5 Famous Left Handed Tycoons and their Unique Left Hand ability

Left handers are considered to be the most intelligent persons and have great IQ level. Newton and Einstein both are considered as left handers today though there no proper evidence for this claim. But still people believe in this myth and we all are familiar with the services of both of these scientists. There are very few right handers who gave such phenomenal thinking to people. Every year august 7 is celebrated as worlds left handed people day and those famous tycoons are remembered just to encourage the future left handers. There are several left handers who are known for their great achievements and services even to date. In this article we will talk briefly about the 5 famous left handed tycoons.

1: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is one of the 5 famous left handed tycoons Oprah Winfrey is on the top our list as she is only American lady with net $2.9 billion of assets. What makes her so great is that she is female and there are very few females who are that much talented and have such huge assets. The success journey of Oprah Winfrey is full of struggle and has a lot of lesson for future entrepreneurs. She grew in poor house and she didn’t even have proper clothes. At the age of 18 she made the real entrance in the field of media through a radio show. People liked her voice and soon she became popular from there she started her success journey. For females, this lady is an ideal example that if you have skills you can definite does something with it.

2: Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gate is the chairman of worlds no 1 software company, Microsoft. He is a left handed person and you won’t believe the fact that he was dropped out of university. He could not attend his university for some reasons but he didn’t considered that the end of his life. He had belief in him and he kept on hard working. In 1975 he and his one friend collectively made software called MS-DOS. This was a revolutionary work from him and his mate. Later on he sold the Software to IBM. He was also offered a job in IBM which he accepted and this job allowed him explores his abilities even further. After some time he left his job and started his own company. Researches have shown that the left handed people have higher IQ level than right handed people. The High IQ levels shows that these people have sharp brain and have higher chances of achieving something in life. They tend to analyze things and various scenarios better and have excellent problem solving capabilities. By utilizing their abilities they are able to outperform other people of same age. This is what happened with bill gates as he had a strong IQ level which made him develop MS-DOS that made him that popular. Apart from the Microsoft owner and chairman, a Bill Gates is also one of the richest people in the world. He has enjoyed the world’s richest person tittle for more than 15 years. Now 15 years are more than a decade. This shows what capabilities this man had that made him so rich and popular.

3: Barack Obama

Barack Obama

The US history is filled with names of left handed presidents and officials and Barack Obama isn’t a new name in the list of left handed presidents. He remained the president of America for 8 years. This all was possible due to his excellent political thinking and approach. This is another advantage that left handed people have, they are politically active and participate political gatherings. Some people believe that lefthanders have excellent language skills and they keep on learning new things even about their own language. This is also one of the reasons of success for Obama. He had command of various languages and was politically an active individual.

4: Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes is the chairman and chief in editor of the well-known Forbes media network. He joined the company that was founded by his grandfather and soon he became well aware of all the journalistic tactics and starting running this business. According to a research left handers have the maximum ability to multitask things. This is also one of the reasons of success of Steve Forbes as he had no such intentions to run this business in the future but due to his multitasking skills, he was able to learn the basics of broadcasting and soon became successful. He was good in politics and was even elected for the lections of presidency back in 2000. Today he has the current net worth of $430 million and is one of the richest person of the world.

5: Henry Ford

Henry Ford

Another part of the 5 famous left handed tycoons is Ford. Ford is currently one of the most successful automobile merchandise in America. The Ford is one family empire and Henry Ford was part of this family empire. He joined the company at a very early age and started working with his other family mates. He was given a number of positions in his family empire during his life spam. He worked hard and achieved several milestones in his time spam. He remained the president and CEO of the Ford organization for q quiet a long period of time. Back in 60’s when he was the chairman of the money; his company achieved the milestone of the world’s fourth largest automobile manufacturer and had net worth of nearly $650 million at that time.

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