is mainly delivered as blind drop shipment to you. And not just the address, but you also get to hide any marketing material that you want to keep hidden as a third-part who is handling the transport of the product.

Now that we pay a little attention, we’ve received quite a number of drop shipped items now and then. But the fact that not every e-commerce business holder in the market provides you with a drop shipment feature or availability is also there. So if you’re opting to go for blind drop shipment and want to make a business out of it, you firstly need to finalize the e-commerce platforms that allow you to do

Here’s a list of 10 websites that offer blind dropshipping to its users:

1. Dropshippedproducts.com: Although this is a great platform for you to blind drop ship your items, but you also need to pay $3 fees of blind drop shipping for every order.

2. Hotbuy4u.com: Another good website for drop shipping in blind is the hotbuy4u e-commerce website. Although the products here linger near retail but there’s a good profit here for you too.

3. Sav-on-cloeouts.com: This website has bulk party suppliers, but they also offer blind dropshipping; so it’s good to go with.

4. Vertaxairsoft.com: The best part about this blind drop shipping website is that they do offer drop shipping in blind and also without any additional cost to pay for it.

5. Marcmart.com: This website also offers its users with the blind drop shipment feature and that also with no fees attached.

6. Megagoods.com: Here’s another great platform for blind dropshipping at $1.50 per order.

7. Novatechwholesale.com: This great tech website provides the feature of no fees on every order that is over $100.

8. Jupiterwholesale.com: This e-commerce platform also provides blind drop shipment to its users. But, it has limited categories to offer.

9. Snedcowholesale.com: Another one of the basic websites that allow blind dropshipping to its users without any additional fees is this one.

10. Cablewholesale.com: This website has a feature of allowing drop shipment in blind, while showing your logo along with it. So this way, you can blind drop ship without details but along with the brand logo.

Also, it isn’t known or assured that these blind dropshipping websites provide their services to people around the world, as they can be limited to some specific places.

Worldwide Delivering Platforms:

Now it’s obvious that the above mentioned platforms aren’t one’s that deliver your items or their services in every region or place of the world; as many are limited at a few places, nations or regions. So if you’re looking for a blind dropshipping e-commerce platform that can deliver your products worldwide, here’s some well-known one’s.

Chinavasion.com: So this is a distributor from china that offers worldwide delivery of products through blind drop shipping method.

Alibaba.com: another well-known and well-reputed e-commerce platform that also offers blind drop ship is Alibaba.
Aliexpress.com: We all are well aware of this highly grossing website too. Although, not many know that this also offers blind dropshipping to its users, but in fact it does.

Amazon.com: As a website that comprises high traffic, it isn’t any hidden fact that everyone around the world firstly trust amazon for all their online shopping needs. And now it’s a perfect platform for drop shippers too as it consists of blind dropshipping feature for all those who want to avail it.


Also you need to be clear while choosing an e-commerce platform for blind drop shipment from this list, not all of them ship worldwide. So when you choose a platform, the first important task is to analyze its delivery range and availability and where you want to deliver the items you’ve listed. Once that’s figured out, you can surely make a great business out of this in-market blind drop shipping process while keeping your marketing details or identity hidden and secured.

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