TOP Amazon Affiliate Website Examples Making Money in a Niche

Finding good and worthy examples of amazon affiliate sites can be a little hard because there’s a huge list of them out there that you’ll find with a simple Google search. But in my regards there’s just a few that actually do great business and are successful with their ideas of work in terms of different niches and better amazon affiliate site examples.

Amazon Affiliate Site

If you don’t know what an amazon affiliate website is then its simply any website that earns money by linking the products on their website towards the Amazon store. Now there’s no specific boundary in making an amazon affiliate website, as it can either be a simple blog that links the products on it to the amazon store, or either a large-scale business website that completely works on reviewing niche related products and linking them with amazon store.

The main idea or theme is for you to refer customers to buy a product form amazon store on your website, and with every product you sell this way through the link you add on your website, you gain your affiliate commission.

Now if you’re looking for an idea to showcase, your own amazon affiliate sites and seeks success in it, rather than it is another one of the million affiliate sites that are just there for probably not much good, then here’s some help. In my regards, I’ve listed some amazon affiliate sites of different niches that are good examples to seek an idea or inspiration from or to gain trust of.

10 Good Examples of Amazon Affiliate Websites

1. ConsumerSearch. com

This review website helped its consumers by reviewing different products from the amazon and helping them to buy that product by adding a link. This website started back in 2000 and outsourced a great idea and example for all the bloggers to create successful amazon affiliate sites. This is because you can easily motivate someone with a good review to buy the products and feature them this way.

2. GiftIdeaGeek. com

This here is known to be another successful affiliate website with the amazon plays its part in promoting geeky and pop culture products that appeal just the right way to the niche of the website. To make the viewers to click on creative products this website uses witty satires, and if the viewer buys a product they get affiliate commission leading towards making good money with every attracted viewer buying products.

3. ThisIsWhyImBroke. com

Here you can find the most coolest and amazing products including gadgets, gifts, tech and oddities from amazon and other website around. This website showcases all the coolest products that people love to buy! And for their blog, they highlight the coolest and not very much permanent things and topics on the internet to gain everyone’s attention. Also, you can easily find the products with the affiliate links with them to buy it from the amazon or other sites they work in affiliation with. Also you can use the Amazon promo code 20 off entire order to avail great discounts.

4. GearPatrol. com

This website works as a style review platform that showcases itself more like a magazine rather than a review. Here you’ll find a short and clean layout with video reviews of the products they test, instead of long paragraphs to read. This works best for everyone who wants to buy a product but appreciate video reviews more than written content to understand better.

5. DogFoodAdvisor. com

Although there’s nothing more catchy and attracting then the cute little puppy on their homepage here, because obviously there’s nothing more than that at all! Now it might come as a mystery to wonder on that how is this website receiving so much viewer and engagement. But that’s certainly not it, because who doesn’t love dogs?

6. TheWireCutter. com

This is yet another great example of successful amazon affiliate sites, that simply highlights on their homepage about making affiliate commission. But that’s not all they do, because with this they even tend to deliver great and authentic top end reviews. All this is obvious on their homepage, and this is why heir honesty makes them do more with just an affiliate website. Although with all this, they even focus on the tagline “content is king” and work accordingly in increasing and improving their business.

7. TheSweetHome. com

This website is a similar site to TheWireCutter, but that’s not it, as they say about earning through affiliate commission on their site right on their homepage. Now although this site just started in 2013, but has still been successful enough to receive about 1.8M visitors.

8. BestReviews. com

This amazon affiliate site has the clearest and cleanest designs so far and has quite a professional look in terms of being a review site. But you don’t only get to find direct content reviews here, as they showcase both reviews and videos of testing the items in their test center. This means you really know they’ve tested the product they’re reviewing and you can see just how. And the best part about their reviews is the photos and videos that actually help them gain their visitors trust.

9. LongboardReviews. net

Another example of an amazon affiliate website that actually focuses on its niche is this website. They provide reviews on boards that are relevant to skateboards but a little longer than that and are used for cruising or going at longer distances than a skateboard can. Although this website doesn’t provide long-ass reviews and reviews a lot of viewers, but it’s still a fine example of an affiliate site with the amazon with a less commonly used “.net” to talk about.

10. OutdoorGearLab. com

Now this example of amazon affiliate website has a clean layout that relates more to an REI website instead of a review site. But they generate a great amount of traffic for each of their reviews category and add all the test experiences, reviews, amazon links, and opinions for each test product to reach a good word count of 6,000 words for sure. This show how combining each reviews word count into making a helpful page instead of just a long wordy review, is a great way to do it.


Finding the right affiliate sites that motivate you enough can be a little time consuming. And often you go through unsuccessful sites as well as the successful ones and get confused and rethink your decision. But that’s not the case when you’re in the right sites to look into! So for that, these websites are mainly mentioned to encourage all who want to start positively, just the right way.

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