The Best Online Games for the ‘Casual Gamer’

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Games are a great way to have fun online. It makes the time fly by, and you can either play alone or with friends and family. Many online games are free, and that you can play on websites or download to your device. If you are a ‘casual gamer’ who enjoys playing from time to time, then you will most likely find these games very entertaining.

As the holiday rolls around, you might want to find a game you can play with your family? Let’s have a look at some fun online games you can play!


This game is probably one you have heard about before. Fortnite Battle Royal is the ultimate battle game for anyone that is ready for an epic adventure. The goal here is to be the last player standing and to live the longest in this ever-changing world. If you want more casual play, you can gather friends and family and simply hang around, building things and having fun. You can play on a console, PC, or even your phone, and cross-play lets you have fun with others regardless of platform.

Online Money Platforms

There are several popular online casinos to choose from, where you can play anything from card games, roulette, and newer games. These are nice when you are spending some time alone because you can play with other people online, or with robots. With online gambling, it is very important that you find the right places to do it at. To find the best online casino you can have a look at PAcasino for some good and safe casinos.


A good and free option for anyone that likes building and surviving games, Minecraft is a great game. It is one of the biggest games of the past year and has become extremely popular amongst ‘casual gamers’ who have never gambled before. This game is all about building and surviving. You can either play in your own world and build fun and impressive architectures or play against others where you destroy each other’s creations on the quest for new resources. To make this game even more enjoyable, you can look for some useful tools for gamers here!

Among us

Can you find the impostor? Among us is a game that became highly popular during the pandemic, mostly due to memes and videos on TikTok. Here you walk around in something that looks like a space station, collaborating with other players to complete a group of tasks. However, there is a twist; one of the players is an impostor on a quest to kill the other players. Together you have to figure out who is the impostor through meetings where you can chat and vote one out. In the meantime, try not to get killed and have a lookout for anyone that acts suss. Have a go at one of these games yourself, and have fun all day long!


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