AliExpress Affiliate – Make More Money With Affiliate Marketing (2021)

Now we are all well aware of how beneficial affiliate marketing is to all the e-commerce websites and online businesses out there. As this is the best way to promote websites products online and sell them vastly. Although if you’re not familiar with this term and process than it’s no math equation. Rather a simple process of sharing a product link to other people and through other people so that they can buy it. And when someone sells a product of a website this way, the website gives a percentage of the profit they earn them as their selling commission.

Although affiliate earning and affiliate programs aren’t’ just available by AliExpress, as there are a number of well-known and top websites that offer the same. But there are a few benefits and facts about AliExpress affiliate that stand out separately in the best affiliate programs websites. Let’s discuss all that and more in detail about AliExpress affiliate program.

How Does AliExpress Affiliate Work?

So there’s no rocket science in terms of AliExpress affiliate program, rather it’s just the same as any other affiliate program. This means you are given a special link to each of the AliExpress products that you can use to promote each product and gain some commission for yourself.

Although just because AliExpress affiliate program is the same as any other one, the rates are different. This means the commission ate of each product on AliExpress depends on its type. For instance, some specific products offer you a commission of 50% on each sale you make. So don’t worry about you earnings with AliExpress affiliate program, as it is surely going to be benefiting you in every way with simple promotion. And because AliExpress is known to an ultimate revenue-generating machine, it is highly beneficial for all the marketers who are willing to earn well with it.

Beneficial Facts about AliExpress:

  1. Here at AliExpress, you find anything and everything. Like whatever you can think of, you’ll find it
    on AliExpress. The huge variety of products it offers facilitates over 130,000
    active sellers that serves buyers from almost 200 different countries and/or regions.
  2. A majority of the products available on this website are manufactured in
    China. This means that most of the products available here can be found in the cheapest of rates for
    anyone to easily afford them.
  3. A shipment benefit is also added on this website through most of
    the sellers here. This means most of these sellers provide to us free shipping, and along with that
    an option of e-packet shipment is also available to shorten the delivery time from 30-40 days to 15-
    20 days.
  4. Back in 2017, AliExpress reached a milestone of 100 million buyers and was able
    to attain the position of being the biggest online retail service provider globally. Although this didn’t
    end in 2017, as AliExpress is still known to one of the best and top online retail service providers
    till date.
  5. In 2016, the AliExpress affiliate program paid about $100,000 per month with
    a number of top sellers that made about $20,000 per month.

Benefits AliExpress Affiliate:

  1. AliExpress affiliate program provides you with much better and higher commission and incentive
    rate than many other websites that offer similar affiliate program and services.
  2. The low prices of a huge number of products available at AliExpress are something that you can
    only avail at this website. This is because most of the products here are manufactured in
    China, cutting down half of its price for easy affordability.
  3. This website has almost 165 language supports and a variety of payment options for
    the convenience of buyers and sellers living anywhere in the world.
  4. AliExpress also provides a security feature for payments transaction
    process. The process is conducted through an Escrow service that only releases the funds to
    the sellers once buyers confirm their satisfaction with the order.
  5. A minimum commission rate of all the AliExpress products is 8.5% which is higher than many
    other websites affiliate programs commissions. This means you can
    earn well from AliExpress affiliate services in comparison with any other website.
  6. The best part about AliExpress affiliate service if that it provides you with
    a cookie that has duration of about 30 days. This means if any buyer makes a purchase through
    your website after 30 days, then you’ll be paid.
  7. AliExpress provides a worldwide shipment facility to all its customers from anywhere in the world.

AliExpress Affiliate Program Cons:

Of course, nothing or nobody is perfect! And so this phrase goes for everything, likely affiliate
websites too. That’s why with everything amazing and great to know about AliExpress affiliate
program, there are some cons that come along too. Some of them include;

  1. Each shipment from AliExpress takes a really long time.
  2. The affiliate reports of your sales take about 2-3 days to be updated after every sale.
  3. Although AliExpress is great to shop through and work with, but you can’t completely trust it as
    much as other well-trusted websites like Amazon or eBay.
  4. Here you only get your payments through International Wire Transfer, as that’s the only option
    available for affiliate workers. Another downside here with this is that you cannot withdraw an amount lesser then $16, as $15 goes as its processing fee.


So this is mainly all you need to know about AliExpress affiliate services or AliExpress affiliate program. As you’ll find all the basic benefits, facts and as well as the cons that one should know before setting on
the path of affiliate business with AliExpress. As this is a quite simple and decent earning way for all the beginners who don’t just want to jump in the drop shipping business right at the beginning, as you get a steady and good income through this platform.

So if you’re opting to set your foot in the affiliate business and don’t have any
experience, AliExpress is the right one to start with. As this platform allows you to have a good income here by following simple methods and without having to put in a lot of your time and effort.

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