10 Best Resistance Band Exercises Effective for Body Strengthening

The all-rounder resistance band is known as highly effective.

Resistance band exercise is suitable for every fitness freak. It appears as an additional challenge to your body related exercises. However, it doesn’t involve a similar amount of pressure for your joints than the dumbbells, kettlebells, and other external weights cause. They are also best for targeting tiny stabilizing muscles that you may not easily work on.

The resistance bands are small and have less weight which makes them convenient to travel with and also requires very small space in the house.

Tip: You can purchase them in packs of looped bands or as a set of un-looped longer bands both; with and without their handles, from Amazon easily.

For this article, we approached and worked with a certified personal trainer, Melody Scharff from Fhitting Room located in New York to gain better insight and to create resistance band based effective exercises. Pick some of the mentioned below, perform 12 to 15 reps for each of them and repeat it three times to have better results.

1) Bicep curl Resistance Band workout


Involve both feet and stand on the resistance band. By each hand, hold and end, extend your arms and palms must face forward.

Gradually curl up your hands to your shoulder’s direction, pressing the biceps. Your elbows must be tightly placed beside your body.

Lower hands gradually back to the initial position. It is one rep.

2) The Bend-over Resistance Band Exercise


Stand by repeating the previously mentioned initial step but, hip widely. Have one of each end on your sides, palms should face each other. Slightly, bend your knees and center forward at your hips by keeping arms straight, back flat, and hands below shoulders.

Pull the band closer to your chest by bending your elbows, but keep them closer to the body-skimming your sides. Gradually make your arms straight and hands lower back to the initial position. One rep based.

3) Chest Fly Resistance Band Workout

With the help of anything secure behind you, tie the resistance band. Hold each handle and keep your arms straight and palms facing forward.

Stand by keeping one foot ahead of another making a staggering stance. Stand forward enough creating tension in the band. Gradually pull the band to align along your front body, posing the arms straight having little bent elbows.

After it, gradually extend arms back referring to the initial posture. Don’t let the band spring back speedily. It is one rep based.

4)Good Morning Resistance Band Exercise

Make a standing position on the band having hip-width apart. Grab on end in each hand placing them by your sides and palms must face towards each other.

Bend knees softly, turn forward at your hips, and send your butt backward as you fold forward the torso. Stop there when your torso gets more than parallel with the floor.

Take your hips forward as you lift back the torso then turn back to the initial posture. Press your glutes above. It is based on one rep.

5) Chest Press Resistance Band Workout

Using something secure behind you, loop the resistance band with its handles. Hold on to each handle and keep arms straight outward to the sides. Bend your elbows over 90 degrees and palms should face forward.

Place one foot forward to your foot developing a staggered stance. Your standing position should create tension in the band.

Gradually squeeze the handles forward and make your arms straight till your hands connect the front side of your body. Then gradually bend the elbows and bring back the handles near your chest-side to get back to the initial positions. Don’t let the band spring with a higher speed.

6) The Glute Kick-Back Band Resistance


Begin with tying resistance band looped surrounding your left ankle along with the arc of the right one.
Bring your leg upward extending it out straightly behind you by going against the band’s resistance.
Then, bring back your leg gradually to the first position. It is rep one based.

7)Resistance Band Glute Bridge Exercise


With your hands on your sides, lie on your back; bend your knees, and keep your feet flat hip broad apart on the floor. Following a moderate strength resistance, loop the band surrounding thighs, above your knees. Press your abs and glutes and push with the help of your heels lift up hips just a few inches above the ground until your body makes a straight line; from shoulders to knees. It is for one rep.

For a second, stay in this position and make sure to have consistent tension in the band so that the knees do not collapse. Gradually, lower down hips to get back to the initial posture.

8)Lat Pull-down Band Resistance Workout


Utilizing the sturdy anchor located above you, loop the band. Stand to keep one foot forward towards another developing staggered stance. Stand enough forward so that tension gets created in the band.

Hold one end of the band with each hand. Then, spread your arms towards the top, be a little diagonal. Set your torso upright bending a little forward. Keep back flat, chest lifted, and core tight. Gradually move let your hands down and outwards to shoulder’s height.

Stay still in the position for a moment, pressing your back and shoulder blades stiff. Then, gradually stretch your arms back towards the starting posture. It is based on one rep.

9)Lateral Lunge Resistance Band Exercise

Form your ankles surrounded with the resistance band. Get upright keeping your legs together and grab your hands together forward to your chest as portrayed in the image or you may also locate them on your hips.

Form a step of 2 feet towards the right. As soon as your foot touches the floor, lean forward at your hips. Send your butt backward and lower the right knee in a lunge. Stay still for a second. Then, push the right leg to get back to the initial position. Repeat this process on the left leg. That is one rep.

10)Kneeling-crunches Resistance Band Workout

With the help of a sturdy anchor present above you, get your resistance band looped. Kneel down on the ground with back towards the band. Get to the shoulders to hold a side of the band with each of your hands.

The posture of your hands should be forward to your shoulders. Now, pull the band along with bending your torso forward in order to crunch down opposing resistance. Make sure your legs and arms are still. Slowly set your torso back at the starting position and do not let the band go spring back with good speed. That is one rep.

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